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Shriners' Royal Order of Jesters Hide Prostitutes' Expenses, Blackmail Themselves into Secrecy

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Sandy Frost Newsvine

Updated: Copyright Infringement Challenge Settled, Jesters Hide Prostitutes' Expenses, Blackmail Themselves into Secrecy

Fri Oct 23, 2009

By Sandy Frost

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Louisiana Jester Emblem.
Update: 11/11/2009: The author of the Royal Order of Jesters "Mirth Missives" newsletter, Mack "Tazmack" Gooding, filed a second copyright infringement notice with Newsvine today, incorrectly claiming that I edited out his copyright notices on the newsletters as well as the subscription lists previously linked to in this article. FYI, here is a copy of the first notice he filed last March. For those of you in possession of past "Mirth Missives" as well as the subscriptlon lists, you know that there are no copyright notices anywhere on these documents. Here's a question for the rest of you. What kind of a nonprofit group has members who will go to any length to hide their newsletter and subscription list? What kind of a tax exempt group has members who threaten to drag a journalist to federal court because they are desperate to discover the sources who have provided these materials because that is what this is all about. Therefore, I am removing the links in question to protect my sources.

Thank you,

Sandy Frost

Adult content warning: Links to the Jesters official publication, the "Mirth Missives," make public material of a sexual, racist, misogynistic and otherwise offensive and derogatory nature. If you don't want to be offended, don't click on the links. Seriously.

Editor's Note: I've been investigating allegations of Shriner tax fraud and misuse of charitable donations for three and a half years. We're way beyond that now as their secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters, is under investigation for operating a nationwide network of prostitution and child sex tourism. That's going to other countries to have sex with kids. As a matter of clarification, the Shriners, those goofy old guys in the red fezzes who work hard to support their beloved network of 22 hospitals that provide free medical care to burned and crippled children, are first Master Masons. Most have no idea that their charity has been compromised by those Shriners who accepted secret invitations to join the Royal Order of Jesters. This is the biggest nonprofit scandal of our time; that some Shriners hid behind burned and crippled children and conspired to convince the IRS to grant tax exempt status to their own nonprofit group so they could throw huge parties at tax payer expense. Like a nearly $600,000 weekend party. The IRS grants tax exempt status in exchange for providing some social or community benefit. The Jesters exempt purpose is "Promoting fellowship and fraternalism and extending assistance and good cheer to others" though they fail to detail their program accomplishments on their tax returns. So, when the Jesters don't pay certain taxes, fees and other obligations in exchange for providing program services, they are the only ones who benefit. This is illegal. When the Jesters don't pay taxes, the rest of us make up for it. That's how nonprofits work. It is my hope that the Shriners can somehow clean up their fraternity, to include denouncing, disassociating from and severing all ties to the Royal Order of Jesters, because oversight by law enforcement is no way to help the kids.

Sandy Frost

October 23, 2009

The Shriners secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters, continues partying with prostitutes at tax payer expense, in spite of being investigated for interstate prostitution and child sex tourism.

It's business as usual for who have sex with hookers like Misty LaSweet because they think that their Jester brothers in law enforcement and the judiciary system will protect them above all else.

Remember, those Jesters caught by the Buffalo FBI in a human trafficking sting included a former New York Supreme Court Judge, his law clerk and a retired police captain. All pleaded guilty and were sentenced for taking an illegal alien prostitute from the Buffalo area to a Jester party in Ashland, Kentucky.

Doesn't look like anyone went to bat for those guys. Instead, national Jester leaders like Gary N. Martin tell reporters that the Buffalo bust was an isolated incident, implying that the Jesters don't participate in prostitution.

This invitation from the Jesters of Texas 2008 announces that the group will honor Royal Director Gary N. Martin at a Stag bash and that "Mirth - It's Bigger and Better in Texas!"

This party was scheduled two weeks after Hurricane Ike closed the Shriners Hospital for Children (SHC) in Galveston. Nowhere on the invitation does it ask these Jesters, invited from the ranks of Shriner leaders, to help their hospital rebuild or raise money to again provide free medical care to burned children.

In addition to being Royal Director of the Jesters, Martin is also on the board of the Mexico Shriners hospital.

In mid-August 2009, Jesters were meeting in Montana for their Book of the Play.

It's their initiation for the 13 new Shriners invited each year. That's after the candidates tell a review board ten self-incriminating secrets that no one else knows about them. For the privilege of joining the Jesters, the prospective members blackmail themselves by admitting to embezzlement and anything and everything else to keep them from squealing on their brother Jesters.

If they talk, these secrets are then used against them.

Here's an announcement for a Jester event in Yosemite put on by Fresno Court #157.

Here's a copy of the Jester newsletter, (Link Removed 11/11/2009) "Mirth Missives" from Super Bowl Sunday 2008. It includes a Jester wide warning about me and an offer from the then- publisher for free pharmaceuticals.

Here's another (Link Removed 11/11/2009) "Mirth Missives" with a picture that advises: "Play Dumb - If she looks TOO young, just assume she is 18."

According to sources, the then publisher replaced his computer last August because it "crashed," destroying all evidence of Jester records, confidential subscription lists and archived "Mirth Missives" in the process. He later demitted from the Royal Order of Jesters last October "for personal reasons."

Here are "Mirth Missive" subscription lists from April, 2006 (Link Removed 11/11/2009) and February, 2008 (Link Removed 11/11/2009).

As you scan the lists to see if you can recognize any of the names, you'll find no copyright marks on either the subscription list or the "Mirth Missives."

According to sources, the Jesters also traffick prostitutes around the country for their weekly meetings.

The U.S. Attorney"s office describes the Royal Order of Jesters as:

"This organization maintained chapters throughout the United States, including in Western New York, and it was the custom of these chapters to host periodic meetings, usually on weekends, for their members. At most of these meetings, some members of the organization would be tasked to arrange for the presence of women at the meetings, for the specific purpose of utilizing the women to engage in sexual intercourse and other sexual activity with the organization's members in exchange for money."

Sources claim that these "Books" include hospitality rooms for high stakes gambling, with as much as $100,000 in the middle of the tables.

They also allege that the Jesters pay for the prostitute's expenses, to include one who regularly accompanies a married member of the Royal line from state to state. These expenses are then hidden on the Jesters' tax returns as un-itemized expenses for the "Book of the Play" and payments to hotels on financial statements.

Additionally, sources identified a Jester doctor who certifies that the prostitutes are disease free.

It's also been alleged that most Masonic Grand Lodges across the country will not throw out Jesters involved with prostitution or any other crimes except for murder or treason. Sources say that Masonic committee members responsible for prosecuting such crimes instead quash investigations to protect themselves and/or their Jester brothers.

All copies of material reprinted or duplicated from "by Sandy Frost" must include the following credit line: From http://sandyfrost.newsvine.com. Copyright (c) 2009 by Sandy Frost. Used by permission.

Public Discussion (26).

Sandy Frost

Thanks to those trusting me to help them make this right. And to those investigators choosing to stay true instead of compromising.


3 votes#1 - Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:03 PM EDT.

Sandy Frost

“If any sensible person thinks deeply, he will respect justice. There is an inborn appreciation and respect for justice within our human body. In children, we find what is natural to the human character. But as they grow up, they develop a lot of conditioning and wrong attitudes. I often feel there is more truthfulness in a small child and I find many reasons to have confidence in human courage and human nature.”

The Dalai Lama – “The Path to Tranquility,” October 22.

2 votes#2 - Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:30 PM EDT.

Bill Iken


In all fairness, the Mirth Missives disclaimer states that it is not endorsed by or affiliated with any organization (including the Jesters). So, in all fairness, you shuold not refer to it as an official publication of the Jesters.

Also, in all fairness, pronography is in the eye of the beholder, so you could state that the e-mail has nasty words, inane jokes, sexual inuendo, etc... but I think you would be hard-pressed to legitimately label the email as pornographic. The e-mail, taken as a whole, has very little content that could be offensive to anyone as opposed to the amount of non-offensive material. However, if you truly believe this to be pornographic, you should report this publication to the ISP, and to the FCC and let them take appropriate action.

Finally, since there have been no Mirth Missives issued in the last 18 months or so, and the author is no longer a Jester, perhaps, in the interest of fairness, you should note those facts.

Still a fan


1 vote#3 - Sat Nov 7, 2009 3:54 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Bill Iken,

Thanks again for your awesome comments!

I am pretty open about how I feel about this; this Jester prostitution stuff.

This has affected me emotionally.

How could it not?

I hit the wall while investigating the Brazil child sex tourism situation. The hook for me was the sexual exploitation of Brazilian Indian girls. I write for them. I give voice to them because they are nearly voiceless, forced to live unlivable lives forever ruined by these guys.

Who is fighting for them, either in Brazil or here in the states against he who was indicted by the Brazilian federal police for using them as prostitutes to attract more customers to his fishing business?

How messed up is that?

And I do have an attitude toward the publisher of the Mirth Missives as he came after me and Newsvine for copyright violations on March 18, 2008. He caused me problems and I decided to pull the link to the subscription list down after Tazmack complained to a Newsvine administrator that his work was copyrighted.

This new link shows this is not the case.

I understand those who want to discredit me and/or intimidate me from further investigative reportage. This first happened in September, 2006, after the Shriners sued those two whistleblowers for defamation and named me as a party of interest. They asked for all emails between me and them to find out if I was really writing my articles or if I was being paid to do so or was being fed the articles.

What a public insult.

Then Richard Schair sued Newsvine for defamation, citing my work as evidence.

So, thanks for watching out for my credibility but I'm a pioneer here. No one else is doing this. Those who look at it, other media professionals, traditionals, look down their noses because they don't want to give attribution to an "online" journalist. Or they are too lazy or too stupid to wrap their heads around this.

So, yeah, I have an attitude. I have passion. And I am emotional.

This is journalism with attitude. And my attitude is against corruption and those who use their public positions of trust for private gain.

In the case of the Royal Order of Jesters, they seem to control the Shriners.

"Management by Mirth" points out the resultant mismanagement as Jester weekends seem more important than operating the Shriners according to the highest standards of nonprofit transparency, disclosure and accountability.

This has been my mantra since this all started in April, 2006.

Thanks again,


2 votes#3.1 - Sun Nov 8, 2009 3:50 PM EST


Bill Iken:

In all fairness Jester's are representative of all that is bad in our fraternity. Your defense of these criminals is appalling to say the least. Sandy's lonely stand against them is courageous! Yes, I know many Jesters have resigned from that organization since Sandy began her crusade against their criminality. That does not excuse criminal activity committed.


Keep up the good work, you have more fans than you know! I look forward to the day when this ilk is gone from our organization and we can resume our great philanthropy for the kids in our hospitals.

1 vote#4 - Sat Nov 7, 2009 5:47 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Dear Ralph 1053423,


The truth is that investigative journalists follow and/or are led down paper trails by information found in public places as well as verfiable information from sources. All I've done is follow the path clearly marked with evidence of corruption of the worst types.

I'm currently working on something that makes this Jester stuff pale in comparison.

I really need to quit asking "How can this get any worse?"

So, thanks for your encouragement. I also look toward the day when the failthful Shriners, those who believe and have been hood winked in the worst possible way, can get back to the business of truly helping the kids instead of being led by leaders involved with prostitution at tax payer expense. Or who may be using burned kids as guinea pigs to get products to market.

Time to revisit "Bad Medicine."

And I don't mean in a good way.

Thanks again,


2 votes#4.1 - Sun Nov 8, 2009 4:17 PM EST

.Bill Iken


I agree whole heartedly with your statements concerning the Jesters. My only point was that Sandy should be fair and even handed with her excellent reports. Citing a publication as an "Official Publication" when she knows that not to be true diminishes her creditbility. Calling the publication pornographic or misogynistic could lead some to believe that she is one of those shrill conservatives who boycott the Mini-Market because it sells Playboy. I believe her to be an intelligent, well-read grandmother: not a nut case.

Perhaps she should refer to the publication as being authored by a Jester, containing information for Jesters and invite the readers to decide on the appropriateness of the articles, and the general tone of the publication.

On other occasions, Sandy has directed readers to certain documents and invited them to draw their own conclusions. This might be a better approach than telling the reader what they should think about the publication.

My comments were made in an effort to enhance her credibility, as I, like you, am very much in favor of her efforts to rid the world's oldest (and greatest) fraternity of this blight called ROJ.



2 votes#5 - Sat Nov 7, 2009 6:26 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Bill Iken,

In all fairness, the "Mirth Missives" was the only publication of the Royal Order of Jesters, as far as I know. It kept or a new version is keeping subscribers up to date with events that still appear to be prostitution party weekends.

According to my latest information, Royal Director Gary Martin announced that a new subscription list for some sort of Jester communication is being kept by someone at this email address paige@covell-consulting.com Phone: 805-544-5566 Web: http://www.iroj.org.

"It's fast, it's easy! For those of you who have received full HTML messages about various Books around the Realm, you know how they appear. If you haven't received them before, you're in for a treat because they provide a lot more information than is physically possible in Only In Jest.

Royal Director Gary Martin has been watching these eMailings for the last eight years and has determined that the best way to get the word out is by having a consistent and controlled method of distribution.

You'll always know what court is involved, how much the registration fee is, when and where the event is being held, as well as what the main doings are for the event.

Privacy is important to all of us. Your eMail address will not be sold, rented or passed to anyone for any reason. The only reason for this medium to exist is to promote spreading the Gospel of Mirth by encouraging our members to travel."

You know. That nonprofit exempt purpose of "Spreading the Gospel of Mirth and Merriment." Sounds like how the Jesters are still broadcasting their "Stag" weekends.

The question is "How can the Royal Order of Jesters continue to operate as a nonprofit group?"

Where is the IRS on this? Or for that matter, the Senate Finace Committee? Or the FBI as they continue to investigate the Jesters for operating an interstate prostitution network or are involved in the sexual exploitation of minors and international travel for those purposes?

So, there ya go.



2 votes#5.1 - Sun Nov 8, 2009 5:10 PM EST

.Paul Andrew

Sandy, you seem to have hit a nerve. These are some sick men. Don't give in to them. I think their "realm" is about to implode. Keep shining the spotlight on this malignancy.

2 votes#6 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:57 PM EST.


Ms. Frost --- aka drama queen

I bet you will delete this post.

You KNOW that I did not author the web page, and have asked that it be removed.

You KNOW that Mirth Missives is not an official publication of any group (read the part of disclaimer you have not altered)

You KNOW that the "no copyright" referes to only three phrases, not the entire email

You KNOW that the "Subscription LIst" os NOT a subscription list, but a Roster

You KNOW that my disclaimers are always present.

You also KNOW that, no matter what my circumstances are, I will continue to oppose your publishing of my private, confidential and copyrighted materials.

Shame on you for so blatantly ignoring my copyrights.

Shame on you for deliberately misstating facts relating to those materials.

If you really feel that my materials are NOT copyrighted, re-post them and let us let a Federal Judge decide the matter. Unlike real journalists who go to jail to protect first admendment rights, you are not even willing to answer a federal interrogatory, preliminary to a fair, impartial hearing before a federal magistrate.

1 vote#7 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:21 PM EST

Sandy Frost


Thank you for your comments. Let me suggest that you read Newsvine's Code of Honor since it appears that your Newsvine account was established solely to harass me by filing false abuse reports,

""The Code of Honor and Abuse

What is the Code of Honor?

The Code of Honor is a short set of guidelines you are expected to follow to be a positive contributor to the Newsvine community. The Code of Honor exists in addition to the User Agreement and was created as a convenient way to remind people to respect each other and to make Newsvine a place of collaboration. You are encouraged to help other members of the community abide by the Code of Honor by politely referencing the Code when deemed necessary."

Can I get into trouble for submitting false abuse reports?

Yes. We take abuse reports seriously and false reports can negatively impact your account."

Your latest false report will be brought to the attention of our administrator who will deal with you and your account accordingly.

Thank you,


3 votes#7.1 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:05 PM EST

Paul Andrew

Taz, I find your attacks against Sandy interesting coming from one who has promoted exploitation of minors through the Mirth Missives. Aren't you a friend of Harry Waldron (of the Brazilian fishing trip fame)? Didn't you promote the Brazilian trip as one of the best "Books of the Play", stating that it was so great that you could not post the comments but that if you wanted to find out more you should contact one of the ones who went (or something to that affect-it has been a while since i read your article)? You all deserve to be behind bars! Sandy is doing a great service in exposing your malignancy. Hopefully the Justice Department will start looking into you and the ROJ's activities.

1 vote#7.2 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:07 PM EST

.Bill Iken


You're a little harsh. Take a chill pill


2 votes#8 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:44 PM EST.

Bill Iken


Better be careful about reporting abuse by Taz ... best I can see, all he did was report you for copyright infringement. If you cite this as instances of abuse, won't you have to prove that you did not infringe on a copyright? Won't that require you to make the very disclosures you want to avoid?

I dunno, but it seems to me like this is a pissing contest that no one can win.

You seem to have enough on Jesters without this one piece; so why noy just move on to the serious stuff and forget this petty diversion?

Just a frienbdly word of advice and encouragement.


Paul Andrew

Trying to attach guily by association is rarely a great tactic, and raely yields results. I suppose that everyone knows someone.


2 votes#9 - Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:18 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Bill Iken,

The case was made to Newsvine administrators regarding Mack "TazMack" Gooding making false abuse reports against me.

His account has been dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Thanks for your concern.


2 votes#9.1 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:30 PM EST


Geeze louise --- my account works just fine ... and I've received no notice from the network administrator.

So you're right. My account HAS been dealt with appropriately

1 vote#9.2 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:41 PM EST

Sandy FrostDeleted

Sandy Frost


You really need to do your homework before going all "Neener-Neener" on me.

Your bullying, grandstanding and harassment fail to address the real problems here and/or help those victimized and sexually exploited by your Jester brothers.

All you seem to be concerned about is hiding your Jester publications and membership lists.

How sad.

If you want to prove your case to anyone, don't do it here.

Go to the proper authorities.

This matter is concluded.


1 vote#9.4 - Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:49 AM EST

.Paul Andrew

Bill, If you have read the Mirth Missives you know what I am talking about. I was not "attaching guilt by association". Taz, through the Missives promoted the ROJ trip to Brazil that involved ST/CST. He also (through HIS Missives) as I posted previously, has promoted the exploitation of minors. Don't you think it is time to take a stand against these perversions? Why are you defending them? Are you in too deep to get out?

2 votes#10 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:36 PM EST.

Bill Iken


I'm not defending the actions of the Jesters. What I am defending is the fuzzy logic by which Sandy continues her attacks on Taz.

Consider her logic: Hugh Hefner is an active member of the Democratic Party. Hugh Hefner pubishes "Playboy" magazine. Therefore, "Playboy" magazine is an official publication of the Democratic Party.

I have read a few Mirth Missives, and his list of Top Ten Books. All he did was REPORT what others said about the Books (or fishing trips) and tally the votes. On the Missives, all he did was repeat, with attribution, what others had sent to him.

In no way will I defend the Jesters. BUT --- to attack the reporter, and mis-attribute the private emails as an official Jester publication is something that I feel strongly about. Fairness requires truth: not partial truth or misleading or incomplete excerpts.

I will also defend Sandy, if she needs me to, when her articles or quotes are misrepresented.

I see myself as an even-handed seeker of fairness --- a peace maker ----not a crusader for any one position.

I hope this clears this up, as I feel that this is a useless diversion from the true stories: The misdeeds of the Jesters and what they do to people who try to expose them, or change the system from within. (Watch for Sandy to expose what happened recently to men who tried to change the way Jesters operate.)

Best Regards


1 vote#11 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:09 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Dear Bill,

Let me suggest that you not be caught up in any investigation and contact the FBI yourself as an eye witness since they're investigating the Jesters for operating a nationwide network of prostitution under the guise of the Book of the Play as well as involvement with child sex tourism.

Otherwise, you're just an accomplice or something like that, right? If you know about crimes and don't report them, that's what?



2 votes#11.1 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:34 PM EST

Sandy Frost

Bill Iken,

Sorry but that's not what I'm working on at this time. I'm revisiting "Bad Medicine" and "Shriners violate FDA regulations?"

What I'm analyzing is much worse than any of this Jester stuff.

Much worse.



1 vote#11.2 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:36 PM EST

.Bill Iken


One more thing I forgot to mention. I was a Jester for two short months. I was initiated, found out what was happening and never went back. When my dues notice arrived, I sent it back witrh a note to the effect of "You gotta be kidding me!" I cut my friendship with the local Jesters who refused to leave that organization.

So, I am not in too deep --- I'm not in at all. I hope that those who are responsible for the perversion of Freemasonry and the Shrine thru tyhe actions of the Jesters do, indeed, see prison from the inside.


1 vote#12 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:13 PM EST.


Sandy: I look forward to whatever you are working on! But I hope you don't let up on the evil ones doing child sex tourism. Jesters do much more evil than what you have reported on so far. They have practically destroyed many jurisdictions with their snobby cliques, thrown elections, and general holier than thou attitude toward those not in their clubs.

I'm sure that whatever happens next to this group of moronic misbehavior will draw you back to reporting it.

Go Sandy Go

2 votes#13 - Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:11 PM EST.

Sandy Frost

Thanks, Ralph.

But it's time for the IRS and FBI and Senate Finance Committee to investigate and enforce the laws of the land. It's up to them to connect the dots from those Jesters busted in Buffalo to those who went fishing with the guy who was indicted in Brazil for using minor prositutes to get more customers.

I'm following up on "Shriners Violated FDA Regs?" and "Bad Medicine?"

These examine the possibility that burned children were used as guinea pigs to get a burn treatment to market.

I think that guinea pigs would be treated better in a clinical study than these kids were.

Evidence of this was described in warning letters from the Office of Human Research Protection that pointed out clinical study violations. Inspection reports show that these violations weren't cleaned up but were found again a few years later by the FDA.

Then there is the possibility of using mortgages for insider trading.

How else could executives pay back a $150,000 mortgage in 90 days? Or pay back $100,000 in a year when the exec made $300,000 a year?

And why is it that these activities randomly coincided with the buy low, sell high activity of a company marketing a burn treatment developed at SHC?

It's clear that the Jesters are ethically challenged. For the past few years, the Shriners boards have been controlled by members of the Royal Order of Jesters. I describe this in "Management by Mirth."

What's worse?

Using burned kids for a buck or running a nationwide network of prostitution and being involved with child sex tourism?

Thanks again and stay tuned,


#14 - Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:29 AM EST.


We Shriners have always taken for granted the good work of the Hospitals for Children. I pray that "Shriners Violated FDA Regs" and other articles of malfeasence are isolated incidents. It's good that you are exposing the jesters misbehavior towards young girls, and quite frankly I'm ashamed! I'm also severely dissapointed that Grand Masters around this great country have done nothing about these criminals. GM's with a stroke of a pen could do away with the jester clubs.

Go Sandy Go

2 votes#15 - Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:50 AM EST.

Sandy Frost

Ralph 1053423,

Thanks again.


When I asked officials at the OHRP and FDA about this, they told me to report my findings to the FBI.

Sad thing is that Shriner leadership was so keen to close down the Galveston hospital, part of a model burn treatment system with an international reputation for excellence. This means that patients and research from SHC Galveston would have gone to the hospital cited by the OHRP and FDA for hundreds of clinical research violations, SHC CIncinnati.

This is where these agencies found that the patients records were incomplete, biopsies not performed, photos not taken, bandages not changed, wounds not irrigated, adverse effects not reported, protocol deviations, unapproved and misleading consent forms used, etc, etc, etc.

Then this product got sold and the doctor who developed it pocketed over a million dollars. Then he got a million dollars from the Army to further develop the base product for military applications, though it was developed with the shoddy clinical research.

A source told me that their bio-pharma company never would buy such a thing if the research had been hit by so many violations from the OHRP and FDA.

This is how one Shriners hospital helps the kids, by helping themselves.

Same stuff, different day.



#16 - Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:40 PM EST

Further Reading:

The Royal Order of Jesters - The Shriners Secret Society Secret Society - 'Mirth is King'

The Shriners - The 'Krafty' Klowns

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