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'...In interviews two former members have described the oaths they took. They were taken to a compound, a Villa hidden in the Apennines in the region of Tuscany. Observing the high ceilings, the finely crafted gold-leaf moldings, the portraits of Mussolini, Hitler, and Peron, the visitor experiences a feeling, a sort of living, breathing odor of danger and power that penetrates the soul and cell by cell contaminates the mind with fear. The year is 1964...'

Research Articles

Propaganda Due (P2) Membership List (Partial)

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News Articles

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Independent: Admiral Emilio Massera - Naval officer who took part in the 1976 coup - 10/11/2010

Libreidee.org - Massera muertos: El ex almirante de la Armada Argentina - fue miembro de la logia P2 de Licio Gelli - 09/11/2010

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Masoneria Vasca - Argentina Masonic Blog: Juan Peron was a Mason - 23/05/2009

Perfil.com: Licio Gelli tells us what Peron in Masonry - For the first time, the leader of the P2 lodge speaks of the link with the founder of PJ and Isabel - 31/08/2008

VIDEO: Return of Peron Documentary - Argentina Peronist Demonstration 25 Mayo 1973


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