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Delving into Davos - Where is Osama?

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International Herald Tribune

Delving into Davos

Where is Osama?

January 29, 2006

Max Hartshorne

Categories: Daily Briefing

g and compass Harmid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf No, Osama Bin Laden in not in Davos -- although given his recent PR initiative via audio tape, offering the United States a "truce" in the same breath as promising more terror, he might have been tempted to join the conference by video-phone, Condi-style.

But the Afghan delegation, led by President Hamid Karzai, here is sizeable. One high-ranking government official leaning back on one of the white leather seats in the Davos conference center, said that Bin Laden was probably in Pakistan.

The official said that "reliable" Afghan intelligence reports suggested that the world?s most famous fugitive was not on Afghan territory.?That means he is in Pakistan,? he said.

He also took a stab at Pakistan for failing to rein in its intelligence service, the ISI, which he said was helping to stoke insurgent activity in the mountainous area near the two countries? border. Suicide bombers, committing a recent rush of attacks in Afghanistan, were most likely trained in Pakistan.

"The ISI have not swallowed the bitter pill that Afghanistan is developing independently and not condoning extremism," he said.

With President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan also rubbing shoulders in Davos, the official preferred to remain anonymous...

Posted by Katrin Bennhold on January 27, 2006 06:59 PM (Paris)

Reader Comments

IT is incredible that we have Musharraf up there in Davos and nobody in Pakistan can give up Osama even with a 25 million dollar bounty. What does the General know that he isn't telling? You would think that among all of the peasants in Pakistan there is at least a few who would rat out the Big Man.

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