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U.S. News & World Report removes any mention of Freemasons from House Stenographer Article

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US News & World Report

House Stenographer Alleges the Holy Spirit Told Her to Admonish Congress

Ranting House stenographer comes out with a statement.

US News and World Report, US House Stenographer, Freemasonry, Freemason

In this image from House Television on Oct. 16, 2013, with partial voting totals on the screen, a woman is removed from the House chamber after she began shouting during the vote for the bill to end the partial 16-day government shutdown.

Oct. 18, 2013

By Katherine Beard

US News and World Report, Secrets of the Masons, freemasons, freemasonry

The stenographer, Dianne Reidy, who tried to give a sermon of sorts, as the House voted to end the government shutdown Wednesday night, has released a statement about her strange behavior.

In the statement, which was tweeted by Fox News reporter Chad Pergram Thursday, Reidy said the "Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night to deliver a message to the House Chamber."

She also said that despite her "reluctance and doubt" she decided to take her exhortations to the podium Wednesday night.

"He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. Don't touch me. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is this is not 'one nation under God.' It never was. Had it been, it would not have been no it would not have been," Reidy shouted as she was hauled away by Capitol security.

Stunned lawmakers stared on as the situation developed. Those that know Reidy were especially shocked, saying that such behavior was out of character for the stenographer.

" She is normally a gentle soul," Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) told Fox News of Reidy. "It was sudden, confusing and heartbreaking."

The Capitol Police interviewed Reidy Wednesday night, before sending her to a "local area hospital for evaluation," NBC News reported.

Reidy's husband applauded his wife's actions saying that she is a "level-headed, wonderful woman of God. I am so proud of her," Roll Call reported.

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