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Message started by duoer147 on Jun 30th, 2016 at 4:25am

Title: Campaigns successfully funded Kickstarter
Post by duoer147 on Jun 30th, 2016 at 4:25am
Evil as a hobby collapsed success of 366 projects, the proportion of financing video games successfully on Kickstarter and it turned out that only one third of the games financed between 2009 and October 2012 were fully delivered to his supporters from the beginning of 2014.In total, 37% of the projects funded successfully implement a fully finished product supporters. It was delivered and more than 8% of the partial (any part 1 of a complete game and came back to tie or applications on your phone). The appeal of 3% of the successful projects Officially, while the remaining 2% officially put to a stop. Until now been drilled a total value of $ 21641800 in the successful Kickstarter projects that have failed to achieve, while the total value of the projects that delivered less than $ 17,000,000.Why for the delay and failure? Well, the simplest explanation is that the developers who fund the crowd through Kickstarter does not officially condemns financiers anything, because if using the traditional funding model. There is usually no publisher breathing down their necks as an incentive to get the games released in a timely manner, and the supporters Kickstarter whole depends on the positive energynot conform to mention luck and some variablesof studios that pledge money for. They are built on good faith relationship, which can be easy to break.The message that should be taken away from this by no means entirely negative one; As I mentioned before, and campaigns successfully funded Kickstarter some great games and left thousands of supporters thrilled with their decision to pledge.

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