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Freemasonry Watch

Francs-macons: Freemasonry in France, Belgium (E.U.), Monaco and French Africa

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Napoleon Bonaparte, France, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic Paris Obelisk, Eifel Tower, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic

Château Martel, in Monflanquin, France, Ghislaine de Védrines

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK, Freemasonry, Freemasons, Freemason, Masonic

'...There was a rhythm to the gatherings...'

France/USA - Bon Apetit Magazine: Are All the Top French Chefs Freemasons? - 12/04/13

France: Eponymous Flower Blog: I was a Freemason -- The Destructive Effects of Masonic Brothers: The Pope is Enemy #1 - 02/04/13

France - Daily Mail - Freemasonry as 'The School of Politics' for 'National Leaders' & 'National Leadership' - 24/01/13

France/Belgium - News 24 - Lille, Lille: Former IMF Chief & Socialist Party Minister due for police questioning in new case - 24/01/13

U.S./France - Voice of Russia - New York, NY: Bro. DSK pays hotel maid $1.5 mln - 21/01/13

Afrique/France/U.S. - OpEd News - The Last Gasp Of Françafrique - 'It is impossible to understand how France Afrique works without reference to the Masons' - 15/01/13

France - Nouvelle de France - Bishop Cattenoz: 'I do not see how a government left and Freemason could be favorable for us' - 08/01/13

France - L'Express - GLNF against Stifani: a new letter to Sarkozy - 07/01/13

France - Le Novel Observateur - No, Freemasonry has never worked in the shadows to sink the State: GODF Member gives insiders view - 07/01/13

France - L'Express - Happy New Year to 'so powerful' Freemasons! - 04/01/13

France - RFI English: French Weekly Magazines Review - This week two of the French weeklies have the same topic on their front pages: Freemasons - 06/01/13

France - Le Point: Holland and Freemasons: How Lodge Scores Points - Point Cover of the Week - 03/01/13

France - L'Express - Carlton Lille DSK: Girls and Freemasons: Margin in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, many Freemasons appear in this file pimping - 18/12/12

France - RFI English: French Weekly Magazines Review - 'Plus features on the Corsican mafia and the Freemasons' - 09/12/12

USA/France/Belgium - New York Times - DSK: NYT Article confirms France's Dominique Strauss-Kahn a Freemason - 13/10/12

France - Le Figaro: The new power of the Freemasons - 12/07/12

France - Le Figaro.fr - Hollande: A chair surrounded by very Freemasons - 12/07/12

France - FW Post: Bro. Strauss-Kahn accuses Bro. Sarkozy as France vote looms... - 28/04/2012

France/USA - FW Blog: Freemason Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'Grand' Entrance at Manhattan Courthouse - 10/06/2011

Afrique - Ocnus.net: French West African Leaders On The Square Against Gbagbo? Secret Freemason control system exists says article - 05/01/11

France - L'EXPRESS.fr: 'When Masons support the Elysee' - 30/11/10

USA/France - Vanity Fair: A Masonic Plot or a Bizarre Crime? Members of the aristocratic de Védrines family turned over their lives, fortune, and ancestral château to a shadowy “grand master” - 16/08/10

Belgium - E.U. to hold atheist and freemason summit - 13/07/10

U.S.A./U.K./France - Website-For-Freemasons complains about Magazine articles that expose hidden influence of Freemasons in government - 05/05/10

U.S.A./France - Website-For-Freemasons exposes France Freemasons links to corrupt Freemason government - 03/05/10

Monaco/France - Eringer: The Spymaster of Monte Carlo - 17: French Freemasonry - 31/03/10

France - L'EXPRESS.fr: 'Open warfare among Masons' - 17/03/10

Afrique/France - Freemasons For Dummies - Africa: Freemasonry's Image Problem - 15/03/10

USA/France - NYT Intransit: Marquis de Lafayette’s sword at the Paris Freemasonry Museum - Pulling Back the Curtain on French Freemasonry - 18/02/10

E.U. - EU Observer: Freemasons keen to open office in EU capital to limit influence of Christianity in society: Report - 18/02/10

France - Le Figaro: The Freemasons in full light | Les Francs-maçons en pleine lumière - 12/02/10

France - L'Express: Policies and Freemasonry | Des politiques en franc-maçonnerie - 10/02/10

France - L'Alsace: Freemasonry: a door ajar to profanes | Franc-maçonnerie: une porte entrouverte aux profanes - 02/03/10

Afrique/France - Afrik News: Freemason Presidents in Africa: The 'fraternal' networking machine - Ali Bongo installed as Grand Master of Gabon - 10/11/09

Monaco - Courthouse News Service: Alleged Intelligence Adviser Makes Lurid Claims About Prince Albert, Organized Crime and Freemasons - 23/10/09

Canada/France/Germany - Calgary Herald: Follow the Airbus money, former Bro. Brian Mulroney aide tells committee - 05/02/08

France - Tocqueville Connection: French freemasons vote against admitting women as members - 10/09/07

Haiti - NYT Book Review: Toussaint Louverture; 'The Black Napoleon' - 25/02/07

France/Libya - Bulgaria Focus News - France’s Supreme Masonic Council to send open letter to Libya’s Gadaffi - 13/05/07

France - Intl. Herald Tribune: Jumping on the Dan Brown bandwagon - 20/02/07

E.U. - BBC: New European Union Commissioner Designate Forced To Deny Freemasonry Ties - 16/11/04

E.U. - Turkish Press: Italian Foreign Minister Grilled Over Freemasonry and Berlusconi Corruption Charges - 15/11/04

E.U. - Turkey Zaman: Buttiglione: Out with the Catholic, In with the Mason - 15/11/04

E.U. - Malta Independent: Buttiglione outs? his EU successor as a Freemason - 14/10/04

E.U. - Times: Buttiglione 'outs' his EU successor as a Freemason - 10/10/04

France - Akron Beacon: Quentin Tarantino: Past Cannes juries operated with secrecy of a Masonic lodge - 28/05/04

Haiti - Telegraph: Voodoo spirits get credit for Aristide's flight - 06/03/04

France/U.S.A. - Las Vegas Mercury: Film: Last perversion in Paris - 04/03/04

France - Media Monitors Network: Why is France so afraid of religion? - 01/03/04

EU/USA - Antiwar.com: European Intel accuses U.S. of funding Albanian KLA Terrorists in Macedonia - 22/06/02

France - Le Monde: Nice Tax Office condemns Freemasons' roll in Money-Laundering - 18/07/01

France - Telegraph: Top Riviera magistrate 'raided database' for Masonic lodge - 24/06/01

France - BBC: French magistrate held in probe into favouritism for freemasons released - 07/06/01

Europe - Time: Freemasonry's Flack - 28/05/01

France - L'Express: Participate in the forum: Freemasonry is it more than a network of influences? | Participez au forum: La franc-maçonnerie est-elle plus qu’un réseau d’influences ? - 19/04/01

France - Indigo Intel Newsletter: The Intelligence World's Freemasons - 08/03/01

Switzerland - NY Press: Rothschild Bank AG Zurich tied to Calvi Murder and P2 Masonic Lodge - 07/03/01

France - L'Express: Freemasons, the direction of the secrecy | Francs-macons, Le dessous des affaires - 27/01/00

France - Telegraph: New Masonic Corruption Scandal Rocks France - 17/10/99

Italy-France - BBC: Gelli deported back to Italy - 16/10/98

France - BBC: Gelli extradition approved - 07/10/98

Italy-France - BBC: Gelli attempted suicide - 14/09/98

Italy-France - BBC: Gold found in Gelli's plantpots - 13/09/98

Italy-France - BBC: Fugitive Italian banker arrested - 11/09/98

Masonic Traitors, Treason, and Treachery - The French Revolution, Jacobins and Jacobites

Barruel And Robison's Revelations on Freemasonry and Revolution

Proof of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, by Professor John Robison, University of Edinburgh, 1798

Masonry and Liberty

Putting down the baggage: 200 Million Victims of the "Enlightenment" in last 80 years alone

Masonry and Politics

France - Sean's Faith Website: The Catholic Church and the French Revolution

France - Napoleon & Empire: Freemasonry under the French First Empire

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Global Freemasonry: A Certain Point Within A Circle - The Masonic 'Family'

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