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Title: Masonic Initiation Ritual Revealed
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Masonic Initiation Ritual Revealed as a Veiled Mockery of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The following page is a mirror of the website 'Freemasons - Sons of the Widow' that existed on a free webpage host service that was forced off the net by an intensive organized complaint campaign carried out by Freemasonry in 2002 that had been attempting to rid the internet of websites that were critical of the 'fraternity'.

It is among one of the most incisive and probing dissections of Masonic Ritual ever written. 


Sons of the Widow

'The process of the initiations is an exercise in falsehood, dishonor, and mockery'

Table of Contents

Review of the First, Second, and Third Degrees of Masonry
Symbolic Dress in Masonry
Passwords First & Second Degree of Masonry
Third Degree Word of Masonry
Royal Arch Word and Password of Masonry
Removal of Metal and Jewelry & other stuff
The Recurring Theme
Skull & Bones
Isaiah 14
Immoral Baptism?
The Lions Grasp
Square & Compass
Other Stuff
Knight Templar
Good v Evil

Title: Re: Masonic Initiation Ritual Revealed
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Title: Re: Masonic Initiation Ritual Revealed
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