Shriners Secret Sub-Group Royal Order of Jesters Named in I.R.S. Probe after F.B.I. D.O.J. Investigation Sat Mar 19, 2011

Jesters Named By Sandy Frost

Royal Order of Jesters Vanity Plate

The tax man approacheth.

Imagine answering the door to find IRS criminal investigators, badges on belts next to holstered guns, serving search warrants after they read a U.S. Attorney’s description of your group as having guys in nearly every club nationwide who gets prostitutes for your weekend parties.

This is a partial list of names of those in charge of such groups from the nonprofit tax returns of the Royal Order of Jesters, the Shriners’ secret sub-group, currently under investigation for sex trafficking, prostitution and child sex tourism.

The Shriners are best known for operating 22 hospitals that now take insurance for previously free medical care for burned and crippled children.

Memberships go like this. One must first be a Master Mason prior to joining groups like the Scottish Rite, the Knights Templar or the Shriners. One must then be a Shriner before joining the Jesters, secretly. There are about 23,500 Jesters organized into “courts” that correspond to the 191 Shriner temples located across North America.

The Jesters were described in a federal complaint against a former Erie County […]

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