Does it matter if our leaders are Freemasons?  (2013 Article Now Blocked)

Does it matter if our leaders are Freemasons? (2013 Article Now Blocked)

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13 Sept., 2013

 Tony Abbott Australia PM Freemason Secret Handsign Gesture
A Freemason Handsign ‘Gesture’

In the recent Australian Federal election, both candidates promoted themselves as Christians, and they were happy for everyone to know and believe this. This is even more important in the USA where it is unthinkable for a president to be an atheist or an agnostic. In this regard, Australians are generally more tolerant, and had no problem with the previous prime minister being an atheist. But while the candidates are happy for everyone to think of them as Christian, many of them are also Freemasons, but this is kept secret. So I ask the question, does it matter if our leaders are Freemasons?

Freemasonry is generally regarded as a secret society; meaning that membership, their beliefs, and many of their activities and rituals, are kept strictly secret. But what’s generally known is that there are different levels and that each level has its own initiation ritual, which carries with it the revelation of new secrets. Its also generally known that Freemasons look out for each other and that they must help a fellow mason. The also have their own agenda that they are working towards. So what would happen if the leaders of two supposedly opposing political parties were both Freemasons? They would make an appearance of disagreeing with each other in public, but privately would be working towards the same goals.

This is something not limited to Freemasonry. There are numerous elite secret societies around the world which only members of the richest and most powerful bloodlines can enter. One such organisation is the ‘Skull & Bones Society’ based at Yale university. They take only 20 new members each year, are their activities are even more secretive and exclusive than Freemasonry. So what a co-incidence it was a few years back when it was revealed that both George W. Bush and John Kerry, who were contesting the presidency of the USA as leaders of opposing parties, were both members! When John Kerry was asked about it on radio, he said there was nothing to talk about because it was ‘secret’, and he was never asked again. Why not? Probably because their connections are so powerful that they control the media.

Above and below are recent pictures of the leaders of the Liberal and Labor party in Australia who contested the recent election. Look at their hands at the moment in time when the first picture was taken. Is just a co-incidence that in that split second, there hands are forming the shape of the compass and set-square of Freemasonry? And what about the photo of Tony Abbott on his own, posing with his hands across his mid-section in a shape that could also be interpreted as the Freemasonic logo. As is widely known, Freemasonry is riddled with secret handshakes and signs to identify themselves discreetly to other members. Could it be that both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd are Freemasons? Many would say that it doesn’t matter, that it’s their own personal business. But what if being a Freemason influenced the decisions they made? Freemasonry is more than a ‘society of secrets’, so if both Rudd and Abbott are Freemasons, I definitely want to know.

Lodge Handover Tony Abbot Kevin Rudd
Square and Compass Freemasonry

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