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Freemasonry in Brazil

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Rorate Caeli Blog: Whose side are you on, bishop? (PHOTOs) - 22/04/2014

Shawn E. Bell Blog: Pope Benedict XVI appoints Brazilian Freemason to Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences - 12/11/12

Fr. Z's Blog: What is going on in Brazil with Masons and Catholics? - 27/08/12

Fr. Gabriel Burke: Mass for Freemasons (In Brazil) - 26/08/12

The Hermeneutic of Continuity Blog: What is it with the Brazilian Church and Freemasons? - 26/08/12

Rorate Caeli Blog: Brazil Priest Holds Mass Inside Catholic Church For Freemasons Wearing Masonic Aprons - 25/08/12

Merinews.com: Federal Representative of Brazil's Pernambuco State to the Masonic Federal Legislative Assembly honoured by Brazilian Senate - 26/08/09

Newsvine: Brazilian Judge Rejects Royal Order of Jesters Fishing Tour Operator's Request for Habeas Corpus - 29/06/09

All Experts: Propaganda Due (P2) Membership List (Italy/Argentina/Brazil) - 08/01/07

Seattle Catholic: The Young Friar and the Emperor - Masonry and the Church in 19th Century Brazil - 06/11/05

Oarquivo.com.br: Por dentro da Mašonaria Parte 1 - Parte 8 \ Inside Freemasonry Part 1 - Part 8

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