Syrian Gas Attack Is A Lie?

On April 7th, US warships delivered an illegal blow to a Syrian airbase in Homs. Their justification was the recent “chemical weapon” attack on behalf of the Syrian government in Idlib. […]

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Syria: The Red Line and the R.t Line, by Sermour M. Hersh

In 2011 Barack Obama led an allied military intervention in Libya without consulting the US Congress. Last August, after the sarin attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, he was ready to launch an allied air strike, this time to punish the Syrian government for allegedly crossing the ‘red line’ he had set in 2012 on the use of chemical weapons.​ […]

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VIDEO: VISIONNEZ LE FILM EN ENTIER SUR LE J’ai frappé à la porte du Temple || WATCH THE FULL FILM ON I knocked on the door of the Temple

Carmen Labaki·34 videos Uploaded on Sep 15, 2011



Carmen Labaki primée à Hollywood pour le meilleur Film documentaire 2005, à l’ “Arpa International Film Festival” pour la réalisation et la production de “Arman Loubnan” (Les Arméniens du Liban), s’est lancée il y a deux ans, dans la réalisation et la production d’un nouveau documentaire sur la Franc-Maçonnerie dans le monde intitulé :

« J’ai frappé à la porte du Temple »

Pour la première fois, un film documentaire sur la Franc-Maçonnerie est traité mondialement, sans restrictions, sans interdits. Pour la première fois, on permet à quelqu’un de filmer sans simulation, les Rituels, Cérémonies, et Initiation, de filmer aussi les Temples et ses composants, le Cabinet de Réflexion et son mystère.

Malgré le sujet qui suscite beaucoup de méfiance, Carmen Labaki entre dans son histoire, venue de la nuit des temps. C’est un sujet qui a pour but d’être traité dans son ensemble, et à tous les points de vue. Sa spécificité est d’avoir franchi les frontières pour donner une image plus globale de la Franc-Maçonnerie. […]

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Top Turkish Freemasons charged over coup plot

BBC News 25 February 2010

Top Turkish officers charged over ‘coup plot’

Turkey Military Parade Ground

Twenty military officers have been formally charged in Turkey with attempting to overthrow the government.

They include four admirals, a general and two colonels, some of them retired.

The men were among more than 40 officers arrested on Monday over an alleged 2003 plot to stir up chaos in Turkey and justify a military coup.

The head of the armed forces, General Ilker Basbug, will meet the country’s prime minister and president later to discuss the alleged plot and arrests.

The meeting was called after the country’s top generals and admirals met at short notice on Tuesday to evaluate what the military called a “serious situation”.

‘Sledgehammer’ plot?

The scale of Monday’s operation against the military was unprecedented and increased the tension between the government and the armed forces.

Dozens of current or former members of the military have been arrested in the past few years over similar plot allegations, and some have been charged.

Turkish military faces crossroads This is now turning into a critical test of the government’s authority over […]

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