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Balkan Insight - Romanian Court to Rule in Freemasons’ Graft Case - '...a former chief of police and a former judge who did not declare their membership...' - 18/03/18

Masonic Press Agency: Superior Council of Magistracy - Judges and Prosecutors must declare their membership to Freemasonry - 25/08/13

Romanian Orthodoxy in English Blog: Freemasonry -- Fr. Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa - 12/07/13

Romania/U.K - Masonic Press Agency: Dan Brown Launched his book in the Grand Temple of the United Grand Lodge of England - 23/05/13

Bucharest Daily News - Prezent: How Onisoru broke a freemasonic lodge - 06/05/2006

St. Luke the Evangelist Orthodox Church - Position of Orthodox Christianity regarding Freemasonry - Masonry or Christ?

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