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Pillars of the Community

A Firm in a Firm: Freemasonry and Police Corruption

Boyz In The Hood

Masonic Justices

New Masonic Corruption Scandal Rocks France

Nice Tax Office condemns Freemasons' roll in Money-Laundering

Incompatibility between a judge position and free masonery

Scottish Parliament Committee and Municipal Standards Watchdog at odds on Mason Registry

Malta: Mason secretly films then quits and publically denounces Freemasonry

Scottish Parliament pushing for Mason Registry to include Judiciary

Tory Freemason MP threatens to defy new Scottish registry law

W.A. School District Cancels Freemasons Cornerstone Laying Ritual

Radio personalities Russ and Dee Fine reported fired over 'Masonic outing' of Alabama governor as member of Whites Only Grand Lodge of Alabama

Concert Promoter Accuses Shriners of Racism and Fraud

Tribunal rules Belfast Police Officer was discriminated against in promotions because he was not a Mason

Court rules against Police Service of Northern Ireland over favouritism to Freemasons

Scotland Police Officers to be asked to declare Masonic Membership over concerns of Anti-Catholic Bias and Discrimination

Treasurers Meeting Minutes Vanish, Gambling Proceeds Unaccounted For? Shriners: Part 15

Proof that Paul Bernardo was a Freemason in the Grand Lodge of Ontario, Canada

Virginia Mason given Masonic Award for 'strengthening the relationship between Freemasonry and Scouting'

Movie puts spotlight on Freemasons: 'Membership list reads like a veritable who's who in local government'

Boldly Going Nowhere: Freemasonry - 'Some men live lives of quiet desperation. Others dare to ride into the valley of death with gusto'. (The Albert Pike Statue & the Albert Pike Road)

Yorkshire Ripper Investigator to face theft charges

Romania Member of Parliament Tied To State Security Police Masonic Lodge Scheme

Freemasonry link in £93,000 gift to Tories

Ulster Police Masonic & Orange Order Registry Verification Process Questioned

Question on Masonic links left Dunblane inquiry chief stunned

Britains Masonic Scandal: Have the 'Brethren' finally met their Waterloo?

The Life and Times of Britain's most Infamous Villain - Worshipful Master Kenny Noye

Police Ignore Voluntary Freemasons Registry, Mandatory Legislation Looming

House of Commons, Minutes of Evidence: Freemasonry and the Judicial System

The Scotch-Irish's New Restrictions on "Private Societies" and the Police

Britain's National Association of University Teachers New Restrictions on Freemasonry

Military Launches Crackdown on Freemasons in the Army, Navy, and Air Force

Freemasons, The Silent Destroyers?

Masons Busted in Tel Aviv

All British MPs and Peers to be forced to declare membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons in line with police officers and judges

'Freemason Roy' - "Pillar of the Community" fakes divorce and tells wife for six years he is in Malaysia on business, but is actually secretly living remarried three blocks away

MA Masons 'CHIPS' Program embroiled in funding controversy

Delaware State Police Chief Superintendent Suspended amid Discrimination and Masonic Crony Network Allegations

Freemason accused of indecent assault alleges conspiracy - says he was only concerned with ensuring boys proper hygene

Rotary Club President & Freemason Provincial Grandmaster 'Pillar of Society' cheated his grieving clients out of £3m

Senior Tory Freemason 'Law and Order' MP dumps wife of 30 years for his blonde secretary

The Long Island Topic - Deadly Masonic Lodge Initiation Ritual Shooting

Four go on trial for murder of God's banker

Masonic leader suspends lodge where member died in shooting

Masonic Lodge Is Suspended After Shooting

'Trust us' Masonic ritual ends in gunshot tragedy

Welsh Counsel General quits Freemasons

Top Barrister barred from becoming Welsh National Assembly's leading legal adviser because he is a Freemason

Missouri Freemason Treasurer indicted on Federal Arson and Fraud Charges in Arcadia Valley Office Supply and Masonic Lodge Scam

Freemason 'closed shop' blocked me, says barrister

Lawsuit: Freemasonry Membership Aided Pennsylvania State Trooper in Sex Assault Cover-up

NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson launches libel suit against Scottish Newspaper over Freemasonry - Dunblane Murders Allegations

Birmingham City Councillors to be required to disclose Masonic Membership

O.L.A.F. anti-fraud unit to examine roll of Masons in European Union Government

Quatro Suicide: Was He About To Name His Superiors?

Welsh Assembly blocks move to halt Masons Registry

Family finds vindication in their campaign after Italian Coroner rules Roberto Calvi's death was murder, not suicide

CIA and Freemasons among dark forces in Europe

Accuseds father issued threats; said he had 'friends in high places' and 'he knew Freemasons'

Prominent Freemason & Provincial Grand Officer Jailed For Abusing Two Boys

Charges dropped against Freemason Prison Guard Abuser

Freemason jailed for stealing £48,000 from lodges

Former State Supreme Court Judge, Police Capt. resign amid F.B.I. investigation of Royal Order of Jesters prostitution and human trafficking case

Freemason Ex-police chief evades jail for swindle again

Jury awards $12.6 million in Masonic Childrens Home molestation lawsuit

Masonic police officer convicted of murder; juror dismissed for allegedly flashing him Masonic hand gestures

North Carolina alleged kidnapper's truck bears Masonic specialty plates

Shriners Perfect Storm? Charitable Funds Usage Scandal Continues

The Book Of Fate by Brad Meltzer

Michigan Grand Master Orders Black Draped Altar for 33rd Degree Freemason Ford

Rapper Jay-Z gets lawsuit for using freemason hand signs

Whistleblowers in Court – Shriners: Part 12

Michael Richards Spin Control Backfires A Tiny Bit

The School For Scandal and Brother Michael Richards

New York Times Investigates Shriners Bingo Problems

Italy faces new political crisis over ‘tax spying’

Call for Masonic Politicians to quit Whites Only Grand Lodge of Alabama

Two Week Manhunt Ends for Accused PA Freemason, One-Time Congressional Candidate, Ex-Cop in Albany NY

Pennsylvania Masonry issue's Can-Am Lodge BOLO for Freemason Town Commissioner, Former Republican Congressional Candidate

Freemason Law Clerk to Freemason State Supreme Court Judge sentenced in Jesters Prostitution & Human Trafficking Case

Royal Order of Jesters Prostitution Update: Freemason State Supreme Court Law Clerk Stebick Sentenced

Former Jester confirms 'Sam Houston' E-mail

Court Hearing adjourned after Hospitalization of 'Royal Lodge' Freemason Accused of Molestation

Former N. Y. judge convicted of transporting hookers to Jesters Ontario meeting

Wall Street Journal: Surely You Jest - Former New York Judge Admits to Violating Mann Act

Prostitutes Procured By Former Police Captain were illegal aliens being held as virtual captives

Jester Confesses to Wife He Organized Prostitutes

Forbes: Ex-Shriners CFO pleads guilty in stealing scheme

Missori Shriners CFO pleads guilty to stealing $828K from hospital

Court sentences Freemason to 2 years probation for indecent act

An earlier Ponzi pain lingers: Boston North Shore Lodges Recount $32 Million Fleecing by Masonic Brother

Judge Resigns, Police Chief to Plead Guilty as FBI Investigates Royal Order of Jesters for Prostitution

Appeal in Toronto Police Corruption Case

San Antonio Teacher accused of forming secret society to have sex with teen girls - 'The Order based on occult, magic, Freemasonry, and Christianity'

Alleged Monaco Intelligence Adviser Makes Lurid Claims About Prince Albert, Organized Crime and Freemasons

Shriners hospital director of anesthesiology arrested for DUI

'There’s a hole in our bucket' - The North American Masonic Membership Decline

No prison for former police captain in Shriners Jesters Freemasons prostitution case

Probe of Jesters carousing goes national - Former Lockport police captain gets probation in Shriners case

Masonic Blogger Investigation Confirms Shrine Leaders Secret Society, The Royal Order of Jesters, 'Gatherings' Occuring Nation Wide

NY Past Grand Master Expelled for Misappropriation of Funds

Blog: 'Some city council members came to him and told him he would be Fire Chief if he joined the Masonic Lodge'

Suffolk DA: Freemasons' treasurer embezzled $1.25M from MA Freemasons'

Boston Herald: Freemason charged in $1M embezzlement from Grand Lodge

North Wales News: Police cover up and freemasonry to blame for failure to prosecute, private investigator claims