Bro. Raul Castro: Our Strength is Honduras’ Strength

Cuban News Agency  July 3, 2007

Bolivar Freemason Postcard

Our Strength is Honduras’ Strength

 “Our first message for the Honduran people is of solidarity and encouragement”, affirmed Cuban President Raul Castro during the extraordinary session of the Summit of the Rio Group held in Managua, Nicaragua last Monday.

During the meeting, important agreements were approved in favor of reinstating constitutionally elected President Manuel Zelaya as the legitimate representative of Honduras, after being brutally ousted in a coup perpetrated by the right wing military serving the country’s oligarchy.

The withdrawal of Latin American ambassadors from Honduras, the cutting of oil supplies, the closure of the Honduran border with other Central American nations, a surging wave of international condemnation, the suspension of economic agreements and bank credits with the country while the power remains in the hands of the de facto government, are just some of the measures agreed on by the heads of states that attended the Managua Summit.

These are valid accords in favor of truth and democracy on behalf of the member nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas and the Rio Group.

Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly held a session condemning the coup
and President Manuel Zelaya’s determination to return to Honduras, a
dignified gesture from someone who decided to stand alongside the humble
and challenge the hegemony of the powerful. At the time, in the land of
Francisco Morazán tanks and guns are repressing the people who do not
give up their strong protests as they stage a general strike.

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