French Freemason Catholic Priest To Appeal Vatican Punishment To Pope – CDF Ruled During Period Between Benedict Resignation and Francis Election

L’Express – France 10 July 2013

Father Vesin in L’Express by François Koch

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The Express has published an article on 10 July four pages on Father Pascal Vesin , the pastor of the Church of Megève fired because he was denounced as a Freemason GODF by anonymous letters.

The Express was a long meeting Father Pascal Vesin and the Vicar General of the Diocese of Annecy Alain Fournier.

It appears from this investigation that the father Pascal was almost excommunicated for a “matter of principle” (the ban to be a member of a Masonic Lodge) and there is absolutely no evidence of the influence of its membership GODF to how it performed its function of priest. Being recognized in the Diocese that the results of his work at the head of the parish is very positive.

Vesin father wants to continue his fight … walking on Rome from 14 July to late August, with the aim of obtaining a hearing Francis Pope. He hopes to convince him to return to the maximum penalty was imposed. It is true that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ruled on March 7, six […]

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