Georgetown Fraternities: This is no Animal House

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Georgetown Fraternities: This is no Animal House Posted on October 25, 2001 by Voice Staff

As a prospective students take their first tours at Georgetown, tour guides tell them that social fraternities and sororities do not exist here. College guides, such as The Princeton Review describe Georgetown as having a “very small frat-sorority scene.” But when students arrive on campus, they see advertisements for events with the business fraternity or the foreign service fraternity, and the number of minority fraternities that have ties on campus is growing. This leaves students wondering why some fraternities exist at Georgetown even though there is no formal Greek system.

There is not a simple answer for why fraternities and sororities do not exist at Georgetown. It is not the University’s Jesuit identity, because other Jesuit universities, such as Saint Louis University, have a social Greek system. Unlike colleges such as Amherst, a Greek system here was never officially abolished because of behavior problems. Neither is it because Georgetown is a small and urban university, because there are numerous examples of Greek systems at similar schools. However, each of these reasons, Georgetown’s Catholic identity, history, demographics and mission contribute to the […]

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