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By Barry Chamish (chamish@cmx.netvision.net.il)

On May 6, Tel Aviv Police were joined in a raid on an apartment by reporters from the state-run television evening news program and a reporter from the daily newspaper Davar Rishon. Once the Police knocked down the door, the Cameras captured a most bizarre scene. The walls were covered in Latin script, skulls and bones graced the shelves, and crossed swords were mounted above and beside an altar. Five doors led to secret passageways, with blinking red lights signaling to whoever was within that intruders were present.

The next day, both the television news and Davar Rishon reported that neighbors had complained to the Police that a cult had occupied an apartment in their building. To the shock of the Police, according to the news report, "the apartment was used for ceremonies by the Freemasons, an organization whose membership boasts cabinet ministers and high ranking army officers."

In fact, neighbors had not complained to the Police. The snitch was Yehoshua Meiri, one of the best-known investigative journalists in the Hebrew press.

Meiri was the senior Arab affairs reporter for two of the most prestigious daily newspapers, Maaliv and Haaretz. He spent five years in Cairo as a correspondent, built many contacts in even the most radical Islamic groups, and became privy to the behind-the-scenes machinations of Middle East diplomacy.

However he managed it, in March 1994 Meiri published a bombshell in the newspaper Hadashot. He claimed, with no small amount of backup tapes, that Shirnon Peres had rigged the 1992 general elections in a plot concocted with Secretary of State James Baker. In short, he offered Arafat a deal: if he used his influence to recruit Israeli/Arab voters to the Labor coalition, he would be rewarded with a state when Labor rose to power. This was the genesis of the Middle East peace process which is clearly aimed at destroying Israel.

But Peres was replaced by Yitzhak Rabin as party leader and Israel was dubiously rewarded with an active Mason leading the country. A few months after Meiri's expose, two Israeli publications, Yediot Achronot and Shishi, published long articles extolling the contribution of Masonry to Israeli society. Both reports contained items about Rabin's association with the organization and they agreed in detail. Rabin had been a Mason since the late 1960s.

Rabin's office issued the same statement to both papers: 'just prior to becoming ambassador to Washington in 1968, General Rabin joined the Masons as a diplomatic courtesy. He has not been active since.' Both papers noted that the statement was not entirely accurate: In 1976 Rabin presided over a large Masonic convention in Jerusalem and there are archive photos to prove it. Then there is another problem with the official explanation: What kind of a diplomatic courtesy to America is joining the Masons?

The weekly newspaper Shishi reported that Likud opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu was also said to be a Mason. He was recruited when he was Israel's ambassador to the U.N. in the 1980s. Both newspapers observed that King Hussein of Jordan was a high-ranking and proud Mason who traveled to London often to participate in ceremonies.

Once in Washington, Rabin fell heavily into the grasp of National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger. This isn't the place to provide the evidence but almost certainly Kissinger forced Golda, Meir to resign as prime minister during the contrived Yom Kippur War in favor of Rabin, and just as certainly, Kissinger, Rabin, and Syrian president Hafez el Assad ignited the Lebanon civil in 1975 with the compliance of Jordan's King Hussein.

But if there was any doubt of Rabin's secret society ties, the Masons themselves chose to remove it. In November 1994 President Clinton flew to Israel to finalize a peace agreement with Jordan. After the treaty was signed Clinton, Rabin, and Husseini posed for the cliched 'all join hands' photo. This shot appeared in full page ads two days later in Israel's newspapers. The headline read: 'MASONS OF PEACE.' After Rabin was murdered, Ephraim Fuchs, the Master of the Grand Lodge of Israeli Masonry, thoughtfully published ads mourning the passing of 'a brother.'

February 1995, the editors of Inside Israel interviewed a reporter for a London-based Saudi-financed Arabic Mahmud Abu Eid. When the conspiratorial side of the peace process was brought up he replied, 'Oh, you mean the Mason thing.'

He continued: "Do you think Hussein would ever have signed the treaty if Israel didn't secretly give him future control of the holy sites in Jerusalem?

Palestinians are opposed to the agreement because we know we lost out. And if Hussein did get control, then the Masons got their foothold on the Temple Mount."

The Masons covet the Temple Mount, site of Solomon's Temple, because their mythology has the organization being established by one Hiram, the mason who supposedly built the three thousand years ago.

The very day the Jordanian treaty was signed, Rabin flew off London on an unspecified mission. Three weeks before the agreement was signed, Netanyahu had been in London. Shortly after the signing ceremony ended, he was in Arnman. Netanyahu offered no opposition to the agreement's highly questionable water or territorial concessions or its secret clauses on Jerusalem. As even the Grand Master of Israel's Grand Lodge subtly suggested, the treaty between Jordan and Israel was organized by the Masons.

In October 1995, the Italian publication Le Republica reported on the hold Masonry has over Israel's leadership. Naturally, the Rabin evidence was presented, but another name also popped up: former Jerusalem mayor, Teddy Koliek. In February 1995, David Rockefeller visited Jerusalem for half a day and flew out. His quickie visit, the first in over twenty years, was leaked to and reported throughout the Israeli press. He came to have a meeting with Teddy Koliek. The doddering Kollek explained afterwards that Rockefeller was exploring setting up a branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank in Jerusalem. The transparency of this lie is unworthy of comment but two events did follow, one perhaps coincidental, the other surely not. The day after the visit, PLO forces shot dead 28 protesters in Gaza. Within a week, Kollek took his first ever trip to Egypt and presented Foreign Minister Omar Moussa with a plan created by a semi-secret organization he founded, the Jerusalem Forum, for the upcoming division of the city into cantons. The Israeli press reported that the plan, called Metropolitan Jerusalem, was presented for Egyptian government approval.

We return now to the Tel Aviv apartment bust. After Davar Rishon printed the article, Ephraim Fuchs, grand master of the local Grand Lodge, issued a most enlightening statement. He claimed that the apartment was rented by a cult called the Illuminati, which had nothing to do with Freemasonry. He demanded published apology.

Yehoshua Meiri gave the reporter from Davar Rishon my number and I gave her a potted history of Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati. The next day I was quoted on the front page saying the Illuminati was part of Freemasonry. An afterward: Davar Rishon was shut down for good within two weeks. It suffered publicized financial problems, so the two events are probably unrelated.

The Masonic manipulation of the blood-soaked Middle East peace process is not.

The Last Days of Isreal, by Barry 

Chamish Resource: A JOURNAL OF ISRAEL'S BETRAYAL: Traitors & Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land
Barry Chamish
Hearthstone Publishing, 1996
Pages 167-170.

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