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Title: What are some Masonic rituals and symbols?
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Masonic rituals and symbols are extremely important in understanding Freemasonry. Rituals and symbols are the primary way of teaching Masons the ideals of Freemasonry. Many of the rituals and symbols can be traced back to ancient legends and myths. It is also important to note that symbols often change in meaning depending on the level of initiation. Also, Masons are free to interpret the symbols however they please.

The Blue Lodge initiation ceremony is filled with symbols and rituals. For the initiation ceremony, the inductee removes all their clothing, shoes, and jewelry. They are given a garment to wear that has one leg rolled up and the left breast remains bare. The candidate is blindfolded for the first portion of the ritual and then led around by a rope around his neck. As the candidate approaches the oath of secrecy, the sharp point of a sword is place against his left breast symbolizing justice and knowledge that God will reward him according to his works. The candidate will walk in a circle, which symbolizes the mystical links to the past. Please note that this explanation of the initiation is very brief and the actual ritual contains many more symbols.

Other symbols of the Masons include the square and the compass. This symbols sometimes includes the letter G. "The square symbolizes morality, the compass symbolizes spirituality, and the "G" represents God or geometry. (For some Masons, the "G" symbolizes Gnosticism)" explains John Ankerberg and John Weldom in their book The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge.

George H. Steinmetz, in his book Freemasonry - Its Hidden Meaning says, "The average Mason is lamentably ignorant of the real meaning of the Masonic Symbology and knows little of its esoteric teaching."

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Title: Re: What are some Masonic rituals and symbols?
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Good info's. Very helpful.

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