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Judge sentencing delayed to May because of ongoing FBI investigation into Jesters Organization

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Friday, February 27, 2009

News Briefs

A former New York Supreme Court judge awaiting sentencing for his part in recruiting prostitutes for a club gathering in Brantford in 2007 will learn in May if he will go to prison.

Ronald H. Tills, 74, has already pleaded guilty to a series of infractions involving arranging and transporting prostitutes for weekend meetings of his club, the Royal Order of Jesters. The Jesters are part of the Freemasons.

Tills's sentencing is rescheduled to May 7.

Tills admitted he arranged for prostitutes from N. Y., Ohio and Texas to provide services at a Brantford meeting of the Jesters in October 2007.

His proceedings have been delayed because he is co-operating with the authorities in the ongoing FBI investigation into the Jesters.

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