Execution of Russian POW’s by AFU and Georgian Fighters on March 30 in Irpin, Ukraine (VIDEO 18+)

Execution of Russian POW’s by AFU and Georgian Fighters on March 30 in Irpin, Ukraine (VIDEO 18+)

South Front  04.04.2022

Another shocking video of the execution of Russian POWs has appeared.

This is not a staged video, with corpses staged in one place with their faces turned upside down like in Bucha. It is a video of a real POW execution. Some had their hands tied behind their backs, one soldier was killed in the video.

Note the amount of blood around the victims. Have you seen anything like this in staged Ukrainian videos about the situation in Bucha?

The Nazis, encouraged by the support of the West, do not shy away from anything, do not hide their faces and brag about their crimes.

The incident took place on 30 March near Irpen, during the announced withdrawal of Russian troops. The Russian withdrawal was intended by the Kremlin to be a symbol of goodwill and readiness for the negotiation process.
The retreating troops were informed about it. The whole world can observe the result. The Ukrainian armed forces shelled populated areas both during the retreat of the Russians and after all the Russian units were many kilometres away. The SBU and nationalist formations cleansed settlements of civilians who collaborated with the Russians. On 3 April, murdered civilians with white armbands on their hands, which signified collaboration with the Russians, were shot and passed off as victims of the Russian occupation. The West enthusiastically supported this fake.

Whatever the outcome of the war, Europe should brace itself that these people, Nazis with a fractured psyche, will come to European cities. And they will come and demand reverence and prosperity. They will not give up their ideology of superiority. Today they demonstrate it on helpless POWs, tomorrow the victims will be the average European.


South Front

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