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What do Bill Clinton, John Wayne, Walt Disney and Dan Rather have in common?

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DeMolay chapter to start in Hibbing

Monday, October 02nd

Kjerstin Lang

HIBBING — What do Bill Clinton, John Wayne, Walt Disney and Dan Rather have in common?

All these successful men, between the ages of 12 and 21, joined a fraternal organization called the International Order of DeMolay.

Now, Hibbing resident Brad Linsten is looking to create more success stories like these and build foundation for tomorrow’s leaders locally by starting a Hibbing DeMolay chapter.

The goal of DeMolay is to build leadership, teamwork, brotherhood and excellence among young men while carrying on a tradition and seeing through challenges, according to Linsten.

Linsten was a part of that tradition as a member of the DeMolay chapter in Duluth in 1989 at the age of 17. He said a friend asked him to join and that was all it took. He has remained active ever since.

As a DeMolay, he built leadership skills primarily through organized meetings where participants were required to do the opening and closing ceremonies and run their own meetings. He said members were in control of the outreach activities and all events they planned.

He said on occasion they would go to nursing homes to participate in activities, or plan events as a group. In April, they would enjoy the DeMolay jam and in February a Winterfest where Linsten learned to downhill ski. He said the DeMolay would gather with other state chapters for sporting events and carry out state business such as electing state officers.

Linsten said an organization like this allows young people an opportunity to get out of the house and be active while meeting new people and building skills. He said youth learn to respect other views and work with them.

“This is something I believe strongly in,” said Linsten. “It will help young men grow to be better sons and young adults in the community.”

Linsten said a DeMolay chapter typically has three master masons or more that act as a chairman and chapter dad. The chairman, which Linsten will become, is a liaison between the DeMolay chapter and the Masonic Lodge that sponsors them.

As chairman, Linsten is currently working to organize a prospect dinner to recruit new members and give the public an opportunity to find out what the order of DeMolay are all about. Boys between the ages of 12 and 21 are welcome to join the meeting. Dinner will be served, a presentation and question and answer period is planned. Linsten said parents are encouraged to attend. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Oct. 7 at the Masonic Lodge, 1939 Fourth Avenue, Hibbing.

Linsten said the group will start once he has at least 15 members. To be a member one must fill out a petition and go through ceremony for new members.

He said he plans to have the group meet two times per month, likely the first and third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. For any questions about the new chapter of Hibbing DeMolay email, hibbingdemolay@yahoo.com.

Frank S. Land founded the Order of DeMolay in 1919 in Kansas City, Mo., according to the DeMolay Resource guide. At the time, a friend of Land, named Louis Lower lost his father, and Land, a compassionate man stepped in to help him, becoming a father figure. He saw that other young men sought the same companionship and therefore decided to form an organization of young men. The group started with eight friends and began to identify itself in some way with the Fraternity of Freemasonry. Land was awarded the honorary title of "Dad" by the first group of DeMolays, a title which has since been passed on to every advisor of a DeMolay chapter.