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Is Jay Z a Freemason?

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Is Jay Z a Freemason?

May 14, 2007

Rapper and Hip Hop mogul Jay Z's occult symbolic connections

Jay Z's Rocawear company logo is the astrological symbol of Virgo and alchemical symbol for Mercury.



Comment by J MAXWELL — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

To read!!!

The Necessity

Comment by Fantini — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

it truly a shame that some people waste ther time looking for ufo’s elfs etc..so what he just make music……

Comment by brucehaley2000 — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

greetings, from the day i register through the the illuminati web sites and mind news site my life have changed to a better vision and am confidence with my self. blessed be

Comment by ekeleme cosmas — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

That handshake convinced me. It sounded like a witch hunt. But that handshake is unmistakable. That was plain as day.

Comment by T — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

And it kinda makes sense how Nas and Jay are down all of a sudden. And Jay seems a bit less gangster. Thats just me speculating, I still think that handshake is the smoking gun.

Comment by T — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

the handshake “got you”

it wasnt the fact that he throws up the all seeing eye and calls himself ja-hova!??!??

Comment by jahbulon — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Of course he’s a Mason, black-rapper from NY, over 200 million dollars? says it all. Why do you think Dame and him split like that?

This guy gets deals with GM and Apple, the only way to make such connections is through word of mouth from very powerful people. He’s on TV all the time, CEO, influential, hmm, good candidate? I think so, he’s a greedy bastard & water finds its own level. Symbols are everywhere, apart from the Diamond symbol, his clothes, his mannerisms, even the ads that agencies put out for him are tailored images of a group effort. Hip Hop is getting BIG, so they’re taking measures.

Comment by AK — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

I totally think Jay-Z is a Freemason.I mean he has a clothing line called Skull and Bones.How Masonic can you get?Nas and Kanye have something to do with Freemasonry too.Beyonce has Freemason club mixes.Coincidence?I THINK NOT.

Comment by Anti-Freemason — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

BTW Ya’ll,go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDSsoZIaymA

Comment by Anti-Freemason — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

[...] subliminal messages” from Jay Z BACKMASKING. This video was posted in response to the popular Jay Z Freemason video I had previously posted on Illuminati [...]

Pingback by Illuminati Subliminal Messages in Rap Music § Illuminati Archives: Occult Conspiracy Media — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Of course this man jay-z have most of our youth calling him hova and he actually prophecized how nuch money he will make on the bluprint 2 album

Comment by adreamdiffered — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Okay, im sorry. He isn’t a freemason! He isn’t giving any signs, the chances are he is a virgo and this is the reason for his symbolism on his brands. If he is a mason he must be clandestine, all i see is mildly adapted gang signs and words

Comment by Hiram Abiff — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

man all you people out here all was talking shit about what you dont understand shit if j is a brother so what hes not going to show you any signs anyway all you people that dont understand us ask us and if you cant respect the truth then dont lie on us we dont brother you so dont fuck with us to be one just ask one to get yourself fucked up fuck with one

Comment by bro grier — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

1st ting first listen 2 the chorus of jay-z’s song D’Evils(”illuminati want my mind soul and body”"secret society has its eye on me”),plus all those symbols are clearly freemasonry symbols so none of ye say its a load of shit coz its clear as day!!The Freemasons are a society shroudeded in mystery and realy little is known about the inner workings except for info received from ex-members and alot of consiricy theories but what is known distinctly is all de symbols that jay-z clearly shows-the hand shake wit fellow freemason Nas(listen to lyrics of it aint hard to tell).jay-z’s clothing line symbol, the pyramid wit the eye, the skull and boes and wat made me take notice all of all this and id have 2 say this is very intertesting.Take a look at the record labels name(Roc-a-Fella) and now read this carefully, the men who controll the illuminati (or freemasons call it wait u want dere de same) are from 13 wealthy families one of which is called Rockefeller, very similar coincidence i say not!!!!!

Why wud freemasons want Jay-Z?

simply because he is famous and is a voice to millions of people across the world, a perfect way to spread their word plus his a billionaire and is ceo of def jam records and has huge imfluence in the world of modern hip hop, a huge industry listened 2 by millions!!!!! ill leave it at that!!!!!!


Comment by Killuminati — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Hitler borrowed lots of religious and other symbols to suit his needs as well.

Comment by shane fen — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Worshipping and serving created things rather than the Creator is the whole theme of Masonic symbolism - to replace and dethrone the God of Israel and His Chosen Messiah with a different kind of imagery. In a Revelation 20 context it is clear that whoever is not with the Lord, the God of Israel is against him and siding with his opponent. There is no middle ground. You either serve the devil or serve the God of Israel through the Name of His chosen Messiah - Yeshua/Jesus. Freemasonry seeks to confuse the message of Christ with anti-Christ principles and once the doctrines of the Bible are compared with the doctrines of Freemasonry, sure, there might be Masons who are good men seeking a better life, but their doctrines are altogether evil. The intention of Freemasonry is to exist for anarchy and the opposition of all government and authority - to erect the devil’s pyramid on the backs of willing slaves who worship themselves rather than Earth’s Creator. It is very clear to me that GOOD MOTIVES and GOOD INTENTIONS cannot replace Truth, as Biblically outlined. The whole financial system is in opposition to the principles of Jesus Christ and although there are many Freemasons who have professed Christian faith, no matter how goodly intended, the doctrines of Masonry are clearly Satanic. Check out the evidence of what I’m saying on my site. Poor little J Maxwell just doesn’t get it and why should anyone want a job in Satan’s system? I think Maxwell’s observation is based on personal experience and very primitive. Poor schmuck just doesn’t get it. As for those of you who do get it and aren’t primitive in thought and dialogue like Mr. Maxwell, I would urge you to conduct a healthy investigation of all the facts first before rendering a conclusion. Conspiracy fact differs from conspiracy theories and anyone examining world governments must be able to separate fact from fiction. My site offers you the facts.

Comment by Michael Sunstar — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Yes, we are in a war between the devil and his advocates and God’s Angels and His advocates and anyone on the side of the Holy Spirit rejects Freemasonry as a series of doctrines that did not come from the Good and Righteous One Who Created Heaven and Earth. Masonry’s symbolism is preparing the world for the Revelation 13 and Revelation 20 scenario, already in effect today. If you are not with Jesus then you are against Jesus. Freemasonry has another Christ, another Jesus, who is counterfeit from the real deal. http://www.lulu.com/tmfsunstar

Comment by Michael Sunstar — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

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Comment by john french — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

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Comment by Michael Sunstar — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

He cant be a Freemason you gimps. He may be a Prince Hall Mason, but I gaurantee he is not a AF & AM. There is a big fundamental diff you dont know about.

Comment by Corey Nelson — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Greetings to all people, first off i’m a freemason, in fact i’m a 3rd generation freemason. I say each to thier own. Freemason does not worship satan. I’m a devoted christian and believe in the father, son , and holy spirt. If any thing, freemasonary encourages me to practice my faith, to help out those that need help, and to live in truth and faith in god. isn’t that what the bible teaches us too? so what if jay z is throwing signs. i don’t reconize them to be any thing masonic related. live to be a just, honest, hardworking, up right person thats what freemason is all about. help those you can help, and live right. be productive and say grace. i know where my heart is and it is inline with jesus and our father god. when i am layed in the ground and i’m standing infront of god to be judged, if i am lucky he will say well done my good and faithfull servant. Peace be with you all.

Comment by Mvader — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

nas is the one you need to watch, cos if all is true and only them and god know there truth behind closed doors, then nas is the more deceptive one cos he goes on like some black prophet, i qoute a lyric from the farther of hip hop krs1.WHEN YOU THINK OF JESUS THINK OF THE SUN THE FLAMEING SUN, THATS WERE THEY STOLE THIS CONCEPT FROM, STOP BELIVEING AND RAED YOUR BIBLE LOGICIALLY THE NEW TESTAMENT IS REALLY OLD ASTROGLOGY, JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD KNOW LIE BUT THEY MIGHT BE TALKING ABOUT THE SUN UP IN THE SKY.


Comment by lou-kastro — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

I for one believe that spreading the word of Jesus Christ even by menas of pop culture is in the end a good thing

Comment by Jesus Christ of Nazareth — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

2 problems with your lil theory first jay z is not the desighner of the clothes and 2 jay is a sagitarius not a virgo and the hand thing is a fuccin diamond not a triangle hence “the roc the the the roc” its rocafella ya’ll my man has his own gang what the fuck he need with the masons???

Comment by ares bless — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

You people must be retards to believe any of this shit. The handshake is photoshopped and is physically impossible! So what if he has a skull and crossbones tshirt, does that make all the pirates of the sea illuminati aswel? The cross and crown thing is lighter than pee wee herman drinkin a diet coke in terms of cred. GET A GRIP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS

Comment by L money dollars — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

…anyone and I mean ANYONE who thinks that JAY Z is just music is insane, the Illuminati have had musicians, politicians, play writes etc for hundreds of years! The symbolism of J is NOT A COINCIDENCE! Wake the hell up people!

Comment by Eastborn — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

Jay Z is definitley part of the illuminati but they are branched into many many secret societies. Freemasonry is a very secretive organization where members on one level have no idea what thehigher people are doing. Once you become a 32/33 degree mason they make you denounce god and side with the devil.

They have control over media, finance, health institutions and much more.

They are slowly preparing people’s minds for the coming of the dajaal (anti-christ). In the holy quran it is said that the dajaal will have one eye (Does that ring a bell to anyone).

It is not too late to embrace islam don’t believe what the media say about islam because they put people off since they know it’s their true enemy to globalize the world. Allah sent all the scriptures including the bible and the torah but as time went people changd the words in the bible and made it inconsistent. Allah then sent down the holy quran and promised to protect it to make sure the same thing didn’t happen to the quran. After 1400 years a single word hasn’t changed from it unlike the bible. Christians you are the closest people to muslims and we embrace you as you follow the bible and it’s not your fault that it is corrupted by evil people. Embrace muhammed (pbuh), Embrace isa (jesus pbuh) and pledge your heart to the allmighty allah.

Comment by pBUH — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

I always kind of knew it. Jay-Z compares himself to God, but never thanks God in his music. The Roc symbol also exemplifies incantations, and was one of 2Pac’s enemies (hence Killuminati?) Think about how Kanye manipulated religion to jumpstart his rap career. Nas somehow believes he’s a pharoah. 50 Cent and Diddy chill with the president…. Hmmm? Be Sure to check my myspace page, I have a song called “I Thank God”, it is important to hear things like that in this day and age.

Comment by GP Productions — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

i dont know are there are masons anti masons,what the fuck, is the illuminati part of the masons or against it or both,2 sides of the same coin. like christianity/satanism.no one would be a christian if there was no devil to run from,and there would be no satanism if there was no moral majority to shock,who knows they dont even know, even god dont know. i think id join just to find out but than again what if it is?

Comment by vincent giordano — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

WoW! the curse of imagination lies in the unknown! you bloggers do not even realise what good or bad you are doing. how many dkdndsv 15 want sfhv? if sure follow the light! it brings me joy to see a section in action.

Comment by nangah — On 05-14-07 at 2:22 am

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