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Masonic Symbolism: From Pillar to Post(New Oak Door Symbolism)

Supreme Court of Canada hears submissions on whether to destroy internet | December 7, 2010

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Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverly Mclauchlin, freemasons, freemasonry

The Chief Justice

Supreme Court Hearings
Wayne Crookes, et al. v. Jon Newton - December 7, 2010
Case #33412

Jon Newton owns and operates the websitewww.p2pnet.net. Wayne Crookes alleges that Newton's website contained defamatory hyperlinked articles. Crookes claims that by posting and then refusing to remove the hyperlinks, Newton became a publisher of the defamatory articles.

Crookes and his company, West Coast Title Search Ltd., brought an action against Newton for damages for defamation. Crookes is a former campaign manager for the Green Party of Canada.

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Supreme Court of Canada

The original Oak Door detail (Compare to 'remodelled' Oak Door detail @ 00:57 of clip)

Supreme Court of Canada New Masonic Doors

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