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Former NY judge convicted of transporting hookers to Royal Order of Jesters Ontario meeting

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Former N. Y. judge convicted of transporting hookers to Jesters meeting



A New York Supreme Court judge may be sentenced to prison after admitting on Thursday he had recruited prostitutes for a club gathering in Brantford a year ago.

Ronald H. Tills, 73, admitted to a series of infractions involving prostitutes which he undertook for his club, a national group called the Royal Order of Jesters, according to the Buffalo News and the Lockport Union- Sun & Journal.

He said he arranged for prostitutes from various states to travel to Jesters' meetings in places like New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Brantford.

The Brantford meeting of the Jesters took place in October 2007 and Tills said he arranged for prostitutes from three different states to provide services at the gathering.

Tills was director of the Buffalo chapter of the Jesters -- an organization with ties to Masonry -- when he was responsible for providing call-girls for meetings.

He admitted to transporting prostitutes to Jesters meetings on at least five occasions where a state line was crossed. He pleaded guilty to a violation of the U. S. Mann Act, which makes it illegal to transport people across states borders for the purposes of prostitution.

Tills' lawyer told the court the former judge realizes his conduct was wrong and will lead to serious consequences.

He'll be sentenced on Jan. 12.

According to the Buffalo News, federal agents are continuing to investigate the Jesters' club involvement in human trafficking and prostitution.

The Buffalo Jesters aren't likely the only chapter of the group involved, according to papers filed by the U. S. Attorney's office.

Tills has agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

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