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The Guestbook feature has now been permanently closed eliminating over a thousand entries by masons and non-masons over the years because of continuous spamming, vulgarity, and provocateur games by 'e-masons'. Please continue on to the moderated Freemasonry Watch Discussion Board or e-mail us your views which may be posted to the Mail Room.

Major Matt Mason

'The Freemason'

The Freemason, is at heart a cheat. Here we have the sleazy little fellow who thinks he can advance in life by trickery or 'craft' as they call it so aptly.

He is the dishonest toerag seeking unfair advantage over his fellow earth-travellers or brethren; he is a scoundrel of the first order who knows nothing of brotherhood and everything about how to cut corners.

Therefore you will observe these chaps to be shoddy and of below average wit. This is why we see so many criminals attracted to their fold, and because of their inherent dimness we see that they are so easily manipulated by their masters at the top.