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Egypt, Mansour, Coup, Freemason

News & Research Articles

U.S./Israel - The Millennium Report: Even President Truman had grave misgivings about the establishment of Israel - 01/27/18

Egypt - FW Post: Egyptian Movie Star Hussein Fahmy: The Muslim Brotherhood Is a Masonic Mafia (VIDEO) - 02/10/2013

Egypt - FW Post: New Egyptian President Adly Mansour Freemason Gesture During Cairo Swearing-In Ceremony - 27/09/13

Egypt - Freemasonry Watch Blog: Former Muslim Brotherhood member: Brotherhood took a lot from Freemasonry - 01/09/2013

Israel - Jews News Blog/Arutz Sheva: Israeli Supreme Court Built To Masonic Guidelines? Article in Maariv - 26/08/13

Israel - FW Post: The New Israel Supreme Court Building, Jerusalem: Masonic Signs and Sights (VIDEO) - 17/08/2013

Syria - Syrian Arab News Agency: President al-Assad issues law on penalties for individuals who enter Syrian territories illegally - 25/06/2013

Syria - Syrian Arab News Agency: Terrorists assassinate Franciscan Catholic monk, sabotage a Church in Idleb - 25/06/2013

Syria - Syrian Arab News Agency: German Intel Report says 95% of 'free army' consists of non-Syrian extremist groups - 13/06/2013

U.S./Israel - FW Post: CNN Says Tension at White House Meeting between Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu and Freemason Barack Obama? - 21/05/2013

Syria - CFR Magazine: How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria's Revolution - 13/03/2013

Egypt - Agence France-Presse: Bro. Mubarak says Egyptians should support Morsi (PHOTO) - 12/03/2013

Israel - Freemasonry Watch Blog - Le Scandal: The Arab world’s revolutions have exposed the moral bankruptcy of France’s masonic foreign policy (Freemason 'Gesture' King Hussein of Jordan) - 21/12/2012

Egypt/Israel - Freemasonry Watch Blog: State of Israel’s foreign policy has depended on regional masonic alliances since Colonial French North Africa era in 1950’s: Report (The Mubareks) - 21/12/2012

U.S./Israel - Freemasonry Watch Blog: Freemason Barack Obama hints that two-state solution may be impossible: Report (Freemason 'Gesture' Barack Obama) - 20/12/2012

U.S./Israel - Freemasonry Watch Blog: Freemasons Bro. Benjamin Netanyahu & Bro. Joe Biden Masonic Handsignals during 2011 US Congress Address - 16/12/2011

Jordan - New York Times: Many Layers of Meaning in Royal Trip to Ramallah - (King Abdullah II Bro. pic) - 21/11/2011

Syria - The Begin-Sadat Center For Strategic Studies: The Alawites and Israel - Brotherhood Reincarnated - 04/05/2011

Egypt - Vancouver Sun: Salacious and classified security files turning up on Facebook - Documents purport to lay out Egypt State Security involvement in church bombing & torture - 08/03/2011

Israel/Palestine - FW Post: Secret Masonic 'Grip' Between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas (PHOTO) - 08/11/2008

Egypt-Lebanon-U.S.A. - CounterPunch Magazine: Inside the Masonic Lodge, An Arab View - 31/10/03

Israel - Barry Chamish: Masons Busted in Tel Aviv

Egypt - Alamut/Ritual Magic Homepage: Qabalah, Freemasonry, the Tijaniyah Order, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaida, and Sufism

Israel - Why the PLO is Tunneling Under the Temple Mount, by Barry Chamish

U.S./Canada/Israel - The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith

U.S./U.K./Israel - Executive Intelligence Review: Why are Freemasons conducting 'studies' of the Temple Mount?

Israel - Robert Gillette's Kabbalah Page - 'The Kabbalah is not Kosher, it is Magical Gnosticism'

Israel - The Kabbalah the Polar Opposite of Judaism, by Barry Chamish

Israel - The Occultism of the Bible? and the Kabbalah, by Rabbi H. Geffen, 32 degree, F.P.S.

U.S./Canada/Israel - The Scottish Rite and the Cabala


AskMoses.com - Is reincarnation an accepted Jewish belief?

The Yemeni Koranic Manuscripts: Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code

'Islamic Jesus' hits Iranian movie screens - Jesus Skipped Town, Judas Hung Around: New Film Premiers in Tehran Theatres

JPost: Lawmaker proposes bill mandating Hebrew dates on state-issued ID

The Rainbow Swastika, A Report to the Jewish People about New Age Anti-Semitism, by Hannah Newman

UPI Investigation reveals that Israel funded Hamas for twenty years

The C.F.R.'s Manipulation of the Mid-East Peace Process, by Barry Chamish

Victor Ostrovsky: How Mossad got America to bomb Libya and fight Iraq

Who is Osama Bin Laden? The C.I.A., Pakistani ISI, and the Afghan Heroin Trade

The Messiah and One World Government - The Messianic Idea in Judaism

The Sirius Mystery, the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, and the Great White Lodge of Freemasonry, by Robert Temple

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Las Vegas Needs to Lure Back Tourists, But Some Vow Never to Return - 13/10/2017

Freemasonry Watch Blog - C.I.A.: no al-qaeda ever existed – BBC documentary the power of nightmares (VIDEO) - 09/01/2013

Born in Blood - Masonic New World Order(s)

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