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DailyPaul.com: The Ron Paul / Mason question

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Ron Paul, Freemasons, Freemasonry, Freemason

Daily Paul

The important and overlooked Ron Paul / Mason question

Tue, 11/25/2008

Submitted by paul4won
Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Did you seriously look into it?

EDIT: One more attempt to clarify. The ABOVE question is the important one. Read it again, please. I have been getting blasted over and over by people who miss the entire point. Whether he is or is not is really not that important. Masons CAN be good people, good people CAN be Masons. The IMPORTANT thing for US is that we not turn into SHEEP. Even if Ron Paul is the best shepherd since Jesus, we have to STOP being sheep! If you are only in this movement out of blind faith in Ron Paul... well, I will let that dangle. (end edit)

That is the most important aspect of this issue, in my opinion. Did you stop and ask yourself "Did I get hoodwinked again?" and investigate?

Did you? Or did you just trust your "good feelings" about him and refuse to believe he is capable of being part of, or used by, the NWO?

Did you look into Masonic traditions? Or did you just think about good old Jim at the bar, he's a Mason and he's a good guy? Did you find some post on the dailypaul that agreed with your opinion, and consider that good enough?

I did the investigation. It was not easy, not fun. It was in the heat of the campaign, we were still under the illusion we were going to win our state. I was an extremely active figure and did not know what to say to all the people I had asked to become PCPs... but I knew I had to know the truth, whatever it may be. I also understand and accept that there are VERY few things I can reach 100% certainty on, but I strive to use all the resources I have to get as near as possible before I act.

So, after exhaustive research I know what I know, I suspect what I suspect, and I accept what I accept.

Are you just loving Ron Paul so much you refuse to look at him as critically as you look at any other politician? If so, you are on a damn slippery slope, watch your step.

I wanted this seperate from the main thread, but am bringing it here because so many people are missing my point. My point is the VERY FIRST LINE. Did you do your homework? If you did NOT, why? He is a man, if you have decided to put blind faith in him, I suggest you re-examine that. BLIND anything means you are not seeking the TRUTH on a topic.

On November 25th, 2008 paul4won says:

I am pretty sure he is a Mason. I am certain the Masonic tradition has roots in power-mongers seeking World domination. I feel like I am writing for a friggin' comic book, but that is what I know, and I am at about 98% certainty on this.

I suspect he is a good man, who joined a family tradition. I have Masons in my family. At the local level, it is a "good old boys'" club. The sick thing is that the people who "rise" through the organization are the MOST corruptable, devious ones.

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