George W. Bush/George H.W. Bush Masonic Handshake

Interesting video clip, also compare to appearance of Congressman Ron Paul on Bill Maher HBO program.

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Civil Marriage Watch: Freemason Larry King seeks 8th divorce


Larry King seeks 8th divorce

April 15, 2010
By Alan Duke, CNN

Shawn and Larry King attend a party in February. Both cite “irreconcilable differences” in their filings.


CNN talk show host has been married 8 times to 7 women

Larry King
Divorce Law

Freemason Larry King and Freemason Sir Paul McCartney

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — CNN talk show host Larry King and his wife, Shawn King, each filed for divorce Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Shawn King’s lawyer did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

The documents said the couple separated on Tuesday, the same day Shawn King signed her papers. Larry King’s signature was dated Wednesday. Both petitions were filed Wednesday.

Each is asking that they not be ordered to pay spousal support to the other, and they both want the other to pay their attorney fees.

While his filing offers little detail about what marital property he will claim, her petition lists the Beverly Hills, California, home where the couple has resided for the past two years and two Utah houses.

Article Continues

Beatles Manager Sir George Martin Masonic Cutsign Hand ‘Signal’ @ 08:07

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Freemason Barack Obama hints that two-state solution may be impossible: Report

Obama hints that “two-state solution” may be impossible

Remarks during arms negotiations show Obama administration’s uncertainty about peace in region

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010
By Juan Cole

Freemason Barack Obama

President Barack Obama acknowledged Tuesday that, despite the expenditure of substantial political capital by his administration, progress may not be made on Israel-Palestine peace. The AP quoted his reply to a question about how recent successes in negotiating nuclear arms reduction with Russia — and getting 48 nations to sign on to a nuclear material security agreement — might translate into diplomatic successes elsewhere.

The two sides “may say to themselves, ‘We are not prepared to resolve these issues no matter how much pressure the United States brings to bear,’” Obama said.

Obama reiterated that peace is a vital goal, but one that may be beyond reach “even if we are applying all of our political capital.”

Article Continues

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Progressive Conservative’ & ‘Liberal’ Freemason Premiers Join ‘Greenbelt’ 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Link to News Release

Freemason Toronto Mayor David Miller was also in attendance with Freemason Former Ontario Premiers Bill Davis and David Peterson and current Premier Dalton McGuinty, also a Freemason, who recently Hosted ‘Republican’ Freemason Arnold Schwarzenegger during his ‘Climate Change’ World Tour.

So much for affordable single family homes. Guess the future is public housing for all – another great Masonic leap forward

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Dubai police chief seeks Israeli Freemason’s arrest

Radio Netherlands
Dubai police chief seeks Israeli PM’s arrest

Published on 3 March 2010 – 9:48am

Netanyahu Freemason Sign

Grand Entrance Watch

The Israeli secret service, Mossad, has been suspected of being behind the murder for some time. Israel says that there is no proof. But the Dubai police chief is so sure that besides Mr Netanyahu, he also wants a warrant issued for the arrest of Mossad leader Meir Dagan.

The perpetrators of the murder used false Australian, French, Irish and German passports. This recently led to a diplomatic row between Israel and the countries involved.


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Top Turkish Freemasons charged over coup plot

BBC News
25 February 2010

Top Turkish officers charged over ‘coup plot’

Turkey Freemasonry

Turkey Military Parade Ground

Twenty military officers have been formally charged in Turkey with attempting to overthrow the government.

They include four admirals, a general and two colonels, some of them retired.

The men were among more than 40 officers arrested on Monday over an alleged 2003 plot to stir up chaos in Turkey and justify a military coup.

The head of the armed forces, General Ilker Basbug, will meet the country’s prime minister and president later to discuss the alleged plot and arrests.

The meeting was called after the country’s top generals and admirals met at short notice on Tuesday to evaluate what the military called a “serious situation”.

‘Sledgehammer’ plot?

The scale of Monday’s operation against the military was unprecedented and increased the tension between the government and the armed forces.

Dozens of current or former members of the military have been arrested in the past few years over similar plot allegations, and some have been charged.

Turkish military faces crossroads
This is now turning into a critical test of the government’s authority over the military, says the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Istanbul. Never before have so many senior officers faced charges like this in a civilian court.

The charged men were arrested over the so-called “sledgehammer” plot, which reportedly dates back to 2003.

Reports of the alleged plot first surfaced in the liberal Taraf newspaper, which said it had discovered documents detailing plans to bomb two Istanbul mosques and provoke Greece into shooting down a Turkish plane over the Aegean Sea.

The army has said the plans had been discussed but only as part of a planning exercise at a military seminar.

The alleged plot is similar, and possibly linked, to the reported Ergenekon conspiracy, in which military figures and staunch secularists allegedly planned to foment unrest, leading to a coup.

Scores of people, including military officers, journalists and academics, are on trial in connection with that case.

Article Continues

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Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone’s Funny Handshake

Freemason Secret Handshake Vatican Secretary of State

Masonic ‘Grip’

Further Reading

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone Freemason Handhsake

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Bro. Rajendra Pachauri’s U.N. IPCC meltdown

IPCC meltdown
Finanacial Post

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Peter Foster

Vice-President Al Gore Cutting A Secret Freemason Recognition Handsign

Vice-President Al Gore 'Cutting' A Secret Freemason Recognition Handsign

The Himalayan Glaciers will still be around in 2035, contrary to oft-repeated alarmist claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Whether the IPCC’s head, Rajendra Pachauri, whose credibility is melting faster than the proverbial snowball in Hades, will make it to his next paycheque is another matter.

With Climategate still simmering and the collapse of Copenhagen reverberating, a fresh storm has blown up over the discovery that the IPCC’s claim that Himalayan glaciers were about to disappear is entirely bogus.

“If the present rate [of melting] continues,” said the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report in 2007, “the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high.”

There was no significant questioning of this claim until late last year, when the Indian government published a discussion paper that pointed out that there was in fact no sign of any “abnormal” retreat in the Himalayan glaciers. India’s environment minister Jairam Ramesh accused the IPCC of being “alarmist.”

Doing what he has traditionally done in such circumstances, Mr. Pachauri proceeded to smear the messengers and pontificate about the IPCC’s high “peer-reviewed” scientific standards. He denounced the research paper as “voodoo science.” He accused Minister Ramesh of “arrogance.” He said that such skeptical claims were reminiscent of “climate change deniers.”

Article Continues

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Bro. Karlheinze Schreiber Trial Begins in Augsburg


German fraud trial may throw light on slush fund affair

Arms dealer and lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber, 75, denies bribery and tax evasion

Monday 18 January 2010
Kate Connolly in Berlin

A Pillar of Mutual Support...

'A Pillar of Mutual Support…'

An elderly arms dealer and lobbyist accused of playing a major role in a slush fund affair that plunged Germany’s Christian Democrats into chaos in the 1990s and set the chancellor, Angela Merkel, on the road to power, went on trial today for alleged fraud.

Karlheinz Schreiber, 75, who has joint Canadian and German citizenship, pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery, tax evasion and being an accessory to fraud, in a trial that is being watched closely by political and business communities, not least because of revelations he might make over who knew what about the funding scandal.

His friends and contacts with whom he famously shared a table at Munich’s Oktoberfest, included intelligence agents, state secretaries and arms manufacturers.

Prosecutor Marcus Paintinger told the court in Augsburg, southern Germany, that Schreiber had withheld €13.3m in taxes from the €32m commission he received from sales of Airbus aeroplanes to Thailand, helicopters to the Canadian coastguard, and a tank deal with the Canadian military, which flopped.

Schreiber had “built up an obscure house of lies”, Paintinger said, setting up fictitious firms in Liechtenstein and Panama in order to deceive the tax authorities. As he entered the courtroom, Schreiber told reporters: “Today we are where my case belongs”.

Article Continues

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry

Signs and Symbols

Further Reading

The Man Called ‘The Licio Gelli of Germany’

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SYMBOL PHOTO: New N.A.T.O. Chief takes charge?

Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen holds his first news conference as NATO Secretary-General at the alliance headquarters in Brussels August 3, 2009.
Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen holds his first news conference as NATO Secretary-General at the alliance headquarters in Brussels August 3, 2009.

‘A Pretty Little Pin’

—– Original Message —–
From: “Alistair Rae”
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: unusual symbol

> Don
> The backing symbol is derived from Hindu mythology. It was used by the Nazi
> Party inverted which denotes an evil connotation, which was borne out by
> later events. In its normal configuration it has some good/ light meanings.
> I would assume from the emblem atop it, that it is used in that degree
> Scottish Rite.
> In UK the base symbol is used in some of the esoteric orders, but not in
> white.
> Hope this gives some guidance. Pretty little pin tho.
> Alistair
> SW Union of Malta, No 407
> 1AS William Kingston RA Chapter
> MM Mother Kilwinning No 0
> Fr Elias Ashmole College SRIA
> “Donald C. Sargent” wrote in message
> >
> >
> > Today I received an e-mail from a friend in New Hampsire. He has a
> > lapel pin and a tie bar that have a symbol that neither of us have
> > seen. It is a white swastika (with the bent arms turning counter
> > clockwise) that has a black triangle with a 32 in it. If you would like
> > to see a picture, you can find it at
> >
> >
> > Has anyone seen anything like this before or know what organization uses
> > it? Any help that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Sincerely and fraternally,
> >
> > Don Sargent
> >
> >


According to  Freemason Occult Leader Albert Pike, who rewrote the Scottish Rite Rituals in the late eighteen hundreds and who is buried in a crypt inside the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry ‘House of the Temple’ in Washington D.C. Freemasons must ‘Harness the seething energies of Lucifer’ if they want to become the big wheels on the masonic block.

According to ‘off the record’ statements made by attendees of the  Freemason founded and controlled ‘Bilderberg meetings’, which is believed to have been set up as a sub-committee to recruit and influence international politicians by the Freemason founded and controlled Council on Foreign Relations, the ‘plan’ is for N.A.T.O.  to become the ‘Standing Army’ of the UN.

Satan, er ‘Lucifer’s’, ‘liberal’ jihad international: Welcome to Helmand Province 

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Corporate ‘Knights’: Bro. Conrad Black on Bro. Maurice Strong, Bro.Warren Buffett and Bro. Bill Gates

Funny Oped by Bro. Black who spent decades as a member of  the secret Freemason-Politician Bilderberg-Meetings, which have been promoting a one world  Global U.N. Government scheme for the past fifty years, by manufacturing and using/abusing various ‘events’ and ‘crisises’ thoughout the world. ‘Conservative’ Black also wrote a 800 page biography on Bro. Stalin’s best bud Bro. FDR.

Guess Lord C.  Harbour has had a change of heart while at Camp Coleman, at least while his new appeal is underway. 

Wish he had elaborated a little more about his ‘old friend’ Bro. Maurice Strong though. Perhaps for the next dispatch from the sunshine state eh ?

National Post
July 11, 2009

Conrad Black: Capitalists celebrate capitalism’s enemies
Conrad Black, Full Comment

Last week, I wrote in this space about Corporate Knights, a magazine insert (in another Canadian newspaper) whose editorial mission consists in large part of feting tired left-wing icons. The lively response to my column brought the information that this astounding organization had a celebratory day of festivities in Toronto last month, at which its chief private-sector financial supporters were given awards as Canada’s most “sustainable” corporations. As a special reward, they all got to hear from Ralph Nader that corporations are evil and should be nationalized, and from my ineffable old friend Maurice Strong about environmental imperatives.

How can the Royal Bank, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Alcan and Investors Group go through this charade? Nader’s whole career has been an anti-climax since he exposed the safety shortcomings of the Chevrolet Corvair almost 50 years ago, except for his under-recognized international benefaction of providing the margin of victory for George W. Bush over Al Gore (self-elevated inventor of the Internet), by taking 1% of the vote in the 2000 presidential election. Nader is a stuck record, background music to half-a-century of socio-economic evolution. What were hundreds of well-heeled Toronto executives and their innocent guests doing, paying through their unperceptive noses to listen to him?

Maurice Strong is, as a Monty Python narrator might say, something completely different. I have known him for 25 years and have always found him an original character and an engaging scoundrel. His corporate ethics have often been questioned by people a good deal less fastidious than Ralph Nader. Did anyone in this well-stuffed room see the irony in Nader sharing a platform in his fulminations about the evils of capitalism with one of Canada’s formerly most uninhibited corporate raiders, who moved on to plunge up to his eyeballs amid the corruption of the United Nations? Probably none of them thought of Lenin’s assertion that capitalists were so stupid and greedy that they would sell him the rope with which he would, and in many cases did, hang them. But Maurice probably did.

One of the greatest ailments of contemporary capitalism is the mousey ambiguity of most of the lions of finance. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two of the most ruthlessly competitive businessmen in U.S. history, which is doubtless the main reason why they are also two of the wealthiest. But Buffett seems almost to believe his own masquerade as America’s friendly Uncle Warren, all smiles and wrinkles rippling amiably out from his twinkling eyes as he sprinkles bons mots and Nebraska saws upon us like stardust. Bill Gates’s less aphoristic performance as the world’s rich altruistic nerd is a little less verbally gymnastic a walk-on part, but is well-costumed in corduroys and a viyella shirt.

Their business and dissimulative talents and their good charitable works are beyond question, but it is all almost enough to incite nostalgia for J.P. Morgan’s admittedly peevish “The public be damned!” or certainly Roy Thomson: “Why do you want to make more money, Lord Thomson?” “To buy more newspapers.” “Why do you want more newspapers?” “To make more money.” JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Thomson Reuters are all great (and sustainable) companies, and I doubt that any of them has ever paid to listen to Ralph Nader or Maurice Strong.

The real “corporate knights” are people who stand unapologetically for something useful. Donald Trump is an unambiguous capitalist, a very high quality builder, a civically minded New Yorker who has helped the city through some difficult moments, and is personally a very generous and unpublicized philanthropist and a tenaciously loyal friend. Another is Ken Langone, who stuck with New York Stock Exchange president Dick Grasso when he was being persecuted by Eliot Spitzer, after he was deserted by his other blue-ribbon directors.

And there are Canadian corporate knights, too. Frank Stronach has a strange share structure and an unusual range of assets. He built up a splendid auto-parts business, had to rebuild it after the adoption of free-trade agreements with the United States, has had a colourful foray in gambling and entertainment and has seen off the market vulture who brought down Lehman Brothers. When opportunity knocked, he made a strong play to get Opel back from General Motors, which would establish Canadian ownership in the automobile industry for the first time since R.S. McLaughlin sold Buick to General Motors after the First World War.

Where is the outburst of public admiration for Frank Stronach, and when is the banquet to thank him for what he has done for Canada? Even Ralph Nader could not imagine that Canada would be on the cusp of such a corporate repatriation, not even when Frank’s daughter was a federal minister.

Galen Weston is one of the world’s greatest retailers, now locked in mortal combat with Wal-Mart. The Weston-Loblaw group has to carry the dead weight of Canadian unionization, kits out quality stores in always new ways, advertises and markets very imaginatively and has never had a serious quality-control problem or political controversy. The Weston family has been highly respected for 100 years, especially its present leaders, Galen and Hilary Weston and their talented son and daughter.

But the connoisseurs of corporate worthiness are taking their time saluting Weston’s defence of the Canadian food and dry goods market against the Wal-Mart monster, which floods the world with cheap and often defective Chinese products, and puts competition to the wall with its minimalist approach to sites, personnel and compensation. Apparently, they are simply too busy taking in lectures from capitalism’s enemies.
National Post

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Freemason Governor of Georgia Appointed Another Freemason To Head Georgia National Guard

Video: Bro. Barnes’ Appointment of Bro. Poythress

 Fox 5 Atlanta

 April 29, 2009

 David Poythress Preps for Governor’s Run ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) – David Poythress said Georgia is ready to elect a conservative Democrat as governor.

The former commander of the Georgia National Guard was the first Democrat to enter the race last summer, 10 years after his last run for the state’s highest office.

General Poythress said he spent half of his time meeting with voters and the other half raising money. Poythress said he expected he will need up to $10 million to run a strong campaign for governor.

This amount is more than six times what Poythress said he spent 10 years ago.

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Michael Jacksons’ Dial-a-Dope Live-in Celebrity M.D. a Freemason

Bro. Conrad Murray wearing Masonic Lodge Officer Collar

Bro. Conrad Murray in Masonic Lodge Officer Garb

Fox News
Monday, July 06, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Not Licensed to Prescribe Controlled Drugs in California
By Jana Winter

According to federal drug regulations, Michael Jackson’s personal physician couldn’t legally prescribe even a powerful cough medicine for the King of Pop in California, and he couldn’t go to the pharmacy to get drugs for him, either.

Federal authorities told that Dr. Conrad Murray is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in the state, and that if he gave Demerol or Oxycontin to Jackson, as has been reported, it would have been illegal.

To possess the drugs in California, Murray would have had to bring them with him from Nevada or Texas, which is illegal, or administer drugs that other doctors had provided locally or that Jackson had ordered online from abroad, which is also illegal.

Murray, a cardiologist who runs a practice in Las Vegas and another in Houston, makes house calls to high-profile clients in Sin City — and in Washington and New York.

Friends and former patients say his Zen-like manner, holistic approach to healing and Chopra-esque spirituality likely contributed to the forging of his friendship with Jackson.

It was that friendship, not Murray’s specialty in cardiology, that led Jackson to chose Murray to join him on tour, Murray’s attorneys say. In May, Murray signed on in an official capacity to be Jackson’s personal physician — to the tune of $150,000 per month — for the duration of his 50-concert series in London. Murray says concert promoter AEG LIVE currently owes him $300,000, according to his attorneys.)

The money was one of the main reasons Murray decided to go on tour with Jackson, says Rev. Floyd Williams, 80, who is Murray’s friend and patient. Murray had developed a booming concierge business — he was jetting off to see patients in New York and Washington while building his practice in Las Vegas. Three years ago, Murray joined the Freemasonry, the international fraternal society that dates back to the early 17th century. His friends say this new network galvanized his growing side business.

Full Article

Bro. Michael Jackson?

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Both Leading Candidates For Georgia Democratic Party Governor Nomination are Freemasons

Insider Advantage Georgia

July 2, 2009

Two Candidates For Governor Weigh-In On Masonic Controversy

Bro. David Poythress

Bro. David Poythress

Bro. Roy Barnes

Bro. Roy Barnes

Former Gov. Roy Barnes and David Poythress Masons, both, as well as rivals for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Georgia – weigh-in on the controversy over alleged racism in their order as the head of Georgia Masonry says the charges submitted for trial to a Masonic “court” that spawned a civil court lawsuit and drew national attention to the matter are being dropped.

But the lawyer for the Atlanta lodge at the center of the firestorm says the civil suit isnt being withdrawn because its members believe there are continuing efforts on other fronts by some in the centuries-old brotherhood to punish them for admitting a black man as a member.

The story hit The APs national newswire on Tuesday and was featured in online editions of such newspapers as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times. It was reported locally by the AJC, and had been kicking around Masonic Internet blogs for more than a week.

The suit, which was filed in DeKalb Superior Court, seeks a restraining order against the Grand Lodge of Georgia, whose Grand Master the top official in Georgia – had referred to a Masonic trial the charges brought against Atlantas Gate City Lodge #2 by the heads of two other lodges for admitting a non-white man to the organization.

The suit contends there is no prohibition in the Masonic rules against the admission of a black man and that the charges spring from racial animosity and hatred It also contends the Masonic trial was being rushed toward a Star Chamber; proceeding in bad faith and questioned why the case was even proceeding when the Grand Master, himself, had declared just a few months earlier that the black Mason is a regular Mason and should be received as such

Among the remedies it seeks is an injunction prohibiting the Grand Lodge from proceeding with the original charges or under any subterfuge whatsoever that could result in expelling the lodge, its officers or members from the order.

Poythress, a Mason for more than a decade, told InsiderAdvantage Wednesday afternoon he spoke to the Grand Master after the charges hit the media. He authorized me to say that he is preparing a public statement that will definitively eliminate the question about whether a person of any race can be a member of Masonry they can

Poythress said he is certain that are some individual Masons in Georgia who are racially biased, but does not believe they represent the bulk of Masonic membership or the precepts of the organization. 

Barnes said in an e-mailed statement to Insider: As stated by Grand Master Ed Jennings … there is no color or racial prohibition to be a member of the Masons. As he further noted, Mr. (Victor) Marshall was correctly admitted as a member of the Gate City Lodge. This is correct and I agree with it. I would not be a member of an organization that would exclude persons on the basis of race.

Asked why he thought the Grand Master would first issue a declaration stating that Marshall was a regular Mason but then refer to a Masonic trial the charges attempting to assert that he wasnt, Barnes, a lawyer, wrote: I dont know enough about Masonic law to be able to tell you whether it was correct. He may have had no choice. I simply don’t know.”

(Masons have been deeply involved in Georgia’s political and governmental fabric since the days of General Oglethorpe.)

But even if there is now to be no Masonic “trial,” the lawsuit in the civil courts will continue, said David Llewellyn, a member of Gate City Lodge #2 and one of its attorneys in the case.

The Grand Master’s withdrawal of the case “accomplishes one purpose of the suit but there are other (issues) involved which include the fact that this appears to be an effort to punish those of us who belong to this lodge,” he said.

Llewellyn added, “The Lodge and Brother Bjelajac (the leader of the local lodge, known as a Worshipful Master) want to make sure this isn’t a continuing effort.”

Among the group’s concerns, he said, is that a separate petition is circulating among some of the other local lodges in Georgia to convene a special session of the Grand Lodge. “It doesn’t say why, but we have reason to believe it is to revoke our charter. We believe it would be without due process.”

The attorney said the lodge hopes to settle the suit through an agreement “so that there will be clear rules that have to be followed, and people can’t punish us because they don’t like us. We also hope what comes out of the statement by the Grand Master is a recognition of truth – that Freemasonry does not discriminate on the basis of race.”

Masons perform a considerable amount of charitable work throughout Georgia, and have done so for years with little publicity because of secrecy rules governing its recognition signs and rituals. The lawsuit and accompanying publicity provides a rare look behind the curtains at internal controversy that usually is handled in private.

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Bro. Raul Castro: Our Strength is Honduras’ Strength

Cuban News Agency  July 3, 2007

Bolivar Freemason Postcard

Our Strength is Honduras’ Strength

 “Our first message for the Honduran people is of solidarity and encouragement”, affirmed Cuban President Raul Castro during the extraordinary session of the Summit of the Rio Group held in Managua, Nicaragua last Monday.

During the meeting, important agreements were approved in favor of reinstating constitutionally elected President Manuel Zelaya as the legitimate representative of Honduras, after being brutally ousted in a coup perpetrated by the right wing military serving the country’s oligarchy.

The withdrawal of Latin American ambassadors from Honduras, the cutting of oil supplies, the closure of the Honduran border with other Central American nations, a surging wave of international condemnation, the suspension of economic agreements and bank credits with the country while the power remains in the hands of the de facto government, are just some of the measures agreed on by the heads of states that attended the Managua Summit.

These are valid accords in favor of truth and democracy on behalf of the member nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas and the Rio Group.

Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly held a session condemning the coup
and President Manuel Zelaya’s determination to return to Honduras, a
dignified gesture from someone who decided to stand alongside the humble
and challenge the hegemony of the powerful. At the time, in the land of
Francisco Morazán tanks and guns are repressing the people who do not
give up their strong protests as they stage a general strike.

 Article Continues

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