REPORT: The Russian Armed Forces and Donetsk Peoples Republic units liberated almost half of Mariupol

REPORT: The Russian Armed Forces and Donetsk Peoples Republic units liberated almost half of Mariupol

ANNA News Agency 22.03.2022

1 The DPR

The Russian and the DPR forces have liberated almost half of Mariupol — a military reporter of the ’ANNA NEWS’ reported. The Ukrainian nationalists are trying to leave the city by disguising themselves as civilians. Kiev gave them an order to leave Mariupol under the guise of civilians, which they can’t do too well. They ask for a help — a help to lift the siege. In a little time the Russian troops will come, and then the Ukrainian nationalists will be un-sieged forever.

2 Ukraine

The Russian ministry of defense stated that on the night from 21st of March, the Russian helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28 destroyed many Ukrainian tanks, IFVs, and APCs. According to the official representative of the ministry — Igor Konashenkov — the Russian air defense forces also shot down 14 Ukrainian drones. The Russian, the DPR, and the LPR forces took control of a dozen of settlements, and managed to make significant progress. Over the past 24 hours, several divisions of the Ukrainian nationalists have been destroyed.

3 The DPR

Several settlements of the LPR and the DPR were attacked on 22nd of March. In the morning, the village of Makeevka was attacked with a ’Tochka-U’ tactical missile system, but the Russian air defense forces intercepted the incoming missiles. The evacuation of the civilians from dangerous areas continues. During the day, more than 600 people were taken from Mariupol to the DPR. The Russian forces liberated 9 more settlements, destroyed several divisions of Ukrainian radicals, and a large amount of military equipment. During the day, 137 Ukrainian military facilities were hit. The Russian air defenses shot down 14 Ukrainian drones, including 1 Bayraktar.

4 The UK

The UK Minister of Defense Ben Wallace mentioned in a conversation with some Russian pranksters about the supply of weapons to Ukraine. While thinking that he was talking to the Ukrainian prime minister, Ben Wallace said that the UK had already sent more than 4,000 ATGMs «NLAW» to Kiev. According to him — even more ATGMs are on the way. When asked by the prankster if the UK will support the continuation of the nuclear program in Ukraine, Ben Wallace replied that the UK will support Ukraine, as a friend, in any choice.

5 The LPR

The contact line within the LPR moved for 6 kilometers forward. The LPR forces liberated 4 more settlements. The DPR liberated the settlements of Urozhaynoye, Novoaleksandrovka, Stepnoye, and Boguslavskoye. The elimination of the Ukrainian forces from the 30th separate mechanized brigade continues. More than 40 Ukrainian servicemen and 5 off-road vehicles were destroyed — Igor Konashenkov reported.

6 The USA

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, stated that Washington must stop escalating the relations with Russia, and stop sending the weapons to Ukraine. According to him — Washington is hardly ready to have a positive impact on Kiev, even though it could outline a certain perspective for the normalization of the relations between Russia and the USA. He added that so far Moscow is observing a downward trend in the relations with Washington, and it’s the fault of the USA.

7 Russia

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Ukraine, as a sovereign state, can have its own procedures, but it is unacceptable to drag the negotiations. While answering a clarifying question about the possibility of holding a referendum after the parties form a package of proposals that they are ready to present to the public, Dmitry Peskov noted that «it is related to a whole set of parameters that the negotiators should discuss». He added that Russia handed over the draft documents to Ukraine quite a while ago. Kiev responded to some of them, but not to the others. Dmitry Peskov answered negatively on the question about the possible publication of those projects.

8 Turkey

The Turkish navy has confirmed that the drifting sea mines, planted in the Black Sea by the Ukrainian military, can reach the Bosphorus and the Mediterranean Sea. Their presence near the coast of Odessa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny was discovered recently. The sea mines pose a serious danger to ships. At any moment, the cables of the sea mines can break, after which they will be in the open sea. The Russian FSB warned that the Ukrainian Navy had installed about 420 sea mines in the Black Sea.

9 Yemen

Several Yemeni citizens were killed and wounded as a result of a Saudi attack on the province of Al-Jawf, in the north Yemen. The Saudi aircraft attacked the Communications Center in the Haidan district, in the province of Saada. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

UK Minister of Defense Ben Wallace ‘in Poland’


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