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Derby Telegraph Letters: Time to end the secrecy over Freemasons society

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Time to end the secrecy over Freemasons society

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Derby Telegraph Letters

I WOULD like to add a contribution to the recent Derby Telegraph debate on Freemasonry in the police.

May I suggest to Thomas Briggs, a senior Freemason who has commented, that a public debate be held?

I find it somewhat cowardly that Freemasons hide behind tacit threats of legal action against their detractors rather than take up the challenge to answer questions in an open forum. I am far more interested in what is truthful and ethical than I am in what is merely legal.

Not so long ago, it was legal to ride round the countryside with horse and hound murdering our wildlife but any sensitive person could see that, while legal, that was hardly ethical.

It is high time that Freemasons came out from their windowless lodges in order to defend their cult.

Freedom of association must have its limits. Are we to believe that it would be acceptable for a police officer or judge, declared or otherwise, to be a member of a Satanist coven or some crackpot fascist cult?

It is far from certain that a European Court ruling would be applicable in every case of membership of a secret society.

I throw down the gauntlet to the Freemasons. I doubt anyone will pick it up but maybe I shall be proved wrong. I do hope so, for the sake both of the people still locked inside the Masonic cult and for the good health of the police and the wider community.

The Rev John Kirby

Highfields Park Drive


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