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The shadow of the Freemasons to the Elysee Palace
1 February 2012

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Grand Orient of France, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Masonic, Symbols (Paris) The initials seem harmless: CIU, Cercle Interuniversitair s (Inter-University Circle). But behind this tranquil sounding a Masonic Association of French academics Superloge to hide in reality. The initials are the same, but the actual name loud: Confraternite initiatique universal e (Initiastische Universal Brotherhood). If some members are university professors who are interested in the history of Freemasonry and philosophical questions, as other move in very close contact with the French policy. This revealed a report by Le Poin t. The weekly magazine published an article about Masonic multiple networks in France. In this case, Le Point examining the members Wahlkampftroß the major presidential candidates.

Candidate of the Greens and the extreme left are Freemasons

Two French presidential candidate of the second row are avowedly self-Masons: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, candidate of the extreme left is a member of the Grand Orient de France, Corinne Lepage of the Greens, wife of former Environment Minister, Freemason and CIU Allies Christian Huglo, one of the women Grand Lodge on.

Apart from the fixed network of radical and extreme left in the Masonic network, is far more interesting that Le Point 13 Masonic counts in the election campaign entourage of the incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy, including Economy Minister Francois Baroin, Labour Minister Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Defence Gerard Longuet, Interior Minister Claude Gueant, Justice Minister Michel Mercier, Sports Minister David Douillet, Minister for Relations with Parliament Patrick Ollier, Minister for International Cooperation Henri de Rainscourt and Education Minister Luc Chatel.

The Masonic friends Sarkozy

The latter two ministries were entrusted Freemasons almost without exception in the history of the French republics. Corresponding significance of membership in a lodge the civil servants in the ministries and overall French public school system. Prime Minister Francois Fillon, not a Freemason himself, however, seems to be an exception in Sarkozy’s cabinet. The Government of the French President could be aptly referred to as the Grand Lodge. Many of the ministers are close to the mysterious CIU. This does not mean that this is consistent with the direction of the majority of French Freemasonry, the Grand Orient. Sarkozy himself is closely linked to Alain Bauer. The famous criminologist, son of Georg Bauer and Monika Ejzenberg who survived the persecution of the Jews in the East, was Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France. Since his youth, a member of the Socialist Party Bauer Sarkozy was entrusted with leading tasks. Le Point know also noted that it was surprising, at least for someone who has repeatedly stressed to be a Freemason, that Sarkozy as part of its signature with three score sheet as the “brothers” to. Correspondence Interior Minister to the Chief of Police or the police union was thus “marked”. It is well known in France that are all Freemasons at the leadership level of the police.

Grand Orient of France toying with Hollande

Should the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande win the sympathies of the apparently include the Grand Orient, would change from free Moorish perspective nothing. The team that organized Hollande’s campaign included Le Point ten Masonic including President of the Senate Jean-Pierre Bel, the former Minister Michel Sapin and Jean-Yves Le Drian, the mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb and the spokesman of Hollande, Manuel Valls.

Given this expansion of the “brothers” could be someone who does not trust the French Freemasonry, may be tempted to choose the center candidate Francois Bayrou or the right candidate Marine Le Pen. As Le Point insured, the lodges have also already taken steps in this regard or are hard at work. Bayrou is on the side of the former senator and member of Auditors Alain Lambert. He belongs to the same box, from the mysterious CIU has emerged. Dominique Paillé comes from the same environment, the former spokesman of Sarkozy’s UMP party. Although he is not himself an entourage of Bayrou, but made this choice to the winner in his novel “panic at the Elysee Palace” and is regarded as particularly influential in the circles that support Bayrou’s candidacy.

Open Masonic Marine Le Pen?

Marine Le Pen seems the only candidate running for the highest office of state, which is not surrounded by “brothers”. In the train of Marine Le Pen Le Point accounted for only a Freemason. It’s Gilbert Collard. The frequently arising in the major French media law was initiated in the Grande Loge de France, then moved to the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), which is considered “traditional” obedience of Masonic view and is the ground on which the CIU was formed. There seems to be a lot of water flowed down the Loire and the Rhone, since the Grand Orient in the 80s the “brothers” threatened with expulsion if they are a member of the National Front, which was then led by Marine Le Pen’s father. Even those who were threatened, who dared to seek the support of the FN or accept, such as the former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Soisson, of the voices of the FN was looking for the second round to his position as President of the National Council of Burgundy defend. Perhaps nothing is too it. The Great Orient discussed seriously in any case the possibility of inviting Marine Le Pen to a meeting behind closed doors, “to give her the opportunity to, brothers’ present their program” as is granted to the candidates ahead of presidential elections. Just the thought would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Jean-Marie Le Pen was this ‘privilege’ never given. Freemasonry opens Opens Marine Le Pen Le Pen and the Freemasonry? Le Pen’s environment there is a strong opposition against it: “It would end with a crushing hug,” reads from the environment of the FN candidate.

Freemasons want to retain influence even after the 2012 election year

The diverse landscape of France Freemasons has numerous differences in the positions. But there are certain threads that connect them and in the end succeeds in French Freemasonry in the policy to have more weight than in other countries. The roughly 150,000 French Masons seem around the 2012 presidential election determined to preserve their influence, which is a French specific feature.

Text: BQ / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Bussola Quotidiana

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