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Child Died Before Surgery at Shriners Hospital for Children Philadelphia

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Sandy Frost Newsvine

Child Died Before Surgery at SHC Philadelphia

Thu Feb 14, 2008

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SHC Philadelphia Five year old Lexi Soutos
- Photo courtesy of Fox News

Fox news reported yesterday that five year old Lexi Soutos died at the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital for Children prior to elective surgery. The article reports that:

'"No one ever mentioned that there was a possibility of death," says Alex Soutos. (Lexi's father)

5-year-old Lexi Soutos was not supposed to die.

She went to Shriners Hospital to have what's called a titanium rib placed inside of her. It was supposed to help with stop her scoliocius.

There's one catch. Lexi had some heart problems because she had Williams Syndrome. So, her cardiologist told her anesthesiologist to keep Lexi well hydrated...

"She wasn't allowed to have anything to eat or drink and for a five year old tough play area we played a lot ," says Jennifer. (Lexi's Mother)

Lexi went 18 hours without full hydration.

Just 30 minutes after she went in for surgery, the doctors came out.

"Couple doctors and some people. 'We have a problem' and I knew right away," says Jennifer.

"The worst thing was holding my naked child in a white blanket and having her gone worst nightmare that a parent can go through," says Alex."

The article can be read here.

Philadelphia court records indicate that this same hospital has been sued for malpractice ten times. Two cases are currently active, including the case of five year old Lexi Soutos. Such settlements seem to be missing from the Shriners tax returns.

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