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Israeli Secrets I Shouldn't Know, by Barry Chamish

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20 Aug 2006


by Barry Chamish

No outsider was /supposed /to discover what I did about Israel. And I'm sorry I did. I could be raising my kids in suburban Modiin and working on raising my bowling average. My most outrageous political statement might be, "Now why would any teenager want to French-kiss Chaim Ramon?"

But I did discover that Israel's founders and its establishment created a nation based on a form of Freemasonry called Sabbatainism.

The first cities they founded were not given Jewish names but Masonic ones:

Tel Aviv - The first Jewish city was named for a Babylonian internment camp for Jewish slaves. It was from Tel Abib that Ezekiel was lifted by a peculiar biblical-age UFO to watch a city being constructed. And it was from Babylon that the Jews changed their months and learned a skill that God hated, astrology.

Petach Tikve - Meaning Gate Of Hope, the Sabbatain phrase for female genitilia.

Rosh Pina - Situated precisely on the 33rd latitude, this town means keystone, for it was intended to be the keystone to illumination. What is not understood is that the last three steps in the Masonic rites, parallel ancient Israel's latitudes, from the 30th to 33rd. The British called Rosh Pina's airport, the 33rd runway.


And if you think Israel's founders were unaware of what they were building, think again. Here is Ben Gurion ruminating in 1962:


/Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, seemed to have remarkable prescience. Invited in 1962 to predict what the world would be like in 25 years' time, he told Look magazine: /

/"The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: the Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal *pressure of the* constantly growing *intelligensia in Russia for more freedom* and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a *gradual democratization of the Soviet Union*. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and *rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state* with a planned economy. *Western and Eastern Europe* will become *a federation* of autonomous states having a *Socialist *and democratic regime. With the exception of the* USSR as a federated Eurasian state*, all *other continents *will become *united in a world alliance*, at whose disposal will be a*n international police force*. *All armies* will be *abolished*, and there will be *no more wars*. In *Jerusalem,* the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a *shrine of the Prophets* to serve the *federated union of all continents*; this will be the scene of the *Supreme Court of Mankind*, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah. / /

/And here is Ben Gurion's dream shrine, the Supreme Court building designed by the Rothschilds. Note the 30 steps followed by a final 3 leading to illumination:


People have asked me why I'm promoting non-service in the IDF. The answer is it's a protest that MAY save the state. And, despite prayers and messiahs, I do mean *MAY*. These anti-Jewish Masonic cretins cooperated in the deaths of millions of European Jews to get their dream state. Lately, they bemired the state in still another war during which twice as many of the Israeli dead proportionately were the religious of Yesha, still too blind and patriotic to understand that they died for their very worst enemies.

The Israeli establishment, finally, must be felled. It's not worth another 6 million souls to keep it intact.


Of the new thinking establishment, lots more advice arrived:

Of course Tamar Yonah is the queen of the new thinkers. And this week, Joel Bainerman is on her radio show. He's half way up the dial: Tamar and Joel www.israelnationalradio.com

Then there is Francisco Gil-White: http://www.hirhome.com/israel/hezbollah7_2.htm

And the anti - NWO writings of Joseph Ehrlich; write: senderberl@aol.com

Here is the correct address for Daisy Stern:


I add, the Sabbatains are still doing horrid damage to the Jews and Israel:




I'm going to be copying my CDs, The Current Vatican Crusade For Jerusalem, The Secret War Against The Settlers and the audio disc, Live At Bet Messiah. Write me quickly if you'd like them in DVD as well. And I'll sell all 3 CDs for $25 including postage if you hurry.

Please write to join me in a New York-New Jersey speech planned for late September: cliff_shack@yahoo.com

Great response for the nut from Haifa piece. People now have spotted his crazed "thinking" at Wikopedia, Amazon and elsewhere. Personalities such as Jacob Richman and Tamar Yonah have identified his phoney letters. Webmasters, write me for the amazing expose of the fruit of the loom nutcase from Haifa University. Print away.

For books, CDs etc. write ONLY me at chamish@netvision.net.il I won't reply to website purchases from now on. I can't do anything but warn you.



06 Aug 2006

For twelve years I've been shouting and screaming that Israel's "leadership" utterly controlled by the Council On Foreign Relations, known broadly as "the neo-cons", would contrive a war which they would lose. For that my reputation has been slammed with rumors about my sanity, sobriety and common sense. When that didn't do the trick, a common car "accident" was supposed to take care of me. Every effort was made to shut me up. And you know what, I think that finally "they" did it. Who needs the crap while my nation dissolves before our eyes?

Here is the Debka Report from July 11. To those who asked, here is how the New World Order proxy, Israel, started its war with the cooperation of the NWO enemy Iran. It sure beats Americans and Iranians dying. So for this, innocents in Israel and Lebanon are doing the suffering and the dying:


Maj.-Gen (Ret) Giora Eiland traced the breakdown which allowed a Hamas-led squad overrun an Israeli army post on the Israeli side of the southern Gaza border, kill two soldiers and snatch Corporal Gideon Shalit on June 25, to an “operational” breakdown. He did not lay it at the door of commanders and their conduct.

“None of them lied or failed to perform their duties,” said Gen. Eiland, former national security adviser, in the report on the inquiry the chief of staff entrusted him to carry into the causes of the incident at the Kerem Shalom post.

Most damningly, Eilat affirmed that the corporal’s abduction could have been aborted. The kidnappers and their hostage were clearly visible on the unit’s electronic screens as they crossed the border into the Gaza Strip, but the tank commander delayed by first asking his superior for permission to open fire and abort their flight.

The only action Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz took on receipt of the report Monday, July 10, was to announce he had raised the matter in conversation with a number of commanders. Halutz made no mention of how he would handle Eiland’s comprehensive denigration of an “operational breakdown - from battalion and brigade level all the way up to the top of the division and general staff. “

Neither was this finding itemized. Eiland himself did not recommend dismissals. His restraint was no doubt motivated by the general disinclination to give the enemy free points at a time when the IDF is engaged in combat in the Gaza Strip, especially when the commanders targeted for criticism are at the front line.

According to *DEBKA/file/*’s military sources, the two generals are counting on the Gaza operation, which the IDF launched on June 28, three days after the Hamas assault on the army post, stealing the limelight from the faults found along the entire chain of command. Our sources say that Eiland directs most of his disapproval at three to five officers from the ranks of colonel, brigadier general, major general and lieutenant general.

At the same time, General Eiland omitted to asked the three searching questions that might have laid bare the root-causes of the fiasco at Kerem Shalom:

1. Was this a one-time slip-up or a part of a long-running string of lapses?

2. Was it the natural, preordained consequence of the operational directives coming down from the prime minister, the defense minister via IDF chiefs?

On June 23, two days before the attack and kidnap, *DEBKA/file/* exposed the five taboos prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Amir Peretz laid down for military operations to counter the Qassam missile blitz against southern Israel.

One banned Israeli forays into the areas of the missile sites in Gaza and ambushes on Palestinian side of the border fence.

Eiland refrained from asking whether those strict prohibitions may not have handicapped the command levels of the army to the point of rendering them incapable of performing their duties. They officers had due warning of an impending Palestinian cross-border attack through an undiscovered tunnel. What more logical than to put IDF ambushes squads behind enemy lines to trap the assailants when they return to their base in Gaza? Knowing they might be there, the Hamas-led kidnap team would have realized its escape route with Shalit was blocked and might have been deterred from the abduction.

3. The Eiland probe should have examined the strategic concepts guiding Israel’s top commanders before and after the fall of the Kerem Shalom post.

Given the far-reaching consequences, the Israeli public is entitled to a lot more enlightenment.

The tailored facts released show a prime minister and defense minister still in a state of denial over the root-causes of the present security crisis. Israel’s unconsidered disengagement from the Gaza Strip and its military withdrawal from the Philadelpi border route in September 2005 constitute Israel’s most damaging military and political blunder in a decade. Until this is confronted and objectively analyzed, the top IDF brass will be constrained from looking squarely at the escalating terror threat posed by Hamas-in-government and addressing it with all the considerable professionalism at their command.

Such cool analysis is the target of Olmert’s primary taboo. With the premiership, he inherited from Ariel Sharon the deadly fallout from this bungle, along with the leadership of the Kadima party, whose only raison d’etre after rubber-stamping Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza is to continue the process on the West Bank.

The scales have fallen from many Israeli eyes in the wake of the Gilead Shalit disaster. People have begun asking hard questions, such as how did Hamas come to take over Palestinian government in the first place. And why is Hamas being permitted to terrorize southern Israeli with Qassam missiles after the Gaza Strip was handed over lock, stock and barrel to full Palestinian control. And the missile menace is beginning to percolate into the West Bank too.

Even some of Kadima’s leading figures appear perplexed.

In his report to the chief of staff, Giora Eiland implied that the IDF may be in urgent need to revise some of its outdated concepts and apply a fresh approach to the new realities - even at the cost of standing up to civilian government. Unless this is broached, Israel’s armed forces are in for more command failures and further misfortunes.


To book me for speaking dates or interviews only, write chamishba@gmail.com

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