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The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and Freemasonry

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All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death's head, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed and esoteric doctrine more merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don't you see that our party must be of this character...? An Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood."

-Adolf Hitler praising Freemasonry

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Has anyone noticed NATO has morphed it's symbol into a swastika?
Perhaps someone should ask NATO's litigous Freemason Secretary General Lord Rxxxxxson

The single fact that we owe not one single truth, not one idea in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race is, of itself, ample reward for years of study, and it is a fact indisputable, if I read the Veda and Zend Avesta alright.

Illustrious Albert Pike

Nazi Knight Poster

"Hitler did make one exception, however; his 1942 law banning secret societies and confiscating their assets specifically exempted the "old Prussian" Freemason lodges. This group followed the Nazi racial purity ideal far more closely than the "humanitarian Freemasonry" (as the Angeberts distinguish the different streams) and shared Hitler's disdain for the other branches of Freemasons, not to mention for the Jews as well. (p.157)"

- Hannah Newman
'The Rainbow Swastika'

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Adolf Hitler

Table of Contents

The Frederick the Great Association

The Dukes of Kent

Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, Thule Associate Member

Albert Pike: KKK Leader, Spy, Revolutionary, Aryanist

Descent into Hell

The Thule Society

The Big "G", The Swastika

Madame Helen Blavatsky

Madame Helen Blavatsky's Occult Brooch

The New World Orders Swastika Sun Religion

Alfred Rosenberg

Karl Haushofer

Rudolf Hess

Dr. Wolfram Sievers and the Anhenerbe

The Extremely Weird Tale of Hanussen, Hitler's Magician

The Occult and the Nazi's, additional research material

'The Blue Forget-Me-Not Flower Pin'; another Masonic fabrication demolished

Was Hitler a Christian?

German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime, by Alain Bernbeim, MPS

Hitler's Racial Ideology, Content and Occult Sources - Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance

The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and Freemasonry

The 'Kulturkampf': German Freemasonry's century long war on the Church

Frederick the Great, and His Relations with Masonry and Other Secret Societies

The Rainbow Swastika, A Report to the Jewish People about New Age Anti-Semitism

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Freemasonry's History of Racism

St. Peter's Squared - Roberto Calvi and the P2 Masonic Lodge Conspiracy

Frederick the Great The Frederick the Great Association

One of the more twisted myths being propagated by 'Regular' Anglo-American Freemasonry of late is that the Nazi's persecuted 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany during it's reign.

'Regular' Freemasonry plays the recognition game if it wants to deny that a particular infamous individual was a Freemason. Usually this is carried out in regard to Grand Orient Freemasons, which it does not recognize as being legitimate Masons because it has it's own operation called 'Grand Lodges' set up in their countries, France being the largest instance.

In Germany at the time the Nazi's came to power(with the aid of numerous Freemason High Financiers like Henry Ford) there existed nine Grand Lodges and Orients.

Three Grand Lodges were were known as 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges', which were large, well organized, and contained the bulk of all Freemasons in Germany. Six were called 'Modern Grand Lodges', which were small, isolated, with only a few thousand members each.

One of the groupings had always banned Jews from joining and was fiercely nationalistic and reactionary in it's politics. One of the groupings had always allowed Jews to join and was international and liberal in it's politics.

It was the 'Old Prussian Grand Lodges', which contained the High Command Officers, Industrialists, and Royal Houses who had always banned Jews from joining and which was fiercely nationalistic and reactionary in it's politics that the American and British Grand Lodges recognized as being 'regular'. The 'Moderns', the ones that allowed Jews to join? 'Regular' Freemasonry said they were 'irregular' and 'clandestine'. In other words they did not recognize the Grand Lodges that allowed Jews to join as being Freemasons or Freemasonry what so ever. 'Regular' Freemasonry is trying to hoodwink their recognition of the anti-semitic National Grand Lodges and their non recognition of the non anti-semitic International Grand Lodges.

The Nazi's shut down the 'Modern' Grand Lodges whose membership was heavily jewish, liberal, and 'international', but allowed the 'national' Old Prussian Grand Lodges to carry on after their Grand Master's sent formal written oaths of alliegence to 'Mein Furher', changed their name to 'The Frederick the Great Association'(Frederick the Great being German 'Regular' Freemasonry's founder and principal patron.), and removed any obvious Hebraic wording from it's rituals. When the war was over 'regular' Freemasonry operating under the guise of 'The Frederick the Great Association' changed their name back to what it was before Crystal Nacht. You won't see any of this mentioned on any of those 'Is it true what they say about Freemasonry?' or 'Difficult Questions about Freemasonry' web sites that 'regular' Freemasonry has mirrored all over the net.

The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection. In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-five, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. By this Constitution, Frederick resigned his authority as Grand Commander and provided that the government of the new system of Degrees should rest with a Council of each Nation, to be composed of nine Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree of Freemasonry. Source: AASR, Orient of Texas.

There was absolutely no persecution of 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany. How could there have been? The Old Prussian 'regular' National Grand Lodges were filled with Officers of the High Command, Captains of Industry, Commerce, Finance, Leading Citizens, and Royalty, most of whom were loyal Nazi Party members themselves. The very men who brought Hitler to power. All with the knowledge of American and British 'regular' Grand Lodge Freemasonry and it's hereditary pro-nazi Grand Master the Duke of Kent.

There are lies and then there are damnable lies.

Frederick the Great
Potsdam Day, 1933

The Memorial Stamp Set issued to mark the opening of the first Nazi Reichstag, or German Parliament. It depicts Hitler's personal hero, Prussian King Frederick The Great, the founder and patron of 'Regular' Freemasonry in Germany.

German Freemasonry's Attitude Toward The Nazi Regime

Germany's Grand Lodges Up To 1930

At the beginning of 1930, Germany comprised some 75,000 Masons and nine regular Grand Lodges, the numerical importance of which was very different.

Table 1- Masonic Membership In Germany 1930 -1932

Grand Lodges.............Founded........Lodges..............Membership


'Old Prussian'

Three Globes...............1744.......177......183........21,300....21,300
Grand Land Lodge...........1770.......179......180........20,400....20,400
Royal York of Friendship...1798.......108......109........11,400....11,000

'Humanitartian'(Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW)

Leipzig....................1924...... 10.......10.........1,900.....1,900
Othcrs ...............................
Rising Sun.................1907....... 2,000
Symbolic Grand Lodge.......1930.......8........13 800

About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called 'Old Prussian' because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated 'non christians', that is, Jews. Along the l9th century, five more German Grand Lodges were founded and a further one in 1924. They were called 'humanitarian' and initiated men of any religious denomination.

Table 2 - German Grand Lodge and 'non-Christians' (S)

Grand Lodges........Formal decision.........Visit of..........Initiation of
....................to initiate only........non-Christians....non-Christians

'Old Prussian'

Three Globes.............1763................1849.............impossible
Grand Land Lodge.........1770................1857.............impossible
Royal York of Friendship.1815................1854.............impossible(*)

'Humanitarian'(Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW)

Dresden..................1831................before 1845......

In 1922, the Old Prussian Grand Lodges decided to withdraw from the German Grand Lodgs' Alliance founded in 1872, explaining: 'There is a border which strongly dfferentiates humanitarian from Old Prussian national Freemasonry. We, the three Old Prussian Grand Lodges refuse to take part in the general humanitarian fraternization movement between people in the world.' . (Steffens, p. 332)

Some brethren believe that there was only one type of German Freemasonry which was indifferently persecuted by Hitler. In fact, several masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, which reacted and were treated differently by the Nazis.


In the March 1933 issue, the last one to be printed in Germany, the Symbolic Grand Lodge (Clandestine, not recognized as Freemasons by U.G.L.E. & U.S. G.L.'s - FW) announced that on March 28th, it had resolved to become dormant. That issue also included the text of a resolution in support of Hitler, adopted toward the end of March by the National Mother-Lodge The Three Globes. It was followed by an article from the Nationale Zeitung, Essen, dated March 30, 1933, declaring The Grand Lodge of Saxony [at Dresden] sent a telegram expressing its faithful support to Dr. Goebbels The three [Berlin] Grand Lodges even sent a congratulatory address to the Reich chancellor Hitler.

German Freemasonry and Its Attitudes Toward The Nazi Regime
Alain Bernbeim, MPS
Philaltethes Magazine
February 1997

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HRH Duke of Kent The Dukes of Kent

The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Most Worshipful, His Royal Highness, Prince Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick 33°, Duke of Kent, Knight of the Garter, Field Marshall, GCMC, GCVO, ADC, Hereditary Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry.
The previous Duke of Kent - George Edward Alexander Edmund was installed as Grand Master by King George VI in 1939. He died three years later in 1942 in a mysterious plane crash in Scotland, six months after it was alleged he and the Duke of Hamilton had kept a moonlight appointment with ReichFuerher Rudolf Hess on the Caledonian Moor.
Historians tell us that the late Grand Master was Pro Nazi and travelled the Fatherland in order to better educate the King about National Socialism, so as to allow the Empire to "come to an understanding" with The New World Order, European Occultist's latest 'Great Work'. Go figure.

Scottish Rite

There are three plans in action in America today and they all have different purposes. The first plan is God's plan, a nonsectarian plan; the second is the Roman Catholic plan, and this is a denominational or sectarian plan, and the third is the Communistic plan, an anticapitalist plan.

God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new -- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of 'The Great Light.'

Looking back into history, we can easily see that the Guiding Hand of Providence has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the new order of the world. Records clearly show that 95 per cent of the colonists were Nordics-Anglo-Saxons.

Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves and have chosen God. They are not church worshippers, for they worship God's word--the Holy Bible. The Nordics are the great Bible-reading people of the world today, and the Nordics--Anglo-Saxons--were the first people to print the Holy Bible in great quantity, and they were known as the people of a book, that book being the Holy Bible.

But, in order to read the Bible, it is necessary to know how to read. In the Nordic race there is no illiteracy. In Norway there has been no illiteracy for more than a hundred years. Another fact that shows clearly that the Nordics are God's chosen people this time is they are always looking for more light on the mission of life. Looking at their station of life, these great Bible-reading people should open the eyes of the world. King Gustaf of Sweden is a great light in the nonsectarian Masonic Brotherhood, and King Haakon of Norway is a Masonic light in Norway. The late King Christian of Denmark was a Masonic spirit in his Denmark; also King George of England is a Masonic light to his Anglo-Saxon people.

Just as Providence has chosen the Jewish race--the Children of Israel--to bring into the world righteousness by carrying the 'Ten Commandments' which emphasize 'Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy,' so also Providence has chosen the Nordic Race to unfold the 'New Age' of the world--a 'Novus Ordo Seclorum.'

God's Plan in America
Brother C. William Smith
NEW AGE MAGAZINE, September 1950
The official organ of The Supreme Council 33rd Degree A. & A. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J.U.S.A.
Published at 1735 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, D.C..

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Hitler Adolf Hitler, "The Leader"

Worshiped by P2 Masonic Lodge Grand Master Licio Gelli as well as a host of other Freemasons such as Juan Peron and Thule "Society" founder Baron von Sebbetendorf.

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Illustrious Albert Pike 33

Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, the Mother Supreme Council of the World.

Ku Klux Klan Founder and Chief Judicial Officer(the KKK's intelligence and enforcement arm). Arkansas Grand Wizard.

Convicted War Criminal for numerous massacres during his Confederate Generalship of the Knights of the Golden Circle Slave Owning Oklahoma Territory Cherokee Indians during the U.S. Civil War.

British Agent. Fled to Canada but Pardoned after Pikes hand picked Scottish Rite successor made President Andrew Jackson a Scottish Rite Mason on site inside the White House.

Co-conspirator of European and Italian Revolutionary, Grand Orient Grand Master, and Mafia founder Guiseppi Mazzini.

Poet and author of numerous treatises on Freemasonry including the seminal Morals and Dogma.

Called by noted Masonic Authors the Plato of Freemasonry and the Masonic Pope.

Expounded and wrote extensively about the Mythical and Mystical Lost Tribe of the Aryans as being the source of Freemasonry.

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Freikorp Helmet

Erhardt Brigade Descent into Hell

The city is in turmoil. The Kaiser's republic has collapsed with the defeat of Germany in the First World War, and the whole country is up for grabs. It appears as if Germany is about to fall apart into the warring city-states from which it had been assembled nearly fifty years ago. The victorious Allies are demanding enormous concessions from Germany. The Russian Revolution has been in full swing for a year, and German soldiers returning from the front are being cajoled into helping midwife the same type of Communist regime amid the ashes of the Second Reich
Kurt Eisner--an intellectual and a Jew, a defender of the League of Nations--takes the initiative and proclaims a Socialst Republic in Munich on the seventh of November, 1918. It looks as if there is going to be a Communist regime in Germany-- or, at least, a Socialist one in Bavaria--after all. Hysteria grows among the nationalists, and with it despair that their nation is on the verge of realizing the dreams of Marx and Engels as codified in their famous Manifesto. Germans are bewildered, shocked... stunned into a kind of nervous stupefaction. They have lost the war, their country may be broken up once again into many seperate bickering pieces, and there will soon be Communists calling the shots in Berlin and in the capitol of Bavaria: Munich
Within forty-eight hours there is a meeting of the Thule Gesselshaft. The Thule, a mystical society based in part on the theosophical writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels--which is to say, an amalgam of Eastern religion, theosophy, anti-semitism, Grail romance, Runic mystification, and Nordic paganism--meets every Saturday in spacious rooms at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Munich. There are roughly 250 members of the Thule in Munich... and over fifteen hundred in Bavaria. On that day, November 9, a bizarre individual, an occultist, an initiate of the Eastern mysteries in Turkey as well as of Freemasonry, and the leader and founder of the Thule--the self-styled Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff--makes an impassioned plea to the assembled cultists for armed resistance to the Reds. This plea eventually degenerates into a monologue on runes, German racial theory, Nordic mythology, and other arcane lore. No matter. Most of his listeners know what to expect. They are, in fact, members of the supersecret, superracist, and superoccult "German Order Walvater of the Holy Grail," or Germanenorden, which is using the name Thule Gesellshaft--or Thule Society, a "literary-cultural society"--as a cover to confuse Munich's fledgling Red Army, which is on the lookout for right-wing extremists. Sebotendorff himself is Master of the anti-Semitic Germanenorden's Bavarian division under its leader and founder, Hermann Pohl.
The Thule cultists--whose symbol is a long dagger superimposed on a swastika--need no encouragement. They begin stockpiling weapons in secret supply dumps in and around Munich, anticipating a counterstrike against the new Socialist Republic. They make alliances with other nationalist groups, such as the Pan-Germans under editor Julius Lehmann, the German School Bund, the Hammerbund... and an organized resistance movement is born. All the mystical and clandestine labors of the past twenty years involving a series of secret occult organizations with elaborate initiation ceremonies and complex magical rituals, from the List Society's inner HAO (Higher Armanen Order) to the Order of the New Templars, will soon culminate in a pitched battle in the streets of Munich between the neo-pagan Thule Society and the "godless Communists".
February 21, 1919. The idealistic but hapless Kurt Eisner--who preceded political speeches with symphonic concerts -- is assassinated by a young count and would-be Thulist. The police descend upon Thule headquarters, looking for inflammatory leaflets and other evidence of Thule Society involvement in the plot. Was the notoriously anti-Semitic Thule Society somehow responsible for Eisner's assasination? Sebotendorff stonewalls, and threatens to instigate a pogrom if the police don't leave the Thule Society alone. The police comply.
April 7, 1919. A rebel Bavarian Soviet Republic is proclaimed in Munich as the legitimate minister-president of Bavaria flees north with his council to the town of Bamburg to prevent the Communists from taking over the government. The Thule organizes among the anti-Communist factions in Munich and Sebottendorff begins conspiring with the "exiled" Bavarian government in Bamberg for a counterrevolt.
April 13, 1919. Sebotendorff is away at Bamburg, busy organizing a Freikorps (Free Corps) assault on Communist headquarters, when a Red Army unit raids Thule Society offices and arrests it's secretary, the Grafin Hella von Westarp, and seizes the Thule membership lists. Six more Thulists are arrested at their homes, including the Prince von Thurn und Taxis, a well-connected aristocrat with blood relations among the crowned heads of Europe.
April 30, 1919. Walpurgisnacht. The High Holy Day of European Paganism and Witchcraft. The Red Army executes the captured Thulists and other hostages, shooting them against a wall in a courtyard of Luitpold High School. It is probably the worst mistake they could have made.
The next day, an obituary appears in Sebottendorff's Munchener Beobachter--a newspaper which a year later become the official Nazi propaganda sheet, the Volkishcer Beobachter[Under Alfred Rosenberg]--giving the names of the seven murdered cultists and laying the blame on the doorstep of the Red Army. The citizens of Munich are finally outraged, shaken out of their lethargy. Thulists continue their well-organized campaign of agit-prop against the Communist regime. The people take to the streets.
The Free Corps--twenty thousand strong--marches on Munich under the comand of General von Oven. For the first time in history, storm troopers--members of the Ehrhardt Free Corps Brigade--march beneath a swastika flag with swastikas painted on their helmets, singing a swastika hymn. As they enter the city, they find that the Thule has managed to organize a full-scale citizen rebellion against the Soviet government. They join forces.
When the dust settles on May 3, the Communists have been defeated in Munich, politically and militarily. Hundreds of people, including many innocent civilians, have been senselessly slaughtered in their streets and homes by the crusading "Whites" with the swastika banners. But there will be no Socialist or Communist government in Germany until after World War II, over twenty-five years later, and even then it will rule over half of the country and will take its orders from Germany's most despised enemy, the Soviet Union.
But now, so soon after the victorious march of the Freikorps through the streets of Munich, the threat of a Soviet regime in the rest of Germany is still very real. Units of the navy are in mutiny, raising the red flag over Germany's battleships. France will march into the Ruhr Valley, Germany's industrial heartland. But the spectacular success of the Freikorps has aroused the admiration of anti-Bolshevik forces all across Europe. In Riga, the newly formed Latvian Republic begs for Freikorps assistance to defend their country against the Bolsheviks and even the British support it's decision. Hence, Freikorps units move to the defense of Latvia until the British themselves have to intervene to free Latvia from the death grip of these rabid proto-Nazi brigands.
Even Germany's own right wing is divided into two camps: those in favor of restoring the monarchy and seperating Bavaria from the rest of Germany, and those in favor of a unified Greater German Reich, without a monarch but with a leader, a leader with vision. A German messiah. A Fuhrer. Where is that Fuhrer to be found?
Unwittingly, the Thule Gesselschaft provides the answer. Meeting in the expensive Four Seasons Hotel, the leading industrialists and aristocracy of the city, along with a generous helping of local police and military officials, are designing a two-pronged strategy of political activism. The Thule Society will do the organizing, will make the right connections among the society figures, the wealthy capitalists, the intelligentsia. They will stockpile weapons. They will organize units of the Free Corps, particularly the Ehrhard Brigade (which will become an official unit of Germany's navy as the Ehrhardt Naval Brigade and, eventually, subsumed into Himmler's SS) and the Freikorps Oberland.
But another arm of the Thule has already begun recruiting-- not among Munich's "beautiful people", the rich and the powerful-- but among the working people, the lower and middle-class citizens who have been hit hardest by the civil wars, the enormous rates of inflation, the chaos and confusion. There will be no overt involvement of the Thule Society in this group, which is to be called instead the German Workers Party and which will be led by a serious, humorless, railroad employee and locksmith named Anton Drexler. They will meet in a beer hall. Perhaps between the two groups--the Thule with its academics, nobles, and factory owners meeting at the Four Seasons, and the German Workers Party with its rought-and-tumble factory workers meeting in beer halls-they will be able to form a united front against Communism, "international" Freemasonry, and world Jewry.

[Dear Reader: It is one of the more recuring facts of the occult secret societies of their habit of superficially turning on their own current public petina's when they sense opportunity presented by political wind blowing in a new direction, then simply resurfacing under a new nom-de-plume when the advantage of the situation has been taken. In order to detect and understand this it is necessary to have some background on the core theology of this occult battle. The essence of it is this, which we hope to expand on in the future: that "God" of the Bible - Jehova or Yahwah (YHWH) is not god but the jealous and vengeful Satan, and that Samael (Satan) is the real God of Light who is endevouring to "Free" man into "Liberty" from the yoke of Jehova who want's to keep us in ignorance. Hence the Serpant (or Dragon as they prefer to refer to him as) is the "God" of Wisdom. This theology is always consistent, please refer to the belief system of the Gnostics, Mandeans, Goths, "St. John" Christians et all. You will also find this completely agrees with the writing's of the Freemason's if you pursue some of the treatises of their more well known authors, as well as of course the accusations made against the Knights Templar. The Occult Religion of the Nazi's is entirely consistent with this. The objective is destroying the "yoke" of Jehova and as the biggest advocate of Jehova is the "Jews" then that is why they are singled out for "special" treatment. Of course there has been some Jewish Sects who have incorporated elements of this heresy in their secret doctrines, such as the early Judeo-Gnostics and probably the infamous Benjamites. It is a very tangled tale but the important point to always remember is that the objective is not ascendency of whatever current public organizational device they are using but the ascendency of the idea; the idea that Samael is the God of Light, Liberty and Wisdom, while Jehova is the God of Darkness, Tyranny and Ignorance.]
Within a year, this project of the Thule Gesellschaft will become the NSDAP: the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The Nazi Party. It will sport a swastika flag and a corporal who had been sent by the German Army to spy on the organization: Adolf Hitler.
And by Novemeber, 1923, the tiny German Workers Party will have grown to enormous proportions with many thousands of members, and will attempt to take over the country in the famous Beer Hall Putsch. The Putsch will fail, but Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer will be born--not in a manger like the Son of God he often believed himself to be--but in a jail cell at Landsberg Prison.
What was the Thule Gesselschaft?
What were cultists doing fighting Communists in the streets of Munich?
What did they believe?
How did it influence the Nazi Party?

Unholy Alliance
Peter Levenda
Avon Books, 1995.

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thule soc. The Thule Society, Nazi Party founders.

The Thule Society (Thule Gesselschaft), the real inspiration of Nazism, was founded in August, 1919, in Munich, as an off-shot itself of the Germanen Order, under the initiative of a strange character named Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf. Among its most important members were also Max Amann, Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckart, Hans Frank, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, Gottfried Feder, and others who later became Nazi leaders. Adolf Hitler belonged to the Society as an "associate" or "visiting brother."
The emblem of the Thule Society depicts a German dagger over a sinistroverse swastika of curved legs inscribed in a circle.
The Thule Gesellschaft was a front for a whole web of secret societies which had similar racist and anti-Semitic occultist roots. Among the members of these groups were influential people, like the political theorist Gottfried Feder, whose Hammer Union furnished cadres to the future Nazi Party. In this circle of initiates was also Hans Frank, a lawyer member of the Nazi party and future governor-general of Poland, who at that time was involved with a society for heraldic and genealogical research, headed by Dr. W. Daumenlang. Daumenlang was infatuated by his discovery of a swastika in the coat of arms of the Hohenzollern.
The initiative for the creation of the Thule Gesselschaft came from Baron von Sebbotendorf, head of the Bavarian branch of the Germanen Order. In the name of the Thule Gessellschaft Sebottendorf bought the newspaper Völkischer Beobachter --which later became the official Nazi Party journal. Dietrich Eckart, for many years Hitler's mentor, provided the money for the purchase.
Sebetendorf was a Freemason.

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swastika is a Runic The Swastika Rune.

The Swastika is a powerful magical symbol still used in High Masonic Degrees today. It is the Ancient "Furthore" Rune Script for the letter "G", the most important and universal symbol in Freemasonry. It was to replace the Cross in the post christian pagan religion of the Nazi's Occult New World Order.


'A Pretty Little Pin'

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Sublime Prince of the Royal Swastika > Don
> The backing symbol is derived from Hindu mythology. It was used by the Nazi
> Party inverted which denotes an evil connotation, which was borne out by
> later events. In its normal configuration it has some good/ light meanings.
> I would assume from the emblem atop it, that it is used in that degree
> Scottish Rite.
> In UK the base symbol is used in some of the esoteric orders, but not in
> white.
> Hope this gives some guidance. Pretty little pin tho.
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> > lapel pin and a tie bar that have a symbol that neither of us have
> > seen. It is a white swastika (with the bent arms turning counter
> > clockwise) that has a black triangle with a 32 in it. If you would like
> > to see a picture, you can find it at
> > http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1056318&a=13410637&p=51109149
> >
> > Has anyone seen anything like this before or know what organization uses
> > it? Any help that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.
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blavatsky Helen Blavatsky

We, the Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master General, and we, the Sovereign Grand Conservators, thirty-third and Last degree of the Sovereign Sanctuary of England, Wales, etc., decorated the Grand Star of Sirius, etc., Grand Commanders of the Three Legions of the Knights of Masonry, by virtue of the high authority with which we are invested, have declared and proclaimed and by these presents do declare and proclaim our illus- trious and enlightened Brother, H. P. Blavatsky, to be an Apprentice, Companion, Perfect Mistress, Sublime Elect Scotch Lady, Grand Elect, Chevaliere de Rose Croix, Adoniramite Mistress, Perfect Venerable Mistress, and a crowned Princess of Rite of Adoption.

Given under our hands and the seals of the Sovereign Sanctuary for England and Wales, sitting in the Valley of London, this 24th day of November, 1877, year of true light 000,000,000.

John Yarker, 33° Sovereign Grand Master
M. Caspari, 33° Grand Secretary
A. D. Loewenstark, 33° Grand Secretary

Her teachings were instrumental to the creation of the Nazi Party and it's Darwinian drive to annihalate the "race polluters" and restore the Aryans with their "pure" religion of fire, sword, and swastika to their previous glory.
Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was born in what is now now Ukrainia. She would be forty-four years old before creating the Society for which she is best remembered, but her most important achievements still lay ahead of her.
In 1877--two years afer starting the Theosophical Society -- she would publish Isis Unveiled, an energetic blend of Eastern religion and mysticism, European mythology and Egyptian occultism, who rambuctious style would pave the way for her even more ambitious The Secret Doctrine in 1888. Some authors have written that the popularity of Blavatsky's writings in the late nineteeth century was evidence of an anti-positivist reaction among the middle classes to the effect that science was having on religous belief. In other words, science was going to far toward "proving" the errors of faith that the average person--suddenly up the existential creek without a paddle or prayer book--embraced the quasi-scientific approach toward religion represented in The Secret Doctrine.
Darwin had published The Origin of Species in 1859 and this was followed by the Descent of Man in 1871; both books offered evolution as the means by which humans were created, as opposed to the Biblical account found in Genesis. The effect of the theory of evolution on religion was as great then as it is now; the controversy over Darwinism caused many people to question the existence of God, the possiblity of redemption, life after death, etc. People were startled to discover that Biblical myths were at odds with scientific theories, and thus began to doubt everything they ever believed. They found themselves spiritually--and, perhaps, morally--adrift.
Blavatsky provided a much-appreciated antidote to Darwin even as she was brazenly appropriating (and reversing) his theory of evolution. As bizarre as here theories appear today, they were actually quite briliant for her time, for they enabled intelligent and educated men and women to maintian deep spirutual beliefs while simultaneously acknowledging the inroads made by scientific research into areas previously considered beyond the domain of mere human knowledge. Blavatsky outline a map of evolution that went far beyond Darwin to include vanished races from time immemorial through the present imperfect race of humans, and continuing on for races far into the future. Based on an idiosyncratic selection of various Asian scripture--including a few she made up herself-- The Secret Doctrine's message would later be picked up by the German occultists, who welcomed the pseudoscientific prose of its author as the answer to a dream. The smug and condescending attitude of scientists and their devotees toward the "unscientific" had proved contagious among many in the newly created middle class, and mystics began to satisfy the requirements of science in what are patently unscientific (we may say "nonscientific") pursuites. Modernism in general was seen as being largely an urban, sophisticated, intellectual (hence "Jewish") phenomenon, and this included science, technology, the Industrial Revolution, and capitalism. The only wholesome lifestyle was that of the peasant on his "land," and the naive beliefs of the people of the land, the paganus or pagans--with their sympathetic magic and worship of ancient gods in the form of such superstitious practices as fertility rites, the lighting of bonfires on particular days sacred to the old calendar, and the whole host of cultural traditions that can be discovered by consulting Fraziers The Golden Bough--were set up in opposition to "science," with its suspect lack of human warmth and its cold indifference to the "gods".
Science in its hubris was treading dangerously close to the territory claimed by religion (the orign of life, the creation of the universe, even the existence of God), and in order to get there it would have to dance a jig all over the occult "sciences." Science still smarted from the religious furors caused by Galileo and Copernicus; so rather than mount an all-out attack on God, it was a lot safer to conduct a rearguard action and go after the ghosts.
But then along came Blavatsky, who took new scientific attitudes as they were popularly understood and gave them a mystical twist. Taking here cur from Darwin, she popularized the notion of a spiritual struggle between various "races", and of the inherent superiority of the "Aryan" race, hypothetically the latest in the line of spiritual evolution. Blavatsky would borrow heavily from carefully chosen scientific authors in fields as diverse as archaeology and astronomy to bolster her arguements for the existance of Atlantis, extraterestrial (or superterrestrial) life- forms, the creation of animals by humans (as opposed to the Darwinian line of succession), etc.
It should be remembered that Blavatsky's works--notably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine--appear to be the result of prodigious scholarship and were extremely convincing in their day. The rationale behind many later Nazi projects can be traced back--through the writings of Von List, Von Sebettendorff, and Von Liebenfels--to ideas first popularized by Blavatsky. A caste system of races, the superiority of the Aryans (a white race with its origins in the Himalayas), an "initiated" version of astrology and astronomy, the cosmic truths coded within pagan myths ... all of these and more can be found in the ideology of its Dark Creature, the SS. It was, after all, Blavatsky who pointed out the supreme occult significance of the swastika. And it was a follower of Blavatsky who was instrumental in introducing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to a Western European community eager for a scapegoat. [Levenda doesn't say here who the Blavatsky follower that was responsible for introducing the Protocols to the Nazi Party Inner Circle is. It was the Estonia/Russia born Alfred Rosenberg later to be known as the "Philospher" of the Party, author of the mystical Myth of the Twentieth Century which rivaled Mein Kampf in its importance on Nazi Dogma. Rosenberg later was Publisher of the Party's Official Newspaper and Reichminister for the conquored Soviet Eastern Territories, as well as one of the principal defendants at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials].

Unholy Alliance
A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult
Peter Levenda
Avon Books, 1995

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blavatsky's brooch Mme. Blavatsky's Mystic Brooch

It shows her initials in an hexagram topped by a short-legged sinistroverse swastika standing on one of its angles and enclosed in a circle formed by a snake biting its tail.
The snake biting its tail, also called the Ouroborus, is an old symbol of the infinite.
The Swastika is the letter "G" in the Ancient Northern European Runic Script known as "Furthore".
The "G" of course is the most important and well known symbol in Freemasonry, which is said to mean by Masons depending on whom they are speaking to either "God", "The Great Architect of the Universe"(T.G.A.O.T.U.), "Geometry", or "Gnosis"(They generally deny that one).

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swastika sun The New World Order.

Nazi Swastika illustrated as the Sun, on display in Occupied Paris.

nato flag nato symbol

The New World Order 2000
NATO Headquarters Brussels, Belgium

nato flag

It looks like a WHAT? Next question...

U.N. Conference on Racism Symbol

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rosenberg Alfred Rosenberg, Reich Minister Eastern Territories.

Nazi Inner Circle Party Member, closer to Hess and Himmler than Hitler, Goebbels or Speer who often mocked him in private as the "Party Philospher" (Albert Speer: "Infiltration").

Born in Estonia and fled to Germany after the "Reds" took over which he and other "Whites" continually lobbied Hitler to reverse by invading Russia. This Eastern contingent of ethnic Germans and others who fled Lenin and Trotsky formed one of the key groupings in the inner circle of the party, paralleling other exile communities in history such as the later Miami Cuban's for the virolent fervour of their anti-communism. (Toland: "Adolf Hitler")

Rosenbergs mystical work "The Myth of the Twentieth Century" was as important if not more so than Hitler's Mein Kampf as setting the party line in it's radical line to deal "once and for all" with the "Judeo-Bolshevik Menace", as was his roll as Master Propaganist as publisher of the Party Newspaper "The Volkischer Beobachter" (Speer: "Inside the Third Reich").

His statements were virolently Anti-Semitc but it is conceivable that this was merely a device as part of his contingent's lobby efforts to reverse the Russian Revolution. Speer wrote that Rosenberg often stymied Himmlers Empire building plans in the East. Who knows, maybe he was just another crazy nazi occultist, albiet one of mixed ancestry himself. As they say there is none more fervent than the converted.

It has been speculated that Rosenberg was model for the character "Meloch" who lead the Nazi Occult Archeological Team in the Steven Spielberg classic "Raiders of the Lost Ark" who were in a race with "Indiana Jones" to discover the Lost Ark of Covenent.

Another among the many people who may have influenced Adolf Hitler's in the selection of the swastika as a Nazi symbol was Alfred Rosenberg, the "intellectual leader" of the Nazi movement.

Born the son of a poor shoemaker, Alfred Rosenberg's key to his rise to fame among the Nazi leadership was the possession of a manuscript he smuggled from Moscow, The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion . [1] Some claim that he presented the manuscript to Hitler, who saw in it a blueprint to total power.

Rosenberg told a strange story about how the manuscript came to his hands. It is probably that he quickly discovered that it was a forged document. Nevertheless, he also knew that he had in his hands a valuable document, full of racial and political dynamite, which, if used to his advantage, may become the key to his personal success.

Despite some Jewish ancestory, Rosenberg gained access to the Thule Society by showing the Protocols to Rudolf Hess and to Dietrich Eckart, who became wildly excited on reading it. Very soon the Protocols viewed its first German edition. German intellectuals were impressed. Edition followed edition. The book was given away at no cost and widely distributed. French, Polish, and British editions appeared. Then it was published also in America, in Italy, and in Hungary.

After the creation of the Nazi Party, Eckart introduced Rosenberg to Adolf Hitler, and the young Estonian emigré from Russia became an active Party member. In 1930 Rosenberg reached a high point in his career as a Nazi ideologue with the publication of his most important work, The Myth of the 20th Century . According to a review of that time, it was, "with Hitler's Mein Kampf, the most important work on National Socialism. The book eventually became a best seller, and sold more than one million copies.

During the World War II, Rosenberg led an art-looting staff which carried off to Germany more than 21,000 carloads of stolen paintings, rare books, sculptures, and jewelry. Much of this loot found its way into the private collections of Reichmarshall Herman Göering.

Anxious to be in Hitler's good graces, some Nazi leaders, Rosenberg prominently among them, repudiated Christianity completely. Instead, they wanted to set up a pagan cult of "blood, race, and soil." They would go back to the dark ritual of dramatic rites of their ancestors.

The New Pagans resurrected Odin, Thor, and the old gods of primitive Teutons before Christ's time. Instead of the Old Testament they adopted Nordic sagas and fairy tales. They set up a new trinity for worship---bravery , loyalty , and physical force .

They even created a hymn for the new German Faith Movement:

The time of the Cross has gone now,
The Sun-wheel shall arise,
And so, with God, we shall be free at last
And give our people their honor back.

Though Hitler did not openly supported the new paganism, he was not opposed to its ideas. In 1937, he awarded the National Prize, Germany's version of the Nobel Prize, to Alfred Rosenberg, maximum foe of Christianity and leader of the Neo-Pagans. Rosenberg, the White Russian turned into Nazi philosopher, wanted a return to the old Teutonic religion of fire, sword, and swastika.


1. The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion purported to be a record of the proceedings of the Jewish World Congress held in Basel in 1897, at which, it was affirmed, plans were laid towards total world domination by an international Jewish conspiracy.

The Protocols , however, proved to be a hoax. They were the appendix of a work called The Anti-Christ, written by Nilus, a degenerate Russian writer and the protegé of Soloviev, the Russian philosopher.

The Protocols were largely copied from the book of Maurice Joly, Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu , published in 1864. The extraordinary resemblance of the two works could not be accidental, not only whole paragraphs are almost identical, but the various points in the programme follow each other in the same order.

Maurice Joly was a French lawyer, a conservative and a monarchist. He had no intention of writing a secret document; on the contrary, he had in mind a satire against the French emperor, Napoleon III.

The French police soon discovered the author of the anonymous pamphlet, and Joly was sent to prison for fifteen months. His book was published in a second edition and then forgotten. Today scarcely any copies of it can be found.

At the time when Joly published his Dialogues aux Enfers , the secret societies were particularly active and, as people feared that a number of Jews had penetrated their ranks, a whole crop of literary efforts directed against Jews and secret societies marked the decade.

After thirty years of oblivion, however, Joly's great day came--in Russia. A copy of his book fell in the hands of some agents of the Ochrana, the tsar's secret police. They wanted to scare the tsar and drive him to bloodshed. Using Joly's book as evidence, they persuaded him that the Jews of the whole world had devised a secret conspiracy to achieve domination, first over Russia, then over the whole world.

The superstitious Tsar became frightened. The religious community was concerned by Soloviev's warnings about the imminent coming of the Antichrist. Now Sergei Nilus, one of his disciples, had made the Antichrist a Jew.

Authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in their "The Holy Blood and Holy Grail", "The Messianic Legacy", and "The Temple and the Lodge" Trilogy say that the "Protocols" was actually based on an authentic document about not the "Jews", but about the mysterious Priory of Sion.

The Prioy of Sion is said to be a Secret Society that was alledgedly behind the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, and Arthurian and Grail Legends who are working towards the restoration of World Kingship for it's "hidden masters". These "hidden masters" are said to be of the Judaic Royal Messianic Bloodline descended from Merovingians, Arcadia, Troy, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, James, the Benjimites and King David who possess "powers" that are seemingly supernatural.

Resources: The Swastika and the Nazi's

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haushoff Karl Hausofer.

Was one of the key figures in Nazi Occult Circles
Notwithstanding Adolf Hitler's claims on the contrary, some authors believe that it was Karl Haushofer, whom they see as Hitler's guiding brain, the one who suggested the Führer the adoption of the swastika as the Nazi symbol. This is, i. e., the opinion of Pauwels and Bergier. [1]
Karl Haushofer was born in Bavaria in 1869. He chose a career as a professional soldier, and his intellectual gifts and meticulous attention to detail quickly allowed him to get an appointment to the Staff Corps.
Haushofer is known to have had a reputation for precognition, manifested when he was a young field artillery officer in the Bavarian army. In 1908 the army sent him to Tokyo to study the Japanese army and to advise it as an artillery instructor. The assignment changed the course of his life and marked the beginning of his love affair with the Orient. During the next four years he traveled extensively in the Far East, adding Korean, Japanese, and Chinese to his repertoire of Russian, French, and English languages.
During his multiple visits to Japan, Haushofer made the acquaintance of many influential Japanese politicians and developed a strong rapport for the Japanese culture which helped in some way to create the German-Japanese alliance during the war.
Karl Haushofer had been a devout student of Schopenhauer, and during his stay in the Far East he was introduced to Oriental esoteric teachings. He became proficient enough to translate several Hindu and Buddhist texts, and became an authority in Oriental mysticism. Some authors even believe that he was the leader of a secret community of Initiates in a current of satanism through which he sought to raise Germany to world power, though these occult connections have been denied.
It is also believed that he belonged to the esoteric circle of George Gurdjieff. [2] Others claim that he was a secret member of the Thule Society. Some authors have linked Haushofer's name with another esoteric group, the Vril Society, [3] or Luminous Lodge, a secret society of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin.
It was not until the age of forty-five that he obtained his doctorate with a brilliant thesis on Political Geography. He continued developing the ideas expressed on his dissertation, until developing a whole new doctrine he called geopolitics. [4]
Among Haushofer's students at Munich university was a young, bright army officer: Rudolf Hess. Soon Hess became Haushofer's favorite student. Later Hess also became one of the closest associates of Hitler. He was serving time with Hitler at Lansdberg. It is a well known fact that it was Rudolf Hess who introduced Haushofer to Adolf Hitler, and also that the professor frequently visited the Führer while he was writing Mein Kampf in Landsberg Fortress prison after his failed Munich putsch in 1923.
After Hitler came to power in 1933, Professor Haushofer was instrumental in developing Germany's alliance with Japan. Most of the meetings between high rank Japanese officials and Nazi leaders took place at his home near Munich. He saw Japan as the brother nation to Germany, the Herrenwolk of the Orient.
Before the war Professor Haushofer and his son Albrecht maintained close contacts with British members of the Golden Dawn. [5] When war between Germany and England broke out Haushofer tried to use his influence with Hess in trying to convince Hitler to make peace with the British.
In the Spring of 1941, after having failed to convince Hitler, Haushofer urged Hess to make a direct contact with the Duke of Hamilton, a Scottish member of the Golden Dawn. On may 10, 1941, Hess took off for Scot-land. Whether Hitler knew his plans or not is still subject of debate among historians.
The British government, however, didn' t even want to hear Hess' peace propositions and put him in jail incommunicado. After Hess' failure the Nazis denounced him as mentally disturbed.
Karl and Albrecht Haushofer fell from grace. Albrecht became involved in a failed coup d'etat against Hitler on July 20, 1941. Frau Haushofer Karl's wife and Albrect's Mother was Jewish and this is undoubtably related to their distancing themselves from the Nazi's virlent Anti-Semitic Program (Toland: Inside the Third Reich). Karl Haushofer was sent to the infamous Dachau concentration camp, and Albrecht to the Moabite prison in Berlin, where was later executed.
Some authors claim that, while in Japan, Haushofer was active in the ultra-secret Green Dragon Society, whose members were under oath to commit ritual suicide if faced with dishonor. After the war Haushofer was among the Nazi members to be put to trial before the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. But Professor Haushofer never went to trial. After killing his wife, Karl Haushofer committed suicide in the traditional Japanese way, cutting his intestines with a sharp samurai short sword, in a personal, formal ceremony called seppuku (commonly known as hara-kiri).

1. The Morning of the Magicians . New York: Avon Books, 1971, 280.

2. George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff was born in 1872 in the Caucasus region of Russia, of Greek, Armenian, and Russian ancestry. He claimed to have met members of a Hidden Brotherhood while traveling in Asia, and they initiated him in the occult tradition. After returning to Moscow Gurdjieff started an esoteric school where disciples were supposed to be taught how to reach higher levels of conscience through meditation exercises. After the school's success he opened a similar one in Paris.

Gurdjieff has always been an enigmatic figure. Some speculate that he may have been sent by the Russian authorities to Tibet as a spy. Others affirm that while in Tibet he was actually the man known as Dorjieff, the preceptor of the Dalai Lama.

According to some sources, it was in Tibet where Haushofer met Gurdjieff and became one of his adepts. On the other hand, it is evident that Gurdjieff never held the Nazis in high esteem. While visiting Berlin during the height of Nazi power he and a small group of disciples were watching a street parade, which he begin to satirize loudly. Somebody called the police and he was about to be hauled to prison, but was eventually dismissed as a madman.

On the other hand, it seems that Haushofer was somehow influenced by Gurdjieff's teachings, which held that men are asleep, just waiting for a strong leader to force them to awake and become supermen. Gurdjieff also believed in the legend of the Masters of Wisdom, superhuman intelligences who keep a careful watch over the destiny of mankind and intervene whenever human affairs get out of hand. Even more, he believed that he himself was in direct communication with a source of higher energy from which, through him, his disciples could draw.
3. The Vril Society, or Luminous Lodge, was a secret community of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin. The Berlin Vril Society was in fact a sort of inner circle of the Thule Society, it was also in close contact with an English group known as the Golden Dawn.

The Vril Society in Berlin apparently sought connection with supernatural beings in the entrails of the earth, and its members practiced the techniques which would eventually strengthen their mastery of the divine energy, the Vril, empowering them to master people and events.

The term "Vril" came to the attention of the Western world through the writings of a not well known French author, Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890).

Jacolliot was an avid reader of occult literature, and was familiar with the work of Swedenborg, of the theosophist Jacob Böhme and of Louis Claude de Saint Martin. In the course of his professional career Jacolliot had been president of the tribunal at Chandernagor, India, and afterwards French consul in Calcutta.

The works of Jacolliot have inspired several writers and occultists, among them Rudyard Kipling and H. P. Blavatsky. Among Jacolliot's many books are: La Bible dans l'Inde ou la Vie de Iezeus Christna (1859); Les Fils de Dieu (1873); Christna et le Christ (1874); Les Traditions indo-européennes (1876); La Genèse de l'humanité (1879); and L'Olympe brahmanique (1881).

The main theme in his books is that modern civilizations were originated from a single, primordial nucleus, which was the same for India, western Asia, and Europe. The Semitic and indo-European races were not different at the beginning, but the Semitic races degenerated in the process, while the Aryans remained pure. A code of law rules civilized people, the Code of Manu, name of the divine ruler in India, while in Egypt he was called Menes, Mosses among the Hebrews, and Minos in Crete.

According to Jacolliot, Jesus Christ is but a recent reconstruction of an old indo-aryan tradition, that of Iezeus-Christna. Jesus of Nazareth is only a different characterization of the same personage.

North of Europe a magic civilization has existed for millennia and its name is Thule. The superior beings of Thule live in huge caverns in the entrails of the earth. They possess an extraordinary source of magic energy: the Vril. The theme of the Vril is exalted in most of Jacolliot's writings. Vril is an energy latent in man, but he utilizes only a fraction of it. It is the source of divinity, the source of the coming superman. He who discovers it and masters its use acquires great powers. He can become a master of men.

In many of his works, particularly in Les Fils de Dieu, and in Les Traditions indo-européenes , Jacolliot affirms that he discovered the existence of Vril among an Indian sect: the Jains, still active in the regions of Mysore and Gujerat, and counting millions of adepts.

The discovery of Vril by Jacolliot created extraordinary interest among European intellectuals, avid of knowledge about traditional oriental wisdom. Inspired by his writings a group of Rosicrucians from Berlin founded, by the end of the 19th century, the Vril Society to divulge the writings of the French master. Jacolliot's ideas were introduced in England by S. L. Matthews at the Golden Dawn Society, of which he was the Great Master.

With the passage of time, apparently the term Vril fell in disuse. Interest on Vril was renewed after it was used again in a novel with occult and prophetic overtones, The Coming Race , written by the Baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

Bulwer-Lytton was an English writer and occultist better known as the author of the best seller The Last Days of Pompeii. In The Coming Race he describes the existence of a superhuman race of beings living in huge caves in the entrails of the earth. These beings had developed a strong energy source of psychic energy --the Vril-- which make them equal to gods. Their plans are, one day, to take control of the earth and, using his energy, bring about a mutation of the now dormant human elite, subjugating afterwards the rest of the low-grade human beings.

Like Gurdjieff, Baron Bulwer-Lytton believed that he was a storer of Vril. He practiced ceremonial magic and Madame H. P. Blavatsky affirmed he was a Theosophist.

According to Bulwer-Lytton, Vril was a sort of great fluid, resembling electricity, with which all of life was pervaded. His "Vril people" accumulated it through yoga-like mental and physical exercises. The adepts of the Vril Society and the Thule Society shared the belief that it was possible to get in touch with the Vril, a belief which they inculcated in Adolph Hitler. It was precisely to get in touch with the spiritual "power-plant" of Vril that the Führer created the Ahnenerbe.

The Society for the Study of Ancestral Heritages, the Ahnenerbe, was an organization founded in 1935 privately by Frederick Hielscher, a mystic and friend of the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, and Wolfram Siever's spiritual teacher.

SS soldiers receiving a crash course on the meaning of the Germanic runes and other "Aryan symbols". The Ahnenerbe was the SS branch in charge of the research on ancient symbols and other esoteric subjects.

Frederick Hielscher was never a member of the Nazi party, and was in friendly terms with Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher. But his theories had some aspects in common with the esoteric doctrines of the Nazi leaders. Two years after Hielscher privately founded the Ahnenerbe, Himmler turned it into an official organization, attached to the SS.

Finally, in January 1939, the Ahnenerbe was incorporated into the SS as one of its branches, and its leaders absorbed into Himmler's personal staff. At that time it had fifty branches under the direction of Professor Wurst, an expert on ancient sacred texts who had taught Sanskrit at Munich University. The mission assigned to the Ahnenerbe was to locate the origins of the "Nordic" race which, according to Nazi lore, was of Aryan stock.

But the Ahnenerbe's multiple branches dealt with a more broad spectrum of activities. These activities ranged from strictly "scientific" research --like vivisection practiced on prisoners-- to espionage, as well as the study and practice of occultism.

According to the scant information available about the Ahnenerbe --its huge archives mysteriously disappeared after the war-- it seems that Germany spent more money and devoted more resources on the Ahnenerbe than America did on the atomic bomb. More than fifty departments in this branch of the SS succeeded in spending over a million marks on such "scientific" research.

Among the many researches tackled by the Ahnenerbe at enormous cost were:

Gathering information about the strength of the Rosicrucian organization.

Researching about the possible consequences of the suppression of the Irish harp in Ulster.

The occult significance of Gothic towers and of the Etonian top-hat

. Scientific examination of "Aryan" horses and "Aryan" bees, whose honey had special properties.

Study of the Germanic runes and other "Aryan" symbols, among them the swastika.

Thorough search for the Grail.

The Ahnenerbe also had archaeologists digging up all of Europe for remains of Germanic cultures. When the German army invaded the Caucasus in the Spring of 1942, a strange ceremony took place. Three SS mountaineers climbed to the summit of Mount Elbruz, the sacred mountain of the Aryan race, and planted a swastika flag.

The Ahnenerbe organized several expeditions to Tibet. Their purpose was to locate the origins of the "Nordic" race which was, according to the Nazi theoreticians, of Indo-Germanic stock. But the main goal of these expeditions was to get in touch with the spiritual "power-plant" producer of Vril.
4. The nucleus of Haushofer's doctrines was a term originated in his first lecture at Munich university: Lebensraum (vital space). Later on he was appointed professor of geopolitics at that University.

Haushofer theories became extremely popular in Germany and all around the world. Even American scholars were influenced by his ideas. As Hans W. Weighert put it in an article published in Foreign Affairs in July, 1942: ". . . the highest eulogy a political writer could earn was to be called 'the American Haushofer' . . . colleges all over the country hurried to organize 'Institute of Geopolitics.' "

Haushofer disguised racial mysticism in a veil of geography and science, providing Germans with a powerful reason to return to those areas in the hinterland of Asia where the Aryan race supposedly originated. His appeal for Lebensraum for the German people and his plans to achieve it were no more than a justification for international pillage on a grand scale, virtually a blueprint to world conquest.

Haushofer became an important personage among the Nazi elite. He was made president of the German Academy and finally became director of the highly respected Institut für Geopolitik of the University of Munich. His eldest son, Albrecht, was also a geopolitician, and occupied the Chair of Political Geography at the University of Berlin.

Haushofer advised Hitler to enlarge the living space of the Third Reich by moving out from a powerful territorial hub and by accomplishing this conquest progressively, step by step, following the accelerating movement of a growing spiraling sinistroverse swastika.
5. The Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn was formed in England in 1887. Its three founding members were prominent Masonic figures and early members of the first Masonic lodge of research Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. It was basically a society of occultists devoted to the study of magic.

Among its early members were the poet W. B. Yeats, the actress Florence Farr, the writer Arthur Machen, and the notorious Aleister Crowley, who in 1905 broke away to found his own Order, the Argenteum Astrum.

The Golden Dawn was also popular among members of the British aristocracy. Among its affiliates were the Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Hamilton, and Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick.

The Rosicrucians claim an ancient origin from Egypt and the Mystery religions. Their rise, however, can be traced only to the 17th century with the publication in 1614 of an anonymous document entitled, Fama Fraternitas Rosae-Crucis. This document claimed that Christian Rosenkreutz, a German born in 1378, was the founder of Rosicrucianism.

The term Rosicrucian is supposed to be derived from the Latin 'rosa' (rose) and 'crux' (cross). These two symbols of the Order, however, are not to be confused with similar Christian symbols and meanings. Even more, it seems that, at least in some cases, the swastika, not the cross, has been actually linked to the rose.

In the monastery of Loudum, founded n 1334, several Carmelite brothers left their names engraved in a staircase, which has for this reason been named the staircase of the graffiti. Among the names of these brethren is that of a Brother Guyot, who added to his signature a rose overlaid by a sinistroverse swastika.

(See Louis Charbonnay-Lassay. L'Esoterisme de quelques symboles géométriques chrétiens. Paris: Editions traditionnelles, 1960).

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hess Rudolf Hess

Hess was Hitler's personally selected successor and number two man in the party.
He was captured in 1941 in Scotland during a solo flight while on a mission to meet with Golden Dawn figure The Duke of Hamilton trying to arrange for some sort of peace settlement between Hitler and Churchill.
The Golden Dawn is an esoteric Order founded in England in the 1880's. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was originally heavily influenced by Freemasonry. Its three founding members were prominent Masonic figures and early members of the first Masonic lodge of research Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076.
Also with the the Golden Dawn at the time was none other than Aleister Crowley, who was actively involved with British Intelligence M.I. 5 which had it's own official Occult Division/Department.
Crowley and the Golden Dawn, O.T.O., Theosophy crowd were involved with a number of key Nazi Occult figures.
Rudolph Hess was born in Egypt in 1896, the son of a rich exporter and wholesaler from Bavaria who moved to Alexandria. When Rudolf was fourteen he was sent back to Germany to attend school.

Like Adolf Hitler, Hess always felt strongly attracted by the occult. He volunteered for the army as soon as World War I began, and soon was placed as officer in an infantry regiment. During the war Hess was wounded twice. When the war ended he went to Munich and joined the Thule Society. He was only 22.

Hess was one of the hundreds of war veterans recruited in Munich by Freemason Baron von Sebottendorf [1] to join the Freikorps. Hess joined the Freikorps and became an expert street fighter helping them in getting the leftist revolutionaries out of Munich.

Later Hess joined the German Workers Party. It was in one of its meetings where he saw Adolf Hitler for the first time and was instantly captivated by Hitler's charismatic powers. When the would-be Führer ended his inflammatory speech Hess was already one of Hitler's followers.

A few months later Hess became Hitler's personal secretary. With Hitler he participated in the frustrated Munich Beer Hall putsch of 1923. He escaped to Austria, but when Hitler was sent to prison he gave himself up to the authorities in order to join the Führer at Landsberg. Some people believe that Hess was instrumental in Hitler's decision of adopting the swastika as the Nazi symbol.

Sharing the prison tied even more the homoerotic bond between the two men. Hess helped Hitler in writing Mein Kampf. It was there when he told Hitler about his professor, the geopolitician Karl Haushofer. He introduced Hitler to Haushofer and the professor became a frequent visitor to Hitler's cell at Landberg.

When the Nazis took power over Germany and Hitler became the Führer of he Third Reich, Hess fortune seemed linked forever to Hitler's. The Führer named Hess his heir-apparent. On May 10, 1941, however, a strange incident occurred. Following Haushofer's suggestion, Rudolf Hess astonished the world by flying alone from Germany to Scotland and parachuting near the state of the Duke of Hamilton to contact some British members of the Golden Dawn and deliver a peace proposition.

But the British government paid no attention to Hess' message and put him in jail for the rest of his life.


1. The Thule Gesellschaft was founded in 1919 by Baron von Sebottendorf. Born in Saxony in 1875, he was the son of a Silesian locomotive conductor. His true name was Adam Rudolf Glauber. He adopted in 1911 the name Baron von Sebottendorf after the death of the later.

Sebottendorf was a Freemason.

Just before World War I he made several trips to the Near East. During the Balkan War of 1912-1913, he directed the Turkish Red Crescent and was named a Master of the Order of the RoseGarland (Rosenkranz). Expelled from Germany as an undesirable alien (he had been a Turkish citizen since 1911), he returned to Turkey in 1924. From 1929 to 1931 he roamed through Mexico and the United States.

By 1919 he founded the Thule Society and elevated himself to the rank of Grand Master. He exerted considerable influence in high German circles.

Inspired by Madame Blavatsky, he brought to life the age-old myth of Atlantis, calling it Thule. Occultists believe that that Thule, like Atlantis, was the center of a vanished civilization whose members had magic powers.

It is believed that Sebottendorf drowned in 1945.

Resources: The Swastika and the Nazi's
Hitler's Search For The Holy Grail
The Golden Dawn Library
Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer
Infiltration, Albert Speer
Adolf Hitler, John Toland
Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda

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Dr. Wolfram Sievers, Anhenerbe Uber...

On the heels of the German army and the SS came the Ahnenerbe, whose mission it was to provide conclusive proof of the Germanism of western Russia. Even Hitler was embarrassed: 'Why do we call the world's attention to the fact that we have no past? It isn't enough that Romans were erecting great buildings when our forefathers were still living in mud huts; now Himmler is starting to dig up these villages of mud huts enthusing over every potsherd and stone axe he finds.'
The search became ever more frenzied and indiscriminate. At the end of 1942, while German soldiers were freezing to death at Stalingrad, the Ahnenerbe was ransacking southern Russia for archaeological and artistic spoils not only for research but also to decorate Himmler's country home at Wewelsburg.
But there was worse to follow. The Ahnenerbe began trawling the death camps for skulls to buttress its own crackpot racial theories. As the SS was responsible for the camps, this grisly trade was a mere formality. But there was a price to pay. After Germany's defeat in 1945, the head of the Ahnenerbe, Dr Wolfram Sievers - who had been heavily involved in the criminal medical experiments that were carried out on Jews in concentration camps, all to prove racial differences and the superiority of the Germanic 'Aryan' race - was brought before a war crimes tribunal, found guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed on 2 June 1948.
The archaeological world of the Ahnenerbe died with Hitler, Himmler and Sievers, and the Ahnenerbe, too, melted away. Many of its top archaeologists returned, unpunished, to university life, only to re-emerge as leading academics in postwar Germany. Himmler's Camelot, Wewelsburg Castle, remains as mute testament to the twisted power of a perverted philosophy.

Resources: Hitler's Search for the Holy Grail

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Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler's Magician

In the last days of 1932, Hitler was contemplating suicide
Released from prison n 1924 after the Beer Hall Putsch got him a light sentence for what was, after all, high treason, his Mein Kampf a best-seller, and his Nazi Party back and stronger than ever, he nonetheless was losing ground in the Reichstag. Hindenberg - the much-respected and very popular President of the Republic - was not pleased with the rough- and-tumble crowd that seemed to compose Hitler's voting bloc, and various ministers were conspiring against Hitler to keep him out of government altogether.
In 1932, they were succeeding. Hitler was facing a crucial election. Members of the Nazi Party were in danger of defecting to other political organizations. His own trusted disciples were dividing the Party into warring factions that could not be controlled
And on Halloween night - the pagan Sabbat of Samhain - his mistress Eva Braun shot herself.
Although Eva survived what the doctors would later characterize as a serious suicide attempt, Hitler himself knew he was politically dead. It appeared as if he had lost the will to fight, and he began to speak more and more of his own death. He entered the political campaign a distracted, depressed leader who seemed unable to hold his fractious Party together. They lost heavily in the Reichstag five days later - losing seats to the hated Communists - and the press began publishing the Party's obituary.
At this nadir of his career, he turned to an old friend whom he had met years earlier, in 1926, in Berlin. This was Erik Jan Hanussen, a famous astrologer and master of several occult disciplines who had - it was said - taught Hitler everything from the body language and gestures to use in public speaking to what friends and associates he should cultivate.
The Vienese Hanussen - whose real name was Herschel Steinschneider, the son of a Jewish vaudeville performer - began his career as what Americans call a "carny," doing odd jobs in a travelling circus, until he began his own newspaper and threatened to publish vile things in it about people he knew unless they paid up! This small-time blackmailer soon became interested in hypnosis and mediumship and published several books on the subject, eventually becoming the darling of the international socialite set, a man who never failed to entertain at parties but who also provided more serious assistance to those of his hosts who needed a horoscope drawn up or a spell cast. He dyed his hair blond to fit his new persona as a Danish aristocrat, and dived into the frantic, heady atmosphere of the early 1930's Berlin competing with astrologers, clairvoyants, and mediums of every description. Although he had never cast Hitler's astrological chart before, now in the late days of 1932 with Hitler morose and on the verge of doing himself damage, Hanussen erected his natal and probably a transit or progressed chart and appeared before Hitler with an eerie prognosis.
Hanussen told his host that there were good times ahead, but that a few "obstacles" remained that had to be eliminated. The implication was oddly surreal. The "obstacles" were not actual people or circumstances. Instead Hanussen claimed, Hitler was the victim of some sort of hex or magical spell.
History has not recorded who might have been responsible for this, and it is possible that all Hanussen knew - or claimed - was that "evil occult influences" were around Hitler, causing him to lose his edge. We may fantasize about a lodge of German magicians, summoning angelic forces to thwart the attempts of Hitler and his Nazi Party to gain power in Germany. We may wonder if a witch or sorcerer - operating alone in some mountain fastness of the Obersalzberg, perhaps - was casting a spell against Hitler for something as relatively trivial as a broken promise or unrequited love, and thereby altering the course of European history forever. We will certainly never know the actual dimensions of this baneful influence around the Fuhrer, but the outcome of Hanussen's meditations was nothing short of spectacular.
In order to rid himself of this evil spell, he said, one would have to go to Hitler's hometown. At the time of the full moon. At midnight. In a butcher's backyard.
And remove a mandrake from the ground.
Now a mandrake is the man-shaped root famous throughout European folklore for its occult and medicinal properties. According to some traditions, one had to stop one's ears with cloth or cotton before pulling the root from the earth, as it would emit a piercing scream that would shatter the eardrums. A dog was sometimes used to pull the root from the earth as the magician kept his hands clasped around his own ears. The resulting shriek - it is said - normally killed the dog.
The mandrake is also known for its powers as an aphrodisiac, and as an amulet of protection. We must assume that Hanussen was thinking of this last property in connection with Hitler. Also, the significance of the butcher's yard should not be ignored: such a place would have given the surrounding earth the peculiar quality of a veritable Teutonic orgy of blood, dismemberment, death, and pain, which would have a mystically absorbed by the root itself.
Hanussen decided to perfrom the necessary rituals himself and set off for Hitler's birthplace in Austria, returning on New Year's Day 1933 with the amuletic root and with a prediction: that Hitler's return to power would begin on January 30, a date roughly equivalent to the pagan Sabat of Oimelc: one of the four "cross-quarter" days of the witches' calendar.
It seemed an outrageous prediction but - after a series of bizarred coincidences and half-baked conspiratorial machinations on the part of his opponents - Hitler went from washed-up political has-been to Chancellor of Germany with dizzying speed in thirty days and, on January 30, 1933 he assumed power.
Hanussens's impossibly optimistic prediction came true to the day.
That was not the end of Hanussen's ability to predict the future, however, for on February 26 of that same year - during a seance held that evening at his own lavishly furnished "Palace of Occultism" on Lietzenburger Strasse and attended by Berlin's movers and shakers - he predicted that the Communists in Germany would attempt a revolution, signaled by the destruction (by fire) of an important government building.
The next day, the Reichstag was in flames and Hitler had all the excuse he needed to go from Chancellor of Germany to Fuhrer of the Third Reich. European history had been changed forever, and once more the Society Seer was right on target. But, six weeks later in April of 11933, Hanussen would be dead: murdered in a forest outside Berlin by agent or agents unknown. There was speculation that Hitler ordered the execution since Hanussenn "knew too much" or perhaps might even have had connections to the Communist Party (hence his accurate prediction of the Reichstag fir; some mediums and psychics - Hannussen was no exception - are known to "enhance" their abilities by gathering intelligence on their clients ahead of time or by bugging the rooms in which seances are held, etc. In fairness, however, no amount of dirty tricks could have explained Hanussen's accurate prediction of Hitler's enormous success in January). Another version had it that Hanussen's murder enraged the Fuhrer, and that he ordered the death sentence for its perpetrators, Karl Ernst, who was executed during the Rohm purge with a bewildered "Heil Hitler" on his lips. Another story, that SA leader Count Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf had Ernst arrest and murder Hanussen because the count owed him money, is also current. Hanussen was said to have thrown orgies at the count's Wannsee villa, where attractive young ladies - usually "actresses" - were thrown into hypnotic trances and made to mime orgasms. The count was a rather degenerate sort who went through money like schnapps, and wound up owing a great deal to Hanussen, who carried the count's markers with him whereever he went. Needless to say, the markers were never found (which either proves that the count killed Hanussen and removed the IOU's from the body, or that the story is completely fictitious and never happened; take your pick).
And then, of course, Hanussen's father was Jewish, which would have been reason enough to execute the inordinately influential seer. Unfortunately we will never know what happened, for Hannusen died as he had lived: the Count St. Germain of Weimar and early Nazi Germany, a complete and compelling mystery.

Resource: Unholy Alliance
A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult
Peter Levenda
Avon Books, 1995.

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