100th Anniversary of the Crossword Puzzle: Google Doodles

Google Doodles


Dec 21, 2013

See the interactive version here!

We were lucky and excited to collaborate on our crossword doodle with Merl Reagle, one of the best and most well-known crossword constructors working today. Merl worked with Google engineer/crossword enthusiast, Tom Tabanao, to craft our puzzle grid and write all the clues. Merl’s knowledge of the puzzle world—and perspective on crosswords in particular—is considerable. We thoroughly enjoyed the wit and humor he brought to the whole endeavor. Here are Merl’s thoughts on the history of the crossword puzzle. -Ed.

First, it was a huge honor to be asked to do this. Many, many thanks to Tom Tabanao for pulling me in and shepherding the project through.

Second, it was a great opportunity to bring Arthur Wynne’s name into the public spotlight. He never made any money off the crossword, but he made tens of millions of puzzle fans around the world very happy. The fact that the first word across in the first-ever crossword was FUN is very appropriate, too. Crossword puzzles are indeed supposed to be fun—brainy fun, but fun nonetheless. The first puzzle also contained the word DOH, clued as “fiber of the gomuti palm”—but it’s also appropriate today, 100 years later, as something we would say when we don’t get a crossword clue right away. Maybe Arthur could see into the future! In any event, I am thrilled to have been a part of this centennial celebration.

Posted by Merl Reagle, Crossword Constructor

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Sleepy Hollow Goes Full Masonic in its Season Finale




Genevieve Valentine

In a double-feature finale, Sleepy Hollow pulled out all the stops: big reunions, big plotcakes, big trouble, big reveals, big cliffhangers, zombie George Washington, and Victor Garber literally eating the scenery. What more can you ask for? (Nothing, there’s literally nothing left.)

Oh, Sleepy Hollow. The thirteen-hour B-movie that could has spent the season hurling every horror reference, fantasy stopgap, Masonic handwave, time-travel joke, and monster-flick trope it found. The finale goes for broke (which is saying something), screeching to a cliffhanger you just know everyone in the writers’ room cackled about, and leaves all the principal actors worried about their renewal clauses.

And wow, was this finale a trip. Its first half was the most National Treasure the show’s ever skewed, complete with an enormous tomb for George Washington (who’s dead in there despite taking a brief holiday from being dead so he could return as a zombie and draft a map to Purgatory, because of course), and a faceoff with Andy “Friendzone” Brooks during an escape from the alternate entrance from a thematic hidden tomb with its own rolling track whose vestibule contains a secret exit protocol, which is just about how I always imagined Masons spend their free time and extra money!

The second episode scoops everything the show’s been heading for into a blender and adds some new things, leading to a final confrontation that feels slightly like a food fight, except instead of a shoulderful of macaroni everybody’s miserable for eight months. (“Tune in next fall or else!” – Sleepy Hollow.)

Is it two hours of plotcakes? You bet. But it has its moments, and some great character beats. This show has always prioritized character continuity over plot continuity, and so that’s how we’re going to break this thing down.


The first returning face: Andy, the kind of guy who in life will offer to watch your house while you’re on vacation and copy your keys, and who in death will repeatedly show up and offer to save you by making you his plus-one in hell.

Abbie’s actual line: “We need to talk about boundaries.”

The rest of the conversation is conducted with Andy chained to a radiator, because Abbie did not get to the season finale just to take chances with her personal creeper. Andy begs for Washington’s Bible, because it leads to a map (of course) that leads to the gateway between our world and Purgatory.

Shockingly, she’s not into it, and back in the tunnels he’s so angry that he begs (with a darkly comic shriek of “Take me seriously!”) to be turned into an instrument of Moloch’s glory.

It’s probably a tactical error.

Article Continues

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CBS: Enter the Secret World of the Freemasons

CBS Sunday Morning

Enter the secret world of the Freemasons

December 8, 2013, 9:42 AM | The Freemasons are the world’s most well-known secret society, and are the subject of countless parodies and conspiracy theories. But who are they exactly? Mo Rocca ventures inside Masonic Lodges to find out.

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VIDEO: VISIONNEZ LE FILM EN ENTIER SUR LE J’ai frappé à la porte du Temple || WATCH THE FULL FILM ON I knocked on the door of the Temple

Carmen Labaki·34 videos
Uploaded on Sep 15, 2011

VISIONNEZ LE FILM EN ENTIER SUR LE www.jaifrappealaportedutemple.com

“J’ai frappé à la porte du Temple”

Carmen Labaki primée à Hollywood pour le meilleur Film documentaire 2005, à l’ “Arpa International Film Festival” pour la réalisation et la production de “Arman Loubnan” (Les Arméniens du Liban), s’est lancée il y a deux ans, dans la réalisation et la production d’un nouveau documentaire sur la Franc-Maçonnerie dans le monde intitulé :

« J’ai frappé à la porte du Temple »

Pour la première fois, un film documentaire sur la Franc-Maçonnerie est traité mondialement, sans restrictions, sans interdits. Pour la première fois, on permet à quelqu’un de filmer sans simulation, les Rituels, Cérémonies, et Initiation, de filmer aussi les Temples et ses composants, le Cabinet de Réflexion et son mystère.

Malgré le sujet qui suscite beaucoup de méfiance, Carmen Labaki entre dans son histoire, venue de la nuit des temps.
C’est un sujet qui a pour but d’être traité dans son ensemble, et à tous les points de vue. Sa spécificité est d’avoir franchi les frontières pour donner une image plus globale de la Franc-Maçonnerie.
Elle a donc filmé dans plus de 11 pays et 22 villes, et a franchi les portes de plus de 50 temples.
Etats-Unis (Boston, Washington, Philadelphia)
Brésil (São Paulo – Osasco)
France (Paris, Lyon, Arvillard)
Grande Bretagne (Londres, Edinburgh)
Portugal (Lisbonne, Sintra)
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Suisse (Genève)
Italie (Rome, Venise)
Liban (Beyrouth, Tyr)
Turquie (Istanbul)
Et bien d’autres pays pour recueillir les informations nécessaires au documentaire.

Ce documentaire est la synthèse de deux années de travail et de repérages sur terrain, de recherches approfondies menées dans un souci d’objectivité. Il s’appuie sur des faits réels et authentiques, des témoignages recueillis avec la volonté de respecter l’esprit et de ne trahir aucun de ceux qui ont donné leur point de vue. Les intervenants sont des Grands Maitres, des historiens, des représentants de l’Eglise Catholique et de la Religion Musulmane et beaucoup d’autres etc.

Certaines interventions auront un effet de choc pour le public. De vrais scoops. Des témoignages inattendus.

La structure narrative du commentaire se fait à la première personne du singulier, et Carmen emmène le spectateur dans un voyage d’exploration, d’aventures et d’émotions.
Elle pose les mêmes questions de doute que le spectateur, et se met dans la situation maçonnique: dans le temple, le cabinet de réflexion, elle assiste aux cérémonies, elle pense, elle sent, elle a peur, elle découvre, voit leur lumière, comprend leurs messages, leurs langages, leurs buts. Elle parle au spectateur de tout cela, et lui laisse la liberté absolue de penser à son tour, de conclure, de donner une opinion personnelle, puisqu’elle n’impose pas, mais transmet ce qu’elle voit.

Carmen Labaki · 34 videos
Uploaded on September 15, 2011

WATCH THE FULL FILM ON www.jaifrappealaportedutemple.com

” I knocked on the door of the Temple”

Carmen Labaki winning Hollywood in 2005 for Best Documentary Film at the ” Arpa International Film Festival” for the development and production of ” Arman Loubnan ” ( Armenians from Lebanon ), was launched there two years in the development and production of a new documentary about Freemasonry in the world entitled:

” I knocked on the door of the Temple ”

For the first time , a documentary about Freemasonry film is treated worldwide without restrictions , without prohibited. For the first time , it allows someone to shoot without simulation, rituals , ceremonies , and initiation of the Temples also film and its components, the Office of reflection and mystery.

Despite the topic that generates a lot of mistrust between Carmen Labaki in its history, came the dawn of time.
This is a topic that is designed to be treated as a whole to and from all points of view . Its specificity is to have crossed the border to give a more comprehensive picture of the Freemasonry.
She has filmed in more than 11 countries and 22 cities , and through the doors of more than 50 temples.
United States (Boston, Washington , Philadelphia )
Brazil (São Paulo – Osasco )
France ( Paris , Lyon, Arvillard )
Great Britain ( London, Edinburgh)
Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra)
Luxembourg ( Luxembourg)
Switzerland (Geneva)
Italy (Rome , Venice)
Lebanon (Beirut, Tyr)
Turkey ( Istanbul)
And many other countries to gather the necessary information to the documentary .

This document is a summary of two years of work on trails and terrain, extensive research in the interests of objectivity. It is based on real and true facts , evidence collected with the intention to respect the spirit and not betray any of those who gave their views . Stakeholders are grandmasters , historians , representatives of the Catholic Church and the Muslim Religion and many others etc. .

Some interventions have a shock effect to the public. Real scoops. Unexpected testimony .

The narrative structure of the comment made ​​in the first person singular , and Carmen takes the viewer on an exploration , adventure and emotional journey.
She asks the same questions of doubt that the viewer , and starts in the Masonic situation in the temple, the firm thought, she attends ceremonies , she thinks , she feels , she is afraid , she discovers , see their light, understand their messages, their languages ​​, their goals. She speaks to the viewer of this, and let him absolute freedom of thought in turn , concluding, to give a personal opinion , it does not impose , but delivers what she sees.

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VIDEO: Masonic Innuendo on Bro. Piers Morgan Tonight, October 18, 2013 (CNN)

October 18th, 2013

“Piers Morgan Live, Rewind”: Anthony Weiner on the government shutdown, Star Jones and E.D. Hill on Ted Cruz

1. Makes ‘Anti’ remark to 2. Freemason Anthony Weiner.
3. Later on in 4-way verticle splitscreen Morgan(4.) brings on two more guests one of which is a woman and one of whom is 5. a look-a-like of himself (satanic/demonic ‘humour’).

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Anti-Masonry VIDEO: Filming a Private Collection of Masonic CRAP (Freemasonry, Freemasons, Odd Fellows)

drumr828·239 videos
Published on Apr 15, 2012

Well it got a little weird… but I couldnt be shy with my cam. I had to record this stuff when I saw it… A friend of mine asked me to help him film a “private collection” and hinted at what we may find. I couldnt resist…. I was pretty shocked to see some of this stuff in person.

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National Geographics’ Abandoned Season 1, Episode 9 – New York Masonic Home Exploration

Abandoned NY Masonic Lodge Visiit

steven dudley·516 videos
Published on Sep 20, 2012

After failing to find valuable goods at a Tappan, N.Y., Masonic retirement home, the team explores two barns set for demolition in nearby Newtown, Conn

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VIDEO: Mark Cleminson, Former ‘Illuminated’ Masonic Family Member – How he came to leave Freemasonry

Published on May 16, 2012

VesselAnaw·123 videos

The creator/design is made evident in the objective order and design of the universe (atom/cell/DNA/nature) and our consciousness/conscience – there is a satanic deception in the world system to make you turn away from God. repent and turn to God and his son Christ –

Mark Cleminson ex-former illuminati family member defector secret societies skull and bones bulling ton club hellfire club bohemian grove ted gunderson pagan baylon bohemia owl freemasonry freemasons lucifer satan worship music industry handshake deception sodom eastern star illuminist satanist cult order golden dawn blavatsky UN EU USA whitehouse sigil baphomet pentagram

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VIDEO: Sandy Frost Masonic/Shriners South American Pedophilia Rings & Charity Fraud Investigations

Cancel the Cabal Internet Radio

Published on Jun 17, 2013

superbigbadman2·151 videos

Sandy Frost of thevampiresofcharity.com and http://sandyfrost.newsvine.com/ comes on the show for the first time to reveal shocking evidence of a Pedophilia ring in South America, Brazil to be precise, Sandy also reveals her fathers membership into the Masonic society.

Sandy Frost is a one woman newsroom who specializes in investigating nonprofit corruption. Her twenty years of journalism experience includes daily news, daily copy editing, radio news, technical writing, content writing and magazine writing. Sandy began writing online twelve years ago and has transformed her digital journalism into a publishing company to release her third book, “Vampires of Charity, Secret Societies & Human Trafficking at Taxpayer Expense.” She served as a director for the Western Washington Society of Professional Journalists pro chapter, was named a 2011 SPJ Diversity Fellow while serving on the SPJ Diversity Committee and has won four SPJ awards, including two for her current investigation. She is a Navy vet who served as an electronics technician and is an original shareholder of Ahtna, Inc., an Alaska Native corporation.

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VIDEO: NBC Today Show – Bro. Adrien Brody on new film, Gillette commercial, Oscar winning, and Freemason Secret Handsignals

March 16, 2012

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Adrien Brody, Freemasonry, Today Show Cutsign ‘Gesture’ @ 00:13

Adrien Brody, Freemasonry, Today Show Cutsign ‘Gesture’ @ 00:17

Adrien Brody, Freemasonry, Today Show Cutsign ‘Gesture’ @ 00:20

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Freemasonrywatch.org removed from Google Search results for key words Freemasonry, Freemasons


Search Engines, Keyword Position

freemasonrywatch.org seo

freemasonrywatch.org seo

For over a decade Freemasonrywatch.org has been in the top results for the Google search engine on the topic of Freemasonry then ‘overnight’ over the past six months it has disappeared completely from it’s search results.

This is a website with over 80k natural external links & 22m pageviews since net1.0 yet now according to Google it doesn’t exist.

Freemasonrywatch subsequently identified Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Google ‘Idea’s Director Jared Cohen as being Freemasons after observing
their use of Masonic handsignals during a book pr appearance in the UK. Schmidt was also identified by researchers as an attendee of the 2013 Bilderberg Group.

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davidfrum ‏@davidfrum Isn’t it long past time that conspiracy theorists gave up on the Freemasons? Bad enough to be crazy. Why add out-of-date?

July 4, 2013

Retweeted by Freemasonry Watch

David Frum Tweet on the Freemasons

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French Freemason Catholic Priest To Appeal Vatican Punishment To Pope – CDF Ruled During Period Between Benedict Resignation and Francis Election

L’Express – France
10 July 2013

Father Vesin in L’Express
by François Koch

Google Translation

Vatican Punishes France Catholic Priest Freemason

The Express has published an article on 10 July four pages on Father Pascal Vesin , the pastor of the Church of Megève fired because he was denounced as a Freemason GODF by anonymous letters.

The Express was a long meeting Father Pascal Vesin and the Vicar General of the Diocese of Annecy Alain Fournier.

It appears from this investigation that the father Pascal was almost excommunicated for a “matter of principle” (the ban to be a member of a Masonic Lodge) and there is absolutely no evidence of the influence of its membership GODF to how it performed its function of priest. Being recognized in the Diocese that the results of his work at the head of the parish is very positive.

Vesin father wants to continue his fight … walking on Rome from 14 July to late August, with the aim of obtaining a hearing Francis Pope. He hopes to convince him to return to the maximum penalty was imposed. It is true that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ruled on March 7, six days before the election of Pope Francis, without hearing the Father Vesin.

L'Express Freemasonry Blog

About this blog: François KOCH – With its mysteries and secrets, rituals and esoteric degrees, Freemasonry still fascinates. Is this a parallel universe or groundwater? A network of networks of power or club services of reflection and fellowship? One thing is certain: the Masonic world is still expanding. Over 160,000 brothers and sisters in France. That’s why I throw “The Light” on what remains hidden or camouflaged, confidential or discreet. Internet Masonic websites abound. This blog is the only written by a journalist from a mainstream media.


Vatican punishes French priest for being a Freemason
Pope Benedict Vatican Masonic Farewell

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Freemason Bro. Tony Blair demands Western intervention to overthrow Assad

19 Jun 2013

Tony Blair demands Western intervention to overthrow Assad
By Damien McElroy and agencies
Syria Rebels Purple Bandana, Tony Blair
The consequences of refusing to intervene are likely to be more costly for the West than participating in the drive to oust the regime.

Speaking in Israel, the former prime minister acknowledged the “predominant emotion” in the West was to stay out of Syria, where rebels are battling to oust Bashar Assad and his regime, and avoid becoming embroiled in the politics of the region. “Undoubtedly the predominant emotion in the West today is to stay out of Syria; indeed to stay out of the region’s politics,” he said. “But as every day that passes shows, the cost of staying out may be paid in a higher price later.”

The comments came a day after G8 leaders papered over differences between the West and Russia to agree that a political solution to the conflict must be an international priority.

The Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition front body, said it was committed to participation in negotiations that sought to establish a transistional government.

“The Syrian National Coalition is committed to any political solution that puts an end to the bloodshed, and achieves the Syrian people’s aspirations to bring down the Assad regime,” it said in a statement.

The group added it “reserves the right to use all means at its disposal” to bring Assad down, “chiefly military action”.

“The Assad regime has continuously killed civilians using ballistic missiles, chemical weapons and warplanes. It is the only source of terrorism in Syria.

“In order to achieve a lasting peace in Syria, efforts by all countries should be focused on fighting the regime alone.”

Mr Blair said the situation in Syria was one of many “ugly choices” facing leaders, including on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and economic policy.

“The best short-term politics will often pull in the opposite direction from the best long-term policy,” he said. “So much of the sentiment in the Western political economy is anti-business and particularly anti-the banks.

“But the best long-term policy is almost certainly to encourage business and have the financial sector back on its feet and thriving.

Mr Blair, a Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet of international powers, said the “window of opportunity” for progress on the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians would “be open only for a short space of time”.

He said: “Let us hope that over the coming weeks, a plan for progress can be put in place in which politics, economics and security are aligned.

“With (US Secretary of State) John Kerry’s fantastic energy and commitment, we’re all working hard to accomplish this.

“But we should understand: the window of opportunity will be open for only a short period of time. We must go through it together. If not the window will close and could close forever. Time is not our friend. This is urgent. This is now. This is the time for statesmen not politicians.”

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At 81, Don King Is Still A Crazy Sleazeball – ‘American legend and Prince Hall Freemason’

Dead Spin Blog

At 81, Don King Is Still A Crazy Sleazeball
Isaac Rauch

Don King, Prince Hall Freemason, Masonic Lodge

Inspired by former Mizzou linebacker and current boxer Ryan Coyne’s acrimonious business relationship with Don King, St. Louis’s River Front Times recently caught up with the American legend and Prince Hall Freemason, insofar as you can catch up with someone that refuses to talk to you. As it turns out, Don King is as crazy, exploitative and intractable as ever, and though his boxing empire is crumbling, he’s still pretty good at ruining lives for an octogenarian.

Boxing is the rare sport where a manager or promoter can make money by signing clients to onerous contracts and then ignoring them for months, sometimes years at a time. King perfected the art of playing fighters off against each other and waiting until they were desperate for any kind of pay-out, and throughout the piece, one is struck at how effective a sleazeball he is–con men don’t achieve world renown without a clever approach to ripping people off. John McCain introduced a bill in the Senate essentially designed to stop Don King. It passed, became law, and failed to stop Don King.

Boxing was a dirty sport long before Don King entered the scene in the 1970s, but it has resisted reform unlike any other. Despite all the shenanigans of the ’90s and the rise and dramatic fall of Tyson, there’s still no national boxing commissioner, no boxers’ union looking out for fighters’ rights, no healthcare or retirement for fighters — not even a simple online database where anyone can find the names of fighters and who represents them. Regulation occurs on a state level and varies wildly in its rules and enforcement […]

“[The Muhammad Ali Act] was written to protect fighters from the kind of exploitation that Don was guilty of,” says [boxing manger Tom] Moran. “And here we are ten, twelve years later, and he’s doing very similar things.”

Ryan Coyne told the paper the story of his first interaction with King, who would “represent” him for years. It sounds scary:

Coyne, who says he was told he couldn’t bring a lawyer, waited at a long conference room table with two of King’s employees before the man himself finally stepped in from his office, dripping in jewelry and grinning.

“Oh, Danny boy,” King trilled. “Irish eyes are smiling! Leprechauns jumping from glen to glen.”

Despite the babbling, King was warm and charming, and Coyne liked what he heard when King promised a shot at a world title within two years of signing with DKP. An assistant produced a contract and slid it in front of Coyne — eight pages of miniscule type — and asked him to sign on the dotted line. Coyne hesitated.

Although the contract states in several places that the signer should “seek the advice of an attorney,” Coyne says the mere mention of bringing a copy back to his lawyer in St. Louis completely changed the tenor of the meeting.

“If you take this contract out the room, the deal’s off the table,” Coyne quotes King saying. “You’re a nobody, you’re going to stay a nobody.”

The article ends with two vignettes of King’s slow and steady downfall: Bernard Hopkins openly taunting King at his Barclays Center press conference before his bout with King’s fighter, Tavoris Cloud last weekend, and King’s few remaining employees talking about the changes in him since his wife of more than 50 years passed away in 2010. At 81, his iron grip on boxing is loosening, which means that one man’s infirmity might soon do what the U.S. Senate couldn’t: make boxing regulable.

Don King’s Final Round [River Front Times]

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