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Observation: Lily a Masonic Sign

Lily When I was surfing the web I happened to spot a lily on the skullcap of Kadyrov, Jr. Before that, when I was reading The Controversy of Zion≫ by Douglas Reed I was comparing what these byproducts of the Chechen society are doing to our people, and what the Masons often get accused of.

It might seem strange, but all criminal acts that Kadyrovs collaborators are perpetrating fit right into the plan of activities of Freemasons. Plus the demonstrative signs of belonging to Freemasonry flaunting on the forehead of Kadyrov, Jr.

In Persia during the reign of King Cyrus a lily was the main decoration of lawns, inner courts and ponds. And we know it from the history what role a lily played in the life of the Hebrews. Capital of Ancient Persia Susa was called the city of lilies, and the coat-of-arms had several flowers on it.

Ancient Persians knew a lily long before even Greeks did, since even the capital was called Susa, i.e. the 'City of Lilies'. This was the reason why several lily flowers were on its coat-of-arms as a symbol of pure beauty.

This flower was also popular among Hebrews, who loved it and glorified it. Hebrew legends say that a lily was growing in the paradise when Eve was being tempted by the devil and this flower could be defiled by him as well. But even in the temptation the flower remained as pure as it was before, and ≪nobody’s dirty hand dared touch it≫.

This is why the Hebrews would adorn not only their holy altars with this flower, but the heads of their rulers as well, like King Solomon for example. And the architect from Tyre (Tyrus), who built the Solomon Temple, fashioned the caps of huge columns of that temple in the shape of a lily and adorned walls and the ceiling with an image of a lily, because he shared the opinion of the Hebrews that this flower would be adding to the prayerful mood among the worshipers.

And this is probably the reason why Hebrews were putting the image of lily on the menorah, thus making it look like a font where the high priest was making an ablution.

There is also a legend that the cradle of Moses was found under a yellow lily that usually grows among reeds and canes. And then I figured, why the hell this scumbag has a lily and nothing else on his skullcap?

R. Hasanov, Europe

Department of Correspondence,


2004-05-28 00:15:50

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