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May 1, 2005
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I am not clear if you are able to answer a question, in confidence? I serve on a board of an otherwise Christian ministry where I recently learned that one of the other board members has become a 33rd degree freemason within the past year. He is actually now serving as both Treasurer and the interim director of this organization. Recently, we also created a new position of human resources (HR) director to start to set up a fair system of competition for jobs in this somewhat large organization. The 33rd degree board member promptly filled it with his hand pick. Now, we were recently sent a resume of a person to fill the position of Career Specialist, again a hand pick, supposedly of the new HR director.

Here is my question: At the bottom of the man's resume he lists "interests" including the usual: travel, reading cinema... then there is a curious interest: "Guiding Light". This may or may not be a reference to the popular American "soap opera", but learning, from your website, how Masons seem to help each other "up the ladder" in the business world, I was wondering if you ever heard of this phrase being used in a resume as a "code", from one Mason to another, to help the hiring Mason know they have a brother Mason as an applicant? I know it is the name of several Masonic Lodges in the US.

I just came upon your website and find it to be very interesting. Thank you for your time on this matter.

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