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Wales Online - Directory containing names of 13,000 Welsh freemasons published by new investigative website - Brothers in the Shadows, by Paddy French (Video) - 05/05/10

VIDEO: Brad Meltzer's Decoded • Series 1/Episode 3 • The Statue of Liberty, Isis, Lucifera and Freemasonry...

Key parts of Blue Lodge Ritual (Video)

C.F.R. Emcee 'cuts' a secret Masonic recognition sign/gesture as he introduces Vice-President Bro. Dick Cheney (Video)

Insights into Freemasonry - Removing the Hoodwink, by Dr. Selwyn Stevens (Video)

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol of Freemasonry Decoded, Narrated by Tony Robinson (Video)

Australian Freemasons on Sunrise Program (Video)

'John Safran vs. God' - Freemasons Episode (Video)

VIDEO: Freemasonry in India on CNN International (Video)

Bro. Jack Benny, Bro. Mel Blanc on Bro. Johnny Carson Show, 1974 (Video)

Democratic-Republican Party Info: Author William T. Still on Jeffersons Obelisk & the Infiltration of Freemasonry Into Christian Churches (Video)

VIDEO: Michael Jackson - The Wiz 1978 [Movie Trailer] - Freemasonry Themes, Signals and Symbolism in the Movies

Freemasonry & the Supreme Court, by Paul Fisher author of Behind the Lodge Door (Video)

Freemasonry Exposed: From Darkness To Light - Parallels between Witchcraft and Masonry (Video)

Channel 4: Nearly everyone on UK paedophile ring list is a Freemason says abuse victim [VIDEO}

The Light Behind Masonry - Bill Schnoebelen Lecture (Video)

Freemasonry Debate: Unveiling Freemasonry's Idolatry, with Pstr. John M. Otis (Videoo)

Is Freemasonry a Religion? with John Ankerberg (Video)

Secrets of Angels, Demons, and Masons - Trailer of new Dan Burstein DVD (Video)

The Lightbringers: The Emissaries of Jahbulon (History of Freemasonry), by Jüri Lina (Video)

Dr. Stanley Monteith - The Brotherhood of Darkness: The Council on Foreign Relations, the Cecil Rhodes Round Table, and Masonic Occultism (Video)

Secrets of the Freemasons, National Geographic (Video)

Sky Television: God's Banker, the Death of Roberto Calvi (Video)

History Channel Secret Societies Program (Video)

Discovery Channel: The Secret of Secret Societies (Video)

CNN International: The Bilderberg Group (Video)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Video)

Ralph Schoenman: The Conspiratorial Character of the Power Elite - The Underlying Politics of 9/11 (Video)

911 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin (Video)

Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death (Video)

The History of Political Correctness - How the West was Lost, The Dialectical Imagination (Video)

Freemasons - The mystery, myth and truth - Mason Produced 33 Part TV Series Proposal (Video)

The Architech Sketch: 'What are some of the other ways of recognizing a Mason?', Starring Monty Python (Video)

Hughes Brothers Film 'From Hell' Movie Trailer: 'He could sense the suspects', Starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham (Video)

JFK, by Oliver Stone: The 'Mr. X' Scene, Starring Kevin Costner & Donald Sutherland (Video)

'Murder by Decree' Movie Trailer: 'What a curious expression', Starring Christopher Plummer and James Mason (Video)

Dancing with the Devil, and Freemason Aleister Crowley (Video)

BBC: Skull and Bones Documentary (Audio)

Freemasonry in the Church: A Pastor describes Masonry inside his Church how Freemasons intimidated and threatened him' (Transcript)

'Masonic ritual and Ancient Mystery religions' (Audio)

Death, Burial, and Resurrection in the Masonic Lodge (Audio)

'Morgan Kidnapping Trial; Masonry Systematically Subverted Justice' (Audio)

Freemasons feat Amanda Wilson - Love On My Mind (Video)

ABC 13 Toledo - Sandusky, Ohio and the Freemasons (Video)

National Catholic Register: Dan Brown and the Masons (Video)

Sermon Audio - Can a Christian be a Freemason? Dr. Ed Decker (Audio)

Former 32nd Degree Mason John Salza Interviewed on EWTN (VIDEO)

BBC Southern Eye Freemasonry Investigation 2000 (VIDEO)

Inside The Brotherhood with Martin Short - Episode Two - 'A Firm In A Firm' - The Police and Freemasonry (VIDEO)

ABC News Australia - Secrets on Display (Print & Audio) - 18/09/05

BBC: Can we trust Dan Brown on the Freemasons? John Hamill and Martin Short Debate 2009 (Transcript)

Freemasonry Audio Programs with Paul Fisher, Ralph Epperson, Father Paul Leonard Kramer (Audio)

Fatima Center: Masonic Manifesto (Transcript)

BBC: Debate on Freemasonry between Robert Lomas and Martin Short 2005 (Audio)

The Masonic Disinfo, Threat & Intimidation Machine: Dr. Stanley Montieth gets a call from the very irate '8th highest ranking Mason in the US' (Audio)

The Mind Renewed - Dr Stanley Monteith Interview: Secret Societies & World Government (Audio)

BBC: Bilderberg Documentary (Audio)

WDEF News 12 Chatanooga - Dunebuggy Hits Crowd at Shriners Parade (Video)

Bro. Dan Akroyd Crystal Head Vodka Commercial (Video)

Freemasonry's Vast Influence Over America, by Dr. James Wardner - The Democratic Party and the Republican Party, i.e. the Masonic Party - Ten Thousand Famous Freemasons A - Z (Video)

Is Jay Z a Freemason? - Husband of Superbowl 'Illuminati' Style Halftime Show Star Beyonce (Video)

Behind the Lodge Door, Interview of author Mr. Paul Fisher on Freemasonry in U.S. & Supreme Court (Video)

WKBW ABC7 Buffalo - Freemasonry Shriner Jester Former judge pleads guilty in prostitution scandal (Video)

VIDEO: Bro. Gordon Brown Freemason Booktour 'Secret' Handsign on MSNBC's Freemason Morning Joe (00:01)

VIDEO: Bro. Silvio Berlusconi arrival at EU Council Summit (00:01, 00:02, 00:13)

VIDEO: Bro. James Traficant on Hannity... (00:27, 01:25, etc.)

Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh Blog: Freemasonry Exposed w/ John Salza