Vineyard of the Saker Blog: Footage of the vaporized leftovers of the Ukie 79th Airborne Brigade #ukraine #donbass #cnn

This is from over two weeks ago, must have missed the CNN report on this…

Vineyard of the Saker

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Footage of the vaporized leftovers of the Ukie 79th Airborne Brigade

Honestly? I feel sorry for these guys who probably did not chose to be there. But I am also extremely relieved that they were stopped and wiped out as their role was to completely encircle Novorussia and then mercilessly crush Resistance. Still, as the Russian poet Voloshin wrote “with all my heart, I pray for these and for the others”. The Saker

The 79th Airmobile was the furthest advanced in the ‘Southern Cauldron’ battle, it’s remnants walked across the Russian border last week. It was a regular Ukraine Army Brigade listed on Wikipedia as being under ‘direct subordination’ to Land Forces Command.

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Updated & Mapped: Four Ukrainian Regular Army Brigades Encircled & Wiped Out in month long 'Southern Cauldron' Battle (1/3 of it's peacetime main army units). Will Western & Ukrainian Press Report It? Will N.Y.T. update it's map?

Ukraine Civil War

From Vinyard of the Saker and several Russian language & military blogs we have been following:

The Boiling Point of the Southern Cauldron

Original: Voice of Sevastopol, August 8, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Edited by S. Naylor
The Collapse of the Southern Cauldron

The Southern Cauldron has reached its boiling point; it is living out its final hours. Everything that did not manage to flee to Russia or to break out of encirclement is in the process of being cooked. Yesterday, following a de-blockading strike from without, the remnants of the surrounded brigades, having gathered an armoured group and abandoned everything that could not move, rushed to break through in the direction of Miusinsk. This led to battles, in the course which the city continually passed from one faction to the other. In order to prevent the unification of two enemy groups – one attempting to break out and the other – a relief group advancing through Orlovka to the north of Enakievo – the Militia attempted to push the breakout troops to the north-east of Miusinsk.

Doubt if many were even aware there were three complete regular Ukrainian Army Brigades, two independent Regiments and a Regiment of Border Guards that had been cut-off without supplies and surrounded along a long finger against the Russian Border for the last month. There certainly has been no coverage beyond one piece by VICE news of frantic parents in Kiev protesting after calls from their surrounded soldier-sons.

The New York Times daily battle map has always been careful to show this penetration/pincer in a almost gloating fashion, it was still there yesterday although they should have known that the remnants of the furthest Airborne Brigade had already walked across the Russian Border asking for asylum. All the news that’s fit to print.

Well our Mainstream Media completely ignorned the daily pummelling by Ukrainian Artillery of Slovyansk Apartment Buildings that killed hundreds of Russian civilians so what can we expect.

Will Bro. Putin intervene FINALLY to prevent a repeat with Donetsk? Will the Ukie army collapse? Will NATO intervene to save their Brother in Kiev? Stay tuned for as the Masonic World Turns.

Situation Map 8/2 from Foreign Policy Watcher Feed

Ukraine Map

And on 8/10

Ukraine Map

Surrounded Ukrainian Army Units 8/6 from Colonel Cassad Blog

Ukraine Map

In total we are talking about the destruction of units that contained a total of 6,000+ troops with 300+ armoured vehicles that had been attempting to seal off the Russian Border for the past month, these were ‘brigades’ that were not up to normal NATO brigade strengths as one commenter queried, but none the less they were regular Ukraine army units, the 51st, 79th, 72nd & 24th Brigades plus special forces, independent ‘battalions’ & border units .

>>Some ‘After Battle Photo’s’ from Colonel Cassad Blog here and here.

>>Update Aug. 12 pm. Daily Beast makes a long post on it here, although they partially buy the Ukrainian spin that the units ‘escaped’ (400 men on foot left in a mechanized brigade = unit was completely destroyed).

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VIDEO: Dying Ex-CIA Worker Comes Forward About Area 51 & Aliens, says President Eisenhower threatened base with attack by US 1st Army

Published on May 23, 2013

At an undisclosed location, with Richard Dolans. My gut feeling is this guy is telling the truth.

After MJ 12 failed to report back to President Eisenhower the signalman with his CIA superior was asked to report to the White House where he was ordered by Pres. Eisenhower and VP Nixon to take Airforce 1 to Nevada and go to area 51 and tell ‘who ever was in charge’ that if they didn’t report to the President in Washington by the following week he would order the US First Army in Colorado to take over the base.

Saw S4, area 51, Roswell crashed saucer, alien bodies, u2, sr71 model shocking Pres. Eisenhower. Hoover was present when they first reported back in Washington on their surprise visit.

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CBS Sunday Morning runs 'Inside the Secret World of the Freemasons' piece again (August 3, 2014)

August 3, 2014

Inside the secret world of the Freemasons

(CBS News) The Square and Compasses are among the traditional tools of stonemasons. They also form the symbol of a group that has been misunderstood and even maligned for many centuries. This morning, Mo Rocca takes us inside.

This story was originally broadcast on December 8, 2013.

It’s the world’s most well-known secret society. Rich with symbols and ritual, it’s the source of legends . . . parodies . . . and conspiracy theories.

Welcome to the world of Freemasonry.

True or false? The Masons are a secret society. “No. That’s false,” said UCLA history professor Margaret Jacob, one of the world’s leading experts on Freemasonry.

True or false? Freemasonry is a religion. No, said Jacob.

True or false? Masons were behind the American Revolution. “False, false, false,” she said.

“Okay, but what about on the dollar bill? The eye and pyramid?” asked Rocca.

“Oh, yeah, the eye, yeah,” said Jacob. “Everybody says it’s Masonic. In fact, it’s commonplace in the 18th century, that particular set of symbols.”

True! Freemasons laid the cornerstone of America — well, at least some of its most iconic structures, like the National Cathedral in Washington and the Statue of Liberty.
9 things you didn’t know about Freemasonry

So what is Freemasonry? Simply put, it’s the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. Its membership is a Who’s Who of world history — George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Davy Crockett, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Houdini, Gerald Ford, Henry Ford, John Wayne, even Colonel Sanders.

If you want to be a Mason, you can petition a local lodge for membership. You’ll need to demonstrate good character and belief in some sort of Supreme Being. Oh, and in almost all lodges, it’s men only.

Next, you’re up for a vote, explains former New York State Grand Master James Sullivan. “The lodge votes to accept you, and then you have your three degrees that you go through.”

Once you earn “the third degree” (and yes, that’s where the phrase comes from), you can join any number of Masonic off-shoots.

Take Brent Morris. He’s a 33rd degree Mason and a historian at the House of the Temple for the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction. (It’s that big building in Washington, D.C.)

“This isn’t like the Masonic Vatican, but it’s an important building,” said Rocca.

“It’s an important building, absolutely right,” said Morris. “It’s one branch of Freemasonry in the United States, and that’s our headquarters.”

Article Continues

CBS, Inside Secret World of the Freemasons, Masonic, Freemasons, Freemasonry
Abrams Tank, Military Marking, Gulf War, Freemasons, Freemasonry

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Vice News: Russian Civilians Suffer from Bloody Military Campaign (VIDEO)


Published on Jul 17, 2014

Two weeks after the separatist rebels of the Donetsk People’s Republic fled their stronghold of Sloviansk, Ukraine’s anti­-terror operation continues. In the neighboring region of Luhansk, the Ukrainian military has been battling with separatists for control of Luhansk city and its strategically important airport — but with both sides using artillery, homes are being destroyed and people are being killed. Meanwhile near Donetsk, fighting has reached outlying villages as the military looks to encircle separatist forces inside the city, who vow to make their last stand among its 1 million inhabitants.

VICE News speaks to the civilians in Luhansk and Donetsk who find themselves in the middle of the bloody campaign — and who are dying as a result.

Malaysian Passenger Jet ‘Shot Down’ Over Eastern Ukraine:

Watch all of VICE News’ coverage of the conflict in Ukraine here:

Shriners, Parade, Scooters, Green Pants, Masonic, Freemasons, Freemasonry

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Newsmax 'TV': Lt. Col. Bro. Oliver North talks about 'the situations in Ukraine' (America's Forum with Bro. J.D. Hayworth)


Published on Jul 22, 2014

Military expert and best-selling author talks about the situations in Ukraine and in Israel and what role the US should play in these conflict.

Shriners, Parade, Scooters, Green Pants, Masonic, Freemasons, Freemasonry

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Kelly McParland: Good news, the Americans hate the F-35 too (The Jet that Ate the Pentagon)

National Post

Kelly McParland: Good news, the Americans hate the F-35 too

April 30, 2012

Kelly McParland

f35 the jet that ate the pentagon

The U.S. hates the F-35, too. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Still uncertain whether the F-35 is a good idea?

Good news: Foreign Policy magazine may solve the dilemma for you. The Washington-based magazine demonstrates that Canadian opponents aren’t alone in thinking the “fifth generation fighter” (which sounds significant but really only means there were four earlier ones, kind of like owning a “fifth generation Oldsmobile”) is a disaster waiting to happen. In “The Jet that Ate the Pentagon” it pretty much dismembers the argument for the plane, largely on the basis that it will be insanely expensive (even more insanely than the costs known at present, and which the federal government sought valiantly to disguise by letting Defence Minister Peter MacKay be in charge). And besides the expense, it says, the planes don’t work very well, and aren’t likely to.

Here’s a taste of the snowballing expense:

Overall, the program’s cost has grown75 percent from its original 2001 estimate of $226.5 billion — and that was for a larger buy of 2,866 aircraft.

Hundreds of F-35s will be built before 2019, when initial testing is complete. The additional cost to engineer modifications to fix the inevitable deficiencies that will be uncovered is unknown, but it is sure to exceed the $534 million already known from tests so far. The total program unit cost for each individual F-35, now at $161 million, is only a temporary plateau. Expect yet another increase in early 2013, when a new round of budget restrictions is sure to hit the Pentagon, and the F-35 will take more hits in the form of reducing the numbers to be bought, thereby increasing the unit cost of each plane.

A final note on expense: The F-35 will actually cost multiples of the $395.7 billion cited above. That is the current estimate only to acquire it, not the full life-cycle cost to operate it. The current appraisal for operations and support is $1.1 trillion — making for a grand total of $1.5 trillion, or more than the annual GDP of Spain.

And that’s only so far. It’s based on predictions the F-35 will be 42% more expensive to operate than the F-16. But the F-22, a less complicated “fifth generation” aircraft proved to be 300% more expensive. Besides, says the magazine, thanks to layer on layer of additional requirements added by the Clinton administration in the early days of planning and design, the F-35 has become a cumbersome “flying piano” that has little chance of ever achieving the impossible standards set for it.

The bottom line: The F-35 is not the wonder its advocates claim. It is a gigantic performance disappointment, and in some respects a step backward. The problems, integral to the design, cannot be fixed without starting from a clean sheet of paper.

Even if nothing else goes wrong, the F-35 would account for 38% of Pentagon procurement for defense programs, according to Foreign Policy, and this at a time the Pentagon faces serious cuts to bring U.S. budget spending back to something resembling sanity.

See, doesn’t that make you feel better? The Americans hate it too.

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John Ivison: Canadians need the straight goods on F-35. First and foremost: Does it really handle like a ‘flying piano’?

National Post

John Ivison: Canadians need the straight goods on F-35. First and foremost: Does it really handle like a ‘flying piano’?

April 30, 2012

John Ivison
f-35 stealth fighter
Potentially as damaging as the cost over-runs are the claims made by critics like military analyst Winslow Wheeler that the F-35 is a “virtual flying piano” that lacks agility and is grounded far too often for maintenance.

The day the Auditor-General’s damning report on the F-35 fighter jets landed, the Harper government attempted to contain the damage by announcing the creation of a new “F-35 Secretariat” to oversee the process to replace Canada’s aging CF-18 fleet.

The government committed itself to “continue evaluating options” on the CF-18 replacement, but the very name of the new office suggested, in reality, Canadians could have any jet they wanted, as long as it looked like the F-35.

But it is the F-35 Secretariat no longer.

Marc Garneau, the Liberal MP, asked in Question Period if the change of name to the “New Fighter Aircraft Secretariat” was indicative of a shift in policy. He didn’t get much of an answer but government sources confirmed the name has indeed been changed, to avoid giving the impression that the outcome is pre-determined. Asked if that meant a competition for a new jet is likely, the senior Conservative said: “We haven’t closed that door.”

On first blush, it looks very much as if the government is preparing to back away from the F-35. The whole saga has taken a political toll on the Tories, as the costs for the 30-year life-cycle of the jets appear to be close to double the $16-billion they have claimed.

The F-35 took another hit this week with a scathing article – “The Jet that Ate the Pentagon” — in the highly regarded Foreign Policy magazine. It suggested the plane is “simply unaffordable, behind schedule” and a huge disappointment in terms of performance. “The F-35 is an unaffordable mediocrity, and the program will not be fixed by any combination of hardware tweaks or cost-control projects. There is only one thing to do with the F-35: Junk it. America’s air force deserves a much better aircraft and the taxpayers deserve a much cheaper one,” wrote Winslow Wheeler, a veteran military analyst.

Article Continues

Alison Redford, Progressive Conservative Party, Alberta, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic
Square and Compass, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic

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Daily Mail: Why has Bro. David Cameron held eight private conversations with Bro. Tony Blair?

Daily Mail

The new special relationship: Why HAS Cameron held EIGHT conversations with Tony Blair (of all people) on how to run the country?

29 May, 2012

By Tim Shipman, Deputy Political Editor

Cameron, Tony Blair

David Cameron has developed a ‘special relationship’ with Tony Blair, holding at least eight conversations with him on how to run the country.

Mr Blair visited Mr Cameron’s official country residence of Chequers last July – a meeting that has previously never been disclosed by Downing Street.

The pair have also had at least seven phone conversations since Mr Cameron took the keys to No10, a rate of around once every three months.

Mr Cameron and Mr Blair had a phone chat as recently as February this year.

They also spoke in January and have another call scheduled for September according to Downing Street sources.

Officials have previously admitted Mr Blair has briefed Mr Cameron in his capacity as a Middle East envoy.

But the full extent of their conversations has never before been revealed.

Well-placed sources admit their discussions stray far beyond foreign affairs and into how the Government should reform public services and the civil service. They have also discussed the euro crisis and the economy.

Mr Blair has also been advising Mr Cameron on how to cope with the rigours of the job as he undergoes the most testing time of his premiership.

‘They have a lot to talk about,’ said a senior source.

‘It is quite a special relationship between one Prime Minister and another. Who else knows what you’re going through?

‘They ostensibly talk about the Middle East but when you’ve got him on the phone it is natural to talk politics.’

Mr Blair has also had discussions on public service reform with senior ministers and it is understood he has held talks with Mr Cameron’s recently departed policy guru Steve Hilton.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘Of course, from time to time he speaks to the PM, particularly in his role as Quartet Representative, as he does with many world leaders.

‘But he does not routinely advise the PM on domestic or other policy.’

Labour peer Lord Adonis, who helped pioneer Mr Blair’s academy schools programme, which Education Secretary Michael Gove has dramatically expanded, was in No10 for talks with Mr Cameron on Monday.

That meeting was also previously kept quiet by No10.

Senior Tory sources say the Prime Minister has not ruled out offering a job to Lord Adonis, who is supposed to be running Labour’s own industrial policy review.

Mr Cameron’s policy unit has also been consulting Matthew Taylor and Geoff Mulgan, two former heads of Mr Blair’s Downing Street policy unit.

Details of the extensive web of contacts are likely to enrage partisans on both Tory and Labour benches.

Tory backbenchers are already concerned Mr Cameron spends as much time listening to the Liberal Democrats as he does Conservative backbenchers.

Mr Cameron gained notoriety with his own party by dubbing himself the ‘heir to Blair’ during the 2005 leadership contest.

The disclosure he is advising Mr Cameron will send many into orbit.

Mr Blair has let it be known he wants to play a larger role in domestic politics.

Article Continues

Mitt Romney, Ed Milliband

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U.S. to Sell 14,000 TOW Missiles to Saudi 'National Guard'

Defense Industry Daily

May 06, 2014: Saudi Shopping Spree: A Hardened, Networked National Guard
by Defense Industry Daily staff

April 23/14: TOW me. Raytheon announces:
by Defense Industry Daily staff

Feb 14/14: LAVs. The Canadian government announces a huge contract, and lets slip that it’s from Saudi Arabia in the footnotes.
by Defense Industry Daily staff

“An international customer signed an agreement with the U.S. Government for a foreign military sale (FMS) of tube-launched, optically tracked, wireless-guided (TOW) missiles to be supplied by Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) in a deal valued at approximately $750 million.

Raytheon plans to deliver nearly 14,000 TOW missiles to the customer over a three-year period beginning in 2015. A resulting order is expected to be executed by the U.S. government with Raytheon in the coming weeks.”

Do they mention the customer? No, they don’t. Are there any other customers with pending orders for “nearly 14,000 TOW missiles” (q.v. Dec 5/13)? No, there aren’t. Keeping the one secret while advertising the other is irrational. Then again, anyone who was willing to give DID $750 million would be allowed to be be irrational, too. Sources: Raytheon, “International customer signs agreement with USG valued at $750 million for Raytheon’s TOW missiles”.

The Free Patriot

U.S. To Sell More Than 15,000 Missiles To Saudi Arabia In Spite of Recent Terror Attack on Allies

December 8, 2013
by Kevin Lake | News

Saudi Arabia; the lone Middle Eastern nation with whom no one can even begin to explain where the U.S. really stands. Are they friend or foe?

The U.S. Government claims they are our friends, even though 15 out of 19 of the hijackers on 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia, and the terrorists who just killed more than 50 civilians a few days ago in Yemen, a country that is an alleged ally to the U.S., were from Saudi Arabia. Now that just doesn’t sound very friendly, does it?

But the powers that be say they (Saudi Arabia) are our friends. So ignore all the unpleasant facts and call them thus.

Now, with that out of the way, our ‘friends’ the Saudis have just put in an order to buy nearly 16,000 TOW missiles from American defense company Raytheon. This would be a plus for Raytheon share holders, as the transaction would represent nearly 5% of the company’s total annual sales, but who exactly will be on the receiving end of all of those TOW missiles?

TOW missiles are specifically designed to destroy tanks. However, all of the other countries that make up the Middle East combine have nowhere near 16,000 tanks. Iran has less than 2,000, Israel has 4,000 and most of Iraq’s tanks have long ago been destroyed.

Some feel the Saudis are going to work the TOW missiles into Syria to help overthrow the government there, so in essence, the deal, should it go through, is little more than a back door way of the U.S. aiding terrorists, the Al Qaeda fighters in Syria that U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama has labeled “rebels” in the hopes that the masses would see them as the good guys, not the terrorists that they are. At least by arming them through an arms deal such as this one, a U.S. corporation and its share holders will profit from so doing. (Hm- and that’s never happened before, right?)

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of the pending sale, and Congress has 15 days to approve the transaction. Should they not respond, it is considered an approval and the sale will take place.

Hm. Bet it’s not hard to figure out what Congress is going to do. The hard part is finding out who those missiles will be fired upon.

Denver Airport Murals

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Syrian Army Recaptures Ancient Christian Town From Jihadis

International Business Times

Assad Troops Recapture Ancient Christian Town of Maaloula

April 14, 2014
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

Syrian troops loyal to president Bashar al-Assad have recaptured the ancient Christian town of Maaloula, according to military sources and state TV.

The military action follows seizure of the rebel-held Syrian border town of Rankous, in the strategically located Qalamoun region, which deprives the opposition their last major base in the area and cuts off a former supply line for weapons and fighters from neighbouring Lebanon.

Maaloula had earlier been overran by Islamist fighters, some belonging to the al-Qaida linked Al Nusra front, who also took 13 nuns captive from their convent. They were freed in a prisoner swap deal brokered by Qatar and Lebanon.

The picturesque town, just 5km from the main road connecting capital Damascus to the major flashpoint city of Homs, has changed hands at least four times in the past months.

State news agency SANA said that “units from the army and the armed forces” have restored “security and stability” in the town of Maaloula.

The recapture of Maaloula and the strategic road from Damascus to Homs will enable safe passage for hundreds of tonnes of chemical agents due to be taken out of the country and destroyed.

The military victory seems to confirm Assad’s recent statement that the Syrian civil war was at a “turning point” in his favour after three years of bitter battles that has left more than 150,000 people dead.

“This is a turning point in the crisis, both militarily in terms of the army’s achievements in the war against terror, and socially in terms of national reconciliation processes and growing awareness of the truth behind the (attacks) targeting the country,” state news agency SANA quoted the president as saying.

“The state is trying to restore security and stability in the main areas that the terrorists have struck,” said Assad, adding, “We will go after their positions and sleeper cells later.”

Assad troops are backed by Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon.

Maaloula is a historic town that attracted both Christian and Muslim pilgrims before the conflict.

Some of the residents of the town still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, and the monastery of Mar Thecla is internationally-renowned for its alleged miracle cures.

Al Assad, Syria

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Press TV: O.S.C.E. likely to inflame Ukraine situation: Analyst

Press TV

OSCE likely to inflame Ukraine situation: Analyst

Tue Apr 22, 2014

osce, ukraine
Watch Video

Press TV has conducted an interview with William Beeman, author and radio host, San Jose, about the OSCE mission heading to Ukraine in order to de-escalate eastern tensions.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Where is the situation in eastern Ukraine heading? How much do you think the Geneva deal could deescalate the situation there?

Beeman: I don’t think that the Geneva group, the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), is actually not going to be able to do very much because they’re going into eastern Ukraine in an area that’s absolutely opposed to Europe and the European Union.

The people in eastern Ukraine want very much to reunite with Russia; they don’t feel that the Ukrainian-Russian border is a real border and that really their ethnicity trumps any kind of formal state organization.

Obviously we all hope that they’ll be able to calm things down or that they’ll do something to calm things down, but my fear is that the OSCE is likely to actually cause more violence and inflame the situation even worse.

Without cooperation from Moscow this situation is not going to get better.

If we had for instance the OSCE operating in conjunction with representatives from the Russian government that might have some effect, but the OSCE operating unilaterally is not going to work very well.

Press TV: How much would the row between the US and Russia over the crisis in Ukraine have an impact on other issues that include the two powers such as the Iranian nuclear talks?

Beeman: Well, the United States and Russia are in a very tense situation over the Ukraine. But I’ve got to tell you that I am completely unclear in my own mind about what sort of interest the United States has in Ukraine other than simply trying to assure that Ukraine will develop closer ties to Europe rather than to Russia.

… so the US has a very weak stand with regard to the Ukrainian situation.

Until the Ukrainian people are able to actually express their own desires in this regard I don’t think anything much is going to happen.

The people in western Ukraine don’t seem to be willing to mount any kind of a military defense or anything that would actually prohibit the eastern Ukrainians from moving closer and closer toward Russia.

Press TV: Correct me if I’m wrong, what you’re saying is Ukraine is not worth the US going to war with Russia?

Beeman: I would absolutely say that and I think most American people would also agree that the United States… I don’t even know how we would pursue such a conflict logistically. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I suppose that the United States could come across the border from an eastern European state, but the people of the United States have no appetite for external conflicts at this point and this is something that is either going to be handled diplomatically or it’s not going to be handled at all.

The hand of the United States in this situation is very weak.


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VIDEO: Meet the Bro. Gregory & Ukraine 'PM' 20/04/24

Meet the Press
The full Meet the Press exclusive interview with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
Published April 20th 2014, 7:18 am

Dick Gregory, Meet the Press, NBC, Ukraine, PM

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VIDEO: Evidence for the Tall White Aliens (North of Creech AFB, Nevada)

Published on Feb 18, 2013 – Uploaded by David Hilton
Tall White facilities possibly located, and evidence of underground construction in the area of the reported tall White underground base.

Jun 13, 2013 – Uploaded by David Hilton
Tall White facilities possibly located, and the US Government refusing to provide information.

Sep 14, 2013 – Uploaded by David Hilton
More research into the Tall White Aliens. This time covering the Indian Springs Project.

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Ellwood City Ledger: Eastern Star meets

Ellwood City Ledger

Eastern Star meets

Monday, January 20, 2014 2:17 pm

ELLWOOD CITY — Members of Ellwood City Chapter 212 Order of the Eastern Star met in the Masonic Hall Jan.16. Cathy Ketterer, worthy matron, conducted the meeting. Sally Harley gave the secretary’s report, and Joan Evans gave the treasurer’s report. Various committee reports were given.

James Meehan, representative to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Oakland, gave a report on things donated by the chapter. He and his wife, Charmaine, will deliver the items to the hospital.

Darlene Patterson, a chapter representative for charity, made a Valentine-themed table runner, and it was won by Sandy Myers. The proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Heart Association.

Sally Harley announced the tea to honor 50-year members will be at the Masonic hall on April 5.

A donation was made to Rainbow Assembly 1 in New Castle. This month was designated as Youth Project Month.

It was announced the Masonic Lodge will have a Flea Market on Feb. 22 at the Masonic Hall. It will feature crafts and baked goods, and food will be available. Orders for subs can be made by calling Ross Conrad. There is a charge for tables. More information can be obtained by calling Ross Conrad at 724-824-2222.

Joan Evans announced the past matrons of the Ellwood chapter will meet at the Wolverine Restaurant for a luncheon on Feb. 15. Hostesses will be Evans, Helen Bowers, Nancy Horton and Leann Ringle. Evans also announced the that Ellwood chapter will host a group called the 3’ms on March 11.

The charter was draped in memory of Vivienne Magee, a 50-year member of the chapter who passed away recently

Joan Evans, Sally Harley, Bonnie Thompson and Shirley Boariu were recognized for their February birthdays and received a gift from the Worthy matron.

Door prizes were won by Jean Hogue and Helen Bowers. Refreshments and supper were served before the meeting.

Order of the Eastern Star

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