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Court sentences Freemason to 2 years probation for indecent act

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Dog abuse man faces ban

Two years probation for pervert


A MAN has been put on probation after committing a sex act with a dog.

Freemason Kevin Menzies, pictured, admitted a charge of public indecency.

Peterhead Sheriff Court heard the 32-year-old performed the indecent act with the Samoyed dog, which lives near his Cruden Bay home.

Police were called in after he was spotted committing the offence by a member of the public on March 16.

The court was told Menzies, who previously admitted the charge, was arrested and quizzed by officers after the incident on the village’s Golf Road.

The 10-year-old dog, named Crystal, lives in a street in the village.

A relative of the dog’s owner Alan Westwood said: “All the neighbours are disgusted.”

Menzies, pictured right, had been accused of committing a further act of indecency with a dog at Errol School House in the village on January 16. His not guilty plea to this second charge was accepted.

Menzies, of 12 Castle Woods, had been released on bail with the special condition that he did not approach or attempt to approach any dog. Sentence had been deferred for background reports.

Defence agent Gail Wiggins asked Sheriff Malcolm Garden to place Menzies on probation, which he did for two years.

Sheriff Garden said: “There will be a condition that you fully cooperate and attend the joint sex offenders project.

“If you fail, you will be brought back to court. This is a serious matter and will be looked at very seriously.”

Menzies is a Freemason with Cruden Bay’s Lodge St Olaf and now faces being thrown out of the order.

A Grand Masonic Lodge spokesman said: “This guy will no doubt be subject to disciplinary procedures which could then lead to mandatory expulsion.”

Menzies refused to comment when he left court.


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