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Directory containing names of 13,000 Welsh freemasons published by new investigative website

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Freemasons’ names published on website

May 5 2010

by Martin Shipton, Western Mail

A DIRECTORY containing the names of 13,000 Welsh freemasons has been published by an investigative website.

It is the first time such an extensive list has been made publicly available.

Rebecca, a magazine set up by Paddy French in the 1970s, has been resurrected this month as an online publication.

French, a former senior current affairs producer with ITV Wales, said: “The full extent of masonic influence will never be known until the identity of all freemasons is revealed. There are a quarter of a million masons in England and Wales, and Cardiff alone has 65 lodges [branches].

“The governing body, the United Grand Lodge of England, holds computerised registers and it would be a simple matter for them to place these online.

“At a stroke this would make freemasonry completely respectable. Time and time again, the United Grand Lodge has refused to give information to Rebecca.”

The directory, which lists about two-thirds of freemasons in Wales, includes the names of police officers and prominent lawyers.

As well as written journalism, the website will show video investigations. A trailer for Rebecca TV can be seen at www.youtube.com/user/rebeccatelevision

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