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AP Vehicle Shot at in Hebron - 9/11

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The Washington Post

AP Vehicle Shot at in Hebron

The Associated Press
Friday, Oct. 5, 2001; 4:32 p.m. EDT

HEBRON, West Bank –– An Associated Press photographer in an armored car bearing "TV" and "press" markings came under fire Friday while covering the aftermath of fighting in the West Bank City of Hebron.

Elizabeth Dalziel, a Jerusalem-based photographer, passed an Israeli military checkpoint about 9 a.m. and entered the neighborhood of Abu Sneineh, where she encountered two Israeli armored personnel carriers and a tank. Israeli troops had retaken the area overnight in response to what the army said was Palestinian shooting from the area.

She stopped the car and was photographing when she heard a shot hit and crack the windshield. The car, which is painted white, had the words "press" and "TV" on the sides and back of the vehicle in black lettering. She quickly reversed and sped away from the area. She said at least five other bullets hit the body and windshield of the car and flattened a tire.

Dalziel said she did not see anyone firing, but she said the shots appeared to come from the general direction of the Israeli army vehicles.

The army said it would investigate.

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