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Bilderberg Backers Busted

Backdoor funding of globalist cabal includes donations from Gates, Kissinger

June 19, 2012

By Mark Anderson

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may be unpopular for fining or jailing those who stumble or resist at tax time, but the tax code does require financial disclosures that often provide key information about the power structure of otherwise secretive organizations like the shadowy group of globalists known as Bilderberg.

This includes listing donors to an entity called American Friends of Bilderberg Inc. (AFB), whose 990-PF IRS form for tax year 2008, for example, shows that The Washington Post Co.—an assumed pillar of journalistic integrity among the old-guard media—donated $25K to AFB. And if you enjoy a swig of cold Coca Cola on a hot day, take note that the Coca Cola Company is listed as having donated $10K to AFB in 2008.

These are but two examples in one tax year of money flowing to AFB in support of what are formally called the Bilderberg Meetings—those annual, hyper-exclusive policy-planning sessions of the high and mighty from central banks, think tanks, government, large, well-connected corporations and the most influential large newspapers.

Other donors listed for 2008, include Henry Kissinger, $20K; David Rockefeller, $50K; computer giant Microsoft Corp., $75K; the fund set up by investment billionaire Henry R. Kravis, $50K; Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs & Co., $25K; and investment bank Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, $25K.

AFB is listed on the tax form under “care of” James Johnson, Perseus, L.L.C., 1325 Avenue of the Americas, 25th floor, New York City. “Perseus . . .is a merchant bank and private equity fund management company headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an office in New York and an associated advisory firm in Munich,” according to Perseus’s website. A call about Bilderberg donors to the main Washington office at press time only resulted in “We’ll have someone get back to you.” AFP was told there is no media spokesperson in D.C., nor in N.Y.

Perseus’s chairman, Frank H. Pearl, who passed away in May, shows up as a longtime Bilderberg attendee on a comprehensive list at the website NNDB. Marie Josee Kravis, the wife of donor Henry Kravis, attended Bilderberg 2012 as senior fellow of the Hudson Institute. Donors Kravis and Kissinger attended as well. Council on Foreign Relations member James A. Johnson, Perseus’s vice chairman, the one listed on the 990-PF form as AFB representative, also attended Bilderberg 2012.

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