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Drunks, Thieves, & Illegal Corporations? Shriners: Part 17

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Sandy Frost Newsvine

Drunks, Thieves, & Illegal Corporations? Shriners: Part 17

Mon Jul 9, 2007

news, california, theft, irs, shriners, illegal-corporationsSandy FrostEditor's Note: The words used in this headline aren't mine. They were printed in online news outlets and spoken by numerous government officials. Also, there are updates to "Mortgage Madness? Shriners: Part 16" at the end of this article.

I read the news today, oh boy.

It was pretty frigging bad.

And it's about to get worse.

Way worse.

Headlines from the past two weeks read:

* Drunk driving Shriners injure 12 in Fourth of July parade rampage

* Man Admits to Stealing $60,000 From Osiris Shriners

The Drunk Shriner story can be found here:


It's probably just a parody that makes fun of the Shriners.

The Shriner theft story was published June 26, 2007 in the Wheeling News-Register and begins:

"WHEELING — A 70-year-old Wheeling man admitted Monday that he unlawfully obtained about $60,000 from the Osiris Shrine and the International Order of Odd Fellows, Wheeling.

James Kenneth White pleaded guilty to a charge of obtaining money by fraudulent pretenses.

Assistant Prosecutor David Cross told the court White, while in a position to have access to organization checking accounts, stole $31,670.92 from the Osiris Shrine between Jan. 2, 2001, and May 30, 2006."

Past headlines of real news stories have read:

"Shriners go wild - A group of fez-heads gets in trouble for carousing with hookers at a fundraising event in Winnipeg"


"Shriners disbanded after reports of sex acts at dinner"

The story is here http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2001/01/30/shriners_010130.html and reports that:

"A group of Shriners in Winnipeg has been disbanded following complaints about lewd sexual behavior at a fund-raising dinner last week. Witnesses say the event featured nude lap dancers and sex acts."

An October 25, 2002 Associated Press story reported that:

"The former executive director of the Osman Temple Shrine Circus in Minnesota was found guilty of embezzling more than $300,000 from the organization. A jury found Robert L. Janecek guilty on 21 counts of mail fraud, four counts of tax evasion, three counts of failure to file tax returns, and one count of filing a false tax return."

And to make things worse, it appears that the Shriners' convention, which was just held in Anaheim, California, may have been operated illegally. Because of this, the Shriners may come under microscope of the California Secretary of State, the California Attorney General, the California Franchise Tax Board, the District Attorney for Orange County and the IRS.

According to a report from the California Secretary of State's (SOS) online data base, the status of the Imperial Council Session of 2007, Inc., the "for profit" group that ran the convention, is "suspended."

Officials from the SOS office in San Francisco explained that:

"The Imperial Council Session of 2007, Inc. did not file a statement of information" and as of 12/21/06, "cannot legally operate as a California corporation."

Officials from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) confirmed that the "Imperial Council Session of 2007, Inc." filed as a "for profit" corporation and was suspended from conducting business of any sort in California.

"Suspension means that they lost their right to do business in California," one FTB official said. "This means that all contracts are voidable. The members could have attended for free because the suspended business had no right to ask for any money. Additionally, they have lost the right to their name and are liable for taxes on all income."

"This is very serious," said another FTB official. "This means that they didn't file their statement of information for at least two years, even though notices were sent out to the address reported on their records." The "Agent for the Service of Process" is listed as Robert F. Schauer whose recorded address is the same as a Robert F. Schauer who is listed as a member of the California Bar Association.

California Code states that if a corporation neglects, fails or refuses to prepare and submit the required financial statements, they are subjected to penalties. After the corporation fails to file the required statement, the SOS mails a notice of that delinquency to the corporation. If there is no response within 60 days after the mailing of the notice of delinquency, the SOS then certifies the name of the corporation to the Franchise Tax Board.

Officials at the IRS Exempt Organization section stated that "It is illegal for 'non-profit' and 'for profit' businesses to operate together. They just don't go together. It's against the law." Additionally, a third request for the tax returns of the "Imperial Council Session" of 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 was recently emailed to Shriner Director of Corporate Communications, Alicia Aargiz-Lyons, as the first request for these returns was sent a year ago and remains unanswered. The IRS has ruled that such requests must be answered in 30 days.

"The decision to investigate and/or pursue a case against the suspended corporation is usually made by the local DA," the FTB official concluded.

The California Code states that in this case, either California's Attorney General or the Orange County District Attorney can bring an action to enforce penalties in the name of the people of the State of California.

Section 2207 of the California Code (a) states that:

"A corporation is liable for a civil penalty in an amount not exceeding one million dollars ($1,000,000) if the corporation's officers, directors, managers or agents misstates or conceals or has misstated or concealed from a regulatory body a material fact in order to deceive a regulatory body to avoid a statutory or regulatory duty, or to avoid a statutory or regulatory limit or prohibition."

Past articles in this series have alleged that certain "material facts" may have been "concealed" from or "misstated" on the Shriners' tax returns, to include the Shriners Hospitals for Children as well as temples and clubs that operate under the temples. In fact, the IRS and Senate Finance Committee recently announced that, for the first time in 25 years, reforms will be made to the exempt organization tax returns or 990s in order to better enforce non profit transparency, disclosure and accountability.

Some of these reforms coincide with possible "concealed" information that should have been reported on the Shriners' 990s including:

• Charitable donations being used for multiple personal mortgages for Shiners' top leaders and employees

• Accounts receivable, i.e. mortgage payments, from officers and employees of both the charitable and fraternal corporations

• Mortgage satisfactions

• Changes to bylaws

• Charitable donations being used to settle malpractice, sexual harassment, and discrimination lawsuits as well as liens, with one amounting to $1,156,026.53, against the Shriners

• Related organizations to include the Masons, Knights Templar, Jesters, etc.

• Lobbyists hired to work against the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 written to tighten up corporate accountability

• Conflicts of Interest

• Shrine leaders forming their own "for profit "corporations, with a past comptroller using the Shriner's address as his place of business

• "Executive compensation" paid to Shrine officers and directors consistently reported as "0"on most Shriner tax returns.

The following New York Times front page story, published on March 19, 2007, describes:

"More than 57 percent of the $32 million the Shriners raised in 2005 through circuses, bingo games, raffles and a variety of sales went to costs of the fraternity, including keeping temple liquor cabinets full and offering expenses-paid trips to Shrine meetings and other events."

The article continues:

"Shortly after becoming Cahaba's potentate in 2003, Mr. Ballard drove to Decatur, Ala., to oversee the installation of new officers at one of the temple's affiliated clubs, the Decatur Shrine Club, which was known for a high-grossing bingo game every Tuesday night. As Mr. Ballard was leaving, a club member handed him an envelope, which he tucked into his blazer pocket, assuming it was a check. Instead, Mr. Ballard said, 'It was $1,000 in cash.' It is customary for a temple's affiliated clubs to contribute to the potentate to help defray his costs during his year in office. What concerned Mr. Ballard was that the gift was made to him directly, not through the temple, and in cash. 'It scared me to death because I could have gone out and bought myself a new set of tires with that money and no one would have ever known,' he said."

This article can be found at:


Royal Order of Jesters

A quick word about the super secret Shrine group, the Royal Order of Jesters. The Jesters are made up of top level Shrine leaders who join by invitation only. The International Royal Order of Jesters, Inc., filed a 501c3 charity return in 2005 that claims they were "Extending Assistance and Good Cheer to Others. Providing a Museum for Items and Articles of Mirth, Comedy and Laughter."

A 501c3 charity cannot be a secret society whose members join by invitation only, as this constitutes discrimination. The company who built the Jesters new building describes it as an "office building" instead of a "museum."

The company's website is here:


Building photos are here:


The National Court of the Royal Order of Jesters filed a 501c10 fraternal return in 2005. Both returns fail to list report executive compensation under the "Statement of Functional Expenses," though the fraternal return lists "Directors Expense" under the "Other Expenses" category as $31,865. Both returns were signed by Alex Rogers, who is listed as the person who keeps the books for both tax exempt groups. He is also listed on the 501c3 charity return as "Executive Director."

If you go here to http://freemasonrywatch.org/royalorderofjesters.html , you will find a statement about the Jesters, an email from one "Sam Houston," the contents of which have been confirmed by known Jesters and a letter from a director of the Jesters stating:

"The purpose of this letter is to inform you that at a recent Board of Directors meeting of the Royal Order of Jesters, a resolution was passed which directed the abolition of all Jester-related bulletin boards and internet sites. The primary reason behind such action was the desire of the Board to minimize to the extent possible our public exposure or its access to Jester information."

Many on the Imperial Divan are Jesters. The information can be found here:


If you go here, http://www.taxexemptworld.com/ and click on "Search by Name" and type in "Order of Jesters," you will find 19 pages of Jesters' groups, contact names and locations.

Unusual Numbers

Numbers reported on the Shriners' corporate tax returns, as well as those on the Dorchester Shrine Club's financial statements (See "Mortgage Madness? Shriners: Part 16"), seem to be "misstated" and either need more explanation or investigation as they seem to be out of whack and don't seem to support the groups' stated exempt purpose.

For example, the Shriners Hospitals for Children 2005 tax return reports that:

•$10,535,020 was spent on "Miscellaneous," at a rate of $28,863 a day

•$12,545,873 was spent on "Utilities," at a rate of $34,372 a day

•$59,589,434 was spent on "Supplies," at a rate of $163,258 a day

•$41,643,512 was spent on "Outside services, at a rate of $114,091 a day

Were any of these outside services provided by Shriner owned businesses?

Part VII of the Shriners Hospitals for Children 2005 tax return asks for the "Relationship of Activities to the Accomplishment of Exempt Purposes." The Shriners report their exempt purpose as:

"To Assess Fraternal Members in Order to Offset Hospital Costs."

The "Analysis of Income Producing Activities" totals $406,039,618, with the fraternal members contributing $2,028,165.

The fraternal member's contribution amounts to 0.5% or one half of one percent of the income that is supposed to justify the Shriner's exempt purpose.


"Mortgage Madness? Shriners Part 16" can be found here:


It describes how the Dorchester Shrine Club was blindsided and overtaken by the Omar temple last September. The potentate removed all the officers, suspended the club's bylaws and took over the club's finances because:

•The club's leaders had been warned "over and over about the breeding ground of drugs, excessive drinking, fights and the language"

•The club's leaders had "totally disregarded Shrine Law"

•The club's officers had "totally disregarded the Potentates directives"

•The temple had "received letter after letter and phone call after phone call after phone call complaining of the immoral conduct" at the Dorchester Shrine Club

•The club's officers allegedly refinanced the mortgage numerous times without permission

•The club's officers were allegedly delinquent in their mortgage payments

A letter from the ousted club president claimed that he was not given a chance to review the complaints. Other club officers confirmed that the mortgage had been paid on time and had not been refinanced.

After the seizure, the club was ordered to pay off their mortgage in one year.

The tax exempt purpose of the Omar Temple, who now controls the Dorchester Shrine Club, is described as:

"Fundraising events for the support of the Shriners Hospitals for Crippled and Burned Children."

The May, 2007 Dorchester Shrine Club financial statement reports that:

In the month of May, $4,075 was spent on the mortgage and $48 was spent on the hospital.

In other words, $131.45 was spent per day on the mortgage and $00.01.5 (one and one half cents) was spent on the hospital or one and one half cents was spent a day to support the temple's exempt purpose while $131.45 was spent a day on the mortgage.

The annual totals for 2007 are $13,606.31 spent on the mortgage and $465.75 spent on the hospitals.

In other words, $273.72 was spent per day for the mortgage and $00.01.9 (One and nine tenths cents) was spent on the hospitals to support the temple's exempt purpose.

Additionally, the latest Dorchester Shrine Club newsletter, the Infomar, asked for volunteers to help with a golf tournament, the proceeds of which are earmarked to pay off the mortgage. A letter from Noble Julian Seal, DSC Appointed Board of Advisors, Chairman, states that "Please think about some of this and help (the Dorchester Club Annual Golf Classic) so that we can pay off the debt of the club in 2007." The flyer states that "Proceeds Support Shrine Activities," which may be misleading because Shrine fundraising directives order that fraternal fundraising materials must state: "Proceeds are for the benefit of Dorchester Shrine Club activities."

The same newsletter may provide the answer as to why the Omar Temple overtook the Dorchester Shrine Club last year.

"Greetings from the President," by appointed DSC president, Bill Ackerman, states:

"One quick announcement; the Omar Director's Staff is looking for a new home. We are working with them to see if we can accommodate them. It looks very promising. Please make them feel welcome and answer their questions if asked. It is requested that these discussions not dwell on past negative aspects of our club's history but rather, build on the positive emergence of our club into a successful, functioning, philanthropy that will come closer to meeting its duties and responsibilities to Shrindom. If they decide to accept our requirements then it will be as regular DSC members with the same rights and privileges of any other member."

When the Director's Staff moves from the Omar Temple to the Dorchester Shrine Club's 75 acre site, they will add an extra 25 voting members to the Dorchester Shrine Club. Once the club is allowed to vote again, the Director's staff will be the majority vote.

Additionally, a "gag order" of sorts was issued by Ackerman in regard to the Director's Staff move to the Dorchester Shrine Club. It reads:

"During this time, it is requested that if you have concerns or want to make your personal feelings known, please express them to your governing body in private. Your questions and concerns will be handled in a very businesslike manner with honest and sincere responses whenever possible. There may be short periods of time when it may be difficult to us to give you an immediate response. We will answer you as soon as we know the answer and can publicize it. Please don't feed or get caught up in the 'rumor mill.' Please don't ask your governing members or any other member to conduct sensitive club business of any kind in the public forums of our club. The place for these discussions is in a sober, business environment out of the public eye. It will take several months to finalize the partnership. We want to make sure that this partnership is beneficial for all involved."

So, who is harmed by all of this?

The children. Twenty years ago, the Orlando Sentinel described how the children were being used for fundraising that was shortchanged by alleged circus ticket theft. Complaints were made to two law enforcement officers who failed to report the crimes. They were Shriners. How many more children could be helped if these groups' expenses supported their exempt purposes?

The Donors. They trust that their tax deductible contributions, trust funds, estates and bequests are going to help the children. What would they do if they knew that their donations were being spent on mortgages, lawsuits, lavish ceremonies, liens, unreported lobbyists, unreported expense accounts, and supplies at a rate of $163,258 a day?

Other charity groups. They want to tell others about their good works as they uphold the highest standards of non profit transparency, disclosure and accountability. Instead, the public's trust in these groups is shaken as the headlines describe fraud, sex-scandals, drunkenness and corruption associated with groups such as the United Way, the Red Cross, the Smithsonian and, now, the Shriners.

The tax payers. It is the taxpayers who must make up for what the tax exempt groups do not pay. For example, both Shrine fraternal and charitable share the same headquarters in Tampa, Florida where the Hillsborough County property tax assessment is over $450,000. Since both groups are classified as tax-exempt, they don't pay any property tax.

The United State Department of Revenue and the IRS exempt organization section. These agencies rely on accurate information to justify the conditional tax exempt status enjoyed by groups like the Shriners. An April 5, 2005 Chronicle of Philanthropy article, "Nonprofit Abuses Cost Federal Government Billions of Dollars, IRS Chief Tells Senators" states:

"'Abuses by nonprofit groups and donors are costing the federal government about $15-billion a year in lost revenue,' Internal Revenue Service commissioner Mark W. Everson told a Senate committee today."

The members. The average Shriner has no idea about any of this as they continue to faithfully drive patients and their parents to any of the 22 Shriner Hospitals for Children so they can get medical care at no cost. Or get up early on a Saturday to set up for a pancake breakfast. Or dress up like a clown to visit the sick and crippled children and put a smile on their faces.

The whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation by a portion of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Unfortunately, these Shriners have been sued, suspended, intimidated and censored for asking financial questions that the Shrine leadership, from the bottom all the way to the top, refuses to answer.

Maybe those in the offices of the California Attorney General, California Franchise Tax Board, the Orange County District Attorney, California Secretary of State and the IRS are the only ones who can get answers to those financial questions that remain unanswered.

If they don't, who will?

All copies of material reprinted or duplicated from by Sandy Frost must include the following credit line: From http://sandyfrost.newsvine.com/ Copyright © 2007 by Sandy Frost. Used by permission.

The mortgage is paid from public rentals of the building, not contributions. Money for the hospital comes from fund raising events. If the members don't support them, then no money is raised for the hospital. And yes, we do have events that state proceeds go to the mortgage, but if you only make a profit of 14.00 then that's all there is.
The Director's staff has 25 votes so all anyone has to do to change the vote is show up and vote!! There are 200 members without the Directors Staff. There are only a handful of members who show up to support or help with any activity, and those few are getting burned out.
There was no order to pay the mortgage off in a year, that was a goal the president set. After it is paid, rental money can also go to the hospital.
I'm all for finding the real corruption and having it dealt with, the sooner the better for all the little guys involved in the shrine.
DSC wants to keep everything that happened in the past and work towards getting everything back on the right track and I really don't think people should be using these articles as a personal vendetta against DSC.
No AngleRE: Dorchester Shrine Club...

First off let me say thank you to this wonderful organization...Thanks to the Shrine Hospital my daughter has been walking on both feet for 22 years now. God Bless you all and your good works!!!!!!!!!! As someone who knows quite a few of the individuals who make up DSC let me say that I will never stop giving and will give as much as I can as often as I can.

I am trying to figure out the connection between the above issues with the entities in the news links/articles above and Dorchester Shrine Club.

Seems to me that the events that occurred at DSC last year have been sensationalized for the purpose of a proving some kind of criminal behavoir or intent relative to this particular sect of the Shrine organization...Obviously if there was one there would be similar news articles/links detailing the arrests/lawsuits...etc. of the individuals who are supposedly commiting all of these crimes at Dorchester Shrine Club.

You have some angry people because they don't get to LIVE at DSC anymore for $600 per year. They abused a right, not a priviledge and as a result it jumped up and bit them in the behind. Poor litle Dick Pollard, being elevated to being protected under the law as a whistleblower...I sure hope he is proud of his actions...can what he is doing out of revenge and anger really be classified as whistleblowing?

Since the campground closed there has been very little participation in events with regards to DSC, is it because that select few that you get your info from with regards to meetings, financials and supposed "gag orders" can't walk home to their $600 a year home...oh yeah, that supposed "gag order", are you sure it wasn't just a request to quit harrassing other members.

How many members participate in the various events such as the dances, etc. which are clearly stated benefit the hospital? This is about the kids and a lot of these individuals have let their anger at what happened last year control their actions to date and have lost sight of what is important.

It is pure stupidity however to believe that the organization itself does not need funds to function!!! Is the club really operating any differently now than it has in the past...did you ask your source how much money was given to the hospital last year in the same time frame as the info you recently received?

In addition to attack those currently APPOINTED to head DSC is nothing short of childish. You all brought this on yourselves and you need to accept responsibility for your actions.

Obviously if there is corruption at DSC then those responsible should be punished.

Sandy, are you absolutely sure you aren't just a pawn in a game of revenge? Have you asked yourself if this was such an explosive story why Post and Courier dropped it?
BROTHERHOODSandy, thank you for reporting a little "pro" sentiment with the "con". You have brought to light many negative things that have been found. But even in your article you show that there has been corrective action taken by the law and by the Shrine organization for "true" illegal acts. However, you still state many unfounded beliefs and portray individuals who are known alcoholics and immoral, as victims and whistle blowers. Once again I say....Go after the illegal acting individuals!!! But get your information straight. What's happening at DSC is a cleansing of the immorality and a return to the mission that Shriners are about. The few who are restarting DSC and the units who are trying to help are not the villains. The cry babies who have lost control of their "private club" should be scrutinized more closely! As for the "Jesters" controlling Shrindom.....DREAM ON! You're telling us that a few individuals can control a multi-national organization. LOL! Each little club is in control of itself as long it doesn't do immoral or illegal activities. That's reality!
Sandy FrostDear mllmgea, No Angle and BROTHERHOOD,

You were probably so excited when you signed up as new Newsvine users, you may have missed the Newsvine Code of Honor, especially items 1 and 2, which read:

1.Above all else, respect others. If you see disrespectful behavior, report it, rather than further inflaming the situation.

2.Before you write, seed, or comment, ask yourself if your contribution increases the strength and virtue of the community.

It appears that you speak on behalf of the Omar Shrine Temple, as Dorchester Shrine Club (DSC) members are forbidden from discussing these matters in public, and that your anonymous comments are nothing more than an attempt to discredit whistle blower Dick Pollard.

I have reviewed your comments and it is clear that they fail to address any of the documentation and/or data presented.

The articles that investigate the Omar Shrine Temple's takeover of the DCS point out that these, and associated actions, may violate Shrine laws, state charity and IRS exempt organization laws as well as the laws that protect Mr. Pollards rights as a whistleblower.

If further comments by you:

1) Fail to focus on and address the documents and facts that describe the Omar Shrine Temple's takeover of the Dorchester Shrine Club

2) Further attack Mr. Pollard

you will be reported to Newsvine administrators.

This is not the forum for damage control, disinformation or retaliation. Your comments seem to be intent on trashing Mr. Pollard's reputation and could ultimately be construed as being libelous and defamatory and, as such, will not be tolerated.

Thank you,

mllmgeaRestoredI have not "trashed or discredited" anyone! My comments are based on fact. My comment states the mortgage is paid from proceeds of public rentals, that is in your article. My comment addresses the Director's Staff voting, that is in your article. Do you need documentation on these things? Seems to me you are getting only part of the story.
BROTHERHOODRestoredSandy, I was not "excited" merely concerned. Code of Honor? Does bringing down an organization whose MAJORITY of members (I love the American Democracy) volunteer time, labor and money for ill children seem not to be inflaming or does it increase the strenght or virtue of a community? Your belief that I speak on behalf of someone else.....DO YOU HAVE SOME DOCUMENTATION OF THAT? Or perhaps that is disinformation? I speak as myself, one, an American. Discredit Dick Pollard? Not me. I'll let the facts speak for themselves. So if you feel you need to report me....so be it. I do however feel your statements threatening to me, and as such could be construed as being an infringement of my right to freedom of speech, ultimately being construed as libelous and should not be tolerated. I have reviewed your "group" reponse, and it is clear that I have addressed all your statements. With that in mind, I bid you goodbye. May God Bless and truth and justice prevail.

No AngleRestoredYou know, I am seriously beginning to believe it when everyone says the media only cares abouth their agenda's instead of the truth.

You yourself seem to be intent on discrediting and trashing some of the individuals/entities whom you have named in your articles and don't care what the reasoning or truth is behind the actions that Omar Temple took last year. Basically DSC is being watched by big brother and it is up to the members of DSC to get back to the mission and once again it's members can regain control.

Are my comments disrespectful or just another side of the story that you disagree with?

These articles do nothing more than serve to harm a hobbling organization who is trying very hard to get back on their feet...this hurts the children in the end, period. DSC's mortgage should have been paid off along time ago. Just so you know...everytime I have given whether it be buying candles that someone made out of thier personal pockets, or paid for a dance on the floor that someone paid for out of their personal pocket, bought a raffle ticket, a dinner, etc...I knew by the flyer put out exactly what my money was going to support.

Mr. Pollard was okay with the status quo until Omar Temple went in and took control due to numerous complaints by other members. Unless you have personally been to DSC's meetings or other events the fact of the matter is that you are only getting one side of the story and your reporting of the situation at DSC is indicative of the partial truths and rumors that brought the issue to head in the first place.

If you expected to compare the events that Omar took against DSC to the news articles above and not have individuals as close to the situation as Dick Pollard (and is some cases closer) respond to the negativity with the positive's that are now happening you are sadly mistaken.

No one was happy at the actions of Omar Temple but the fact of the matter is something had to be done with some of the situations that were occuring. If Omar Temple violated any laws then they should be tried fairly in a court of law and if members of DSC were in violation of laws then they also should be tried fairly in a court of law. Your articles again seem to favor Dick Pollard's assertion of events surrounding the Omar takeover instead of seeking the whole truth behind the matter and seems intent on defaming those currently appointed to run DSC until the mess is sorted out. Those individuals have very little say in how things are currently run and are at the same mercy of Omar Temple as Dick Pollard.

Disinformation:Aren't you guilty of that yourself...pegging on one particular comment you made:

Sandy Says:
"It appears that you speak on behalf of the Omar Shrine Temple, as Dorchester Shrine Club (DSC) members are forbidden from discussing these matters in public"

You yourself placed in your article verbatim what you called a "gag order" issued by Bill Ackerman. No where in that paragraph does it state that members are "forbidden" to talk to anyone.

I have not trashed or attempted to discredit Dick Pollard in any way shape form or fashion, it is what it is and if Dick Pollard feels better reporting to you or anyone else for that matter then that is his perogative...I just think it should be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. BTW...from what I can see Dick Pollard continues to embrace DSC an be embraced by the members of DSC...

These comments have addressed in many ways Omar Temple's takeover...you obviously only want attacks on Omar Temple and those who have been appointed to run DSC...sorry...report me if it makes you happy...anyone can start a blog these days.
No AngleHaving recently finishing up a lawsuit against a supposed 501c (3) corporation and also having served as a director on a seperate 501c (3) corporation I am very familiar with non-profits, by-laws, articles, memberships vs. non memberships, etc.

Another thing I am familiar with is basic human nature.

In regards to the Omar Shrine Temple takeover of Dorchester Shrine Club in my opinion the only questionable act on the part of Omar Shrine Temple is the manner in which the came in during a meeting, police in tow and proceeded to create some uneccessary drama. As such, subsequent reporting or "whistleblowing" was inevitable.

Having said that however, as far as I and many others who are familiar with the situation are concerned the reasons behind the takeover were completely valid.

Not everything is as black and white as the articles concerning Omar Shrine Temple and DSC would lead someone to believe, there are some definite gray areas.

It serves no purpose for me or anyone else to lay out specific instances which validate the reasons for Omar's takeover in a public forum as is obvious to responses when some of the posters here did just that.

Suffice it to say that to my knowledge, there have currently been no arrests, lawsuits, etc. of individuals at Omar Shrine Temple with regards to Dorchester Shrine Club and for me cannot be compared to some of the links to stories above and the only continued interest in the story there seems to be here in this forum.

It seems to me that Omar Shrine Temple should be commended, not in the actual act itself but in it's intent to get DSC back to it's mission and taking the action it did by removing officers, etc. there is no question in the minds of quite a few DSC members that the organization itself has begun the healing process and will continue to do so.
#9 - Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:55 AM EDT

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