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Shriners unit disbanded after naughty party

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Shriners unit disbanded after naughty party

WINNIPEG -- The Khartum Shriners Motor Patrol Unit has been disbanded for holding a dinner featuring strippers allegedly performing sexual acts with guests.

"These people have no unit as of now. You won't see them in the circus, you won't see them anywhere," said Gervin Greasley, Khartum community relations director.

The 50 member unit held a fund-raising "Gentleman's Dinner" at the Garden City Canad Inn last Thursday with strippers who had their breasts and genitals fondled by some of the members of the crowd who paid $75 to attend the event.

None of the money was destined for any Shriner charities and the Shriner executive didn't approve the event, said local CEO Bill Kubik.

"We did not sanction that particular function," he said last night following a four-hour meeting between the Khartum board and the executive board of the motor patrol.

"They purposely left any indication of the Shrine logo off their ticket so they knew it was not a Shrine event," Greasley added.

"We're getting a lot of bad rap for something that wasn't us."

The motor patrol unit's funds have also been frozen.

Members of the motor patrol drive 750 c.c. black Yamaha motorcycles at parades and the annual Shrine Circus. The unit's demise does not affect any of the other motorcycle or car units who operate under the Khartum name.

"This is only one group of motorcycle riders," Greasley said.

The ultimate fate of the members will be decided after the local executive finishes its investigation, which will include reports from the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, the Garden City Hotel and the Winnipeg police, Kubik said.

About 25% of the more than 300 people at the dinner were Shriners, Greasley said.


"We're talking a very small group who have ruined it for a whole group," he said.

The traditional gentlemen's dinners will continue to be held, but will only feature guests and dinner, Kubik said.

The Shrine of North America is an international fraternity of 525,000 men in 191 Shrine Temples, or chapters throughout North America.

Each Shriner is a Master Mason in the Freemasonry fraternity.

Founded in 1872 by 13 men belonging to the Masonic Order in New York, the Shrine turned its focus to philanthropy in 1922 when the first Shriners Hospital opened in Shreveport, La.

Nearly 80 years later, a network of 22 hospitals headquartered in Tampa, Fla., helps over 600,000 children across North America with burns, orthopedic and spinal chord problems.

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