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Ill. Bro. Rev. Dr. Francisco Calvo 33 and the Supreme Council of Central America

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Father Francisco Calvo

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'Famous' Latin American Freemason Bro. Simon Bolivar 'cutting' a secret masonic hand signal

The original idea of founding of Freemasonry in Costa Rica, came from a trip made by Dr. Father Francisco Calvo to Peru., Where he met some priests who were Masons, and through the instigation of these priests he was initiated into the Order. On his return to Costa Rica, together with other Masons already residents, he established Lodge Caridad No. 26, which was granted a Charter on June 28,1865, by the Grand Orient of New Granada. Since its foundation until the present day, Freemasonry has numbered among its members many conspicuous personages of the country and priests of irreproachable character; among the latter may be mentioned the illustrious, charitable and much beloved Rev. Dr. Carlos M. Ulloa and Father Francisco Calvo, 33".

The Supreme Council of Central America, which is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, was founded on January 9, 1871, under a Charter granted by the Supreme Council of New Granada, to the Ill. Bro. Rev. Dr. Francisco Calvo,33", dated November 27,1870, which empowered him to created the Grand Orient and the Supreme Council of Central America, in the city of San Jose.

This Supreme Council was allowed to be taken temporally to the City of Guatemala, under the condition that it be returned seven years later.

Resource: Continental Lodge #287 - Famous Foreign Masons

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