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Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali

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Anna Ali, On the Eucharist - A Divine Appeal (Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali)

Photograph of Jesus

Edition 3.1.0.S

About the Editor of the Third Edition
Samples from the Messages from Jesus
The Catholic Church and Private Revelation


I owe thanks to My Father, Abdulrahmani (a Moslem) and mother, Priscah Nyambura (a Catholic) whose faith in the living God kept my faith in Christ Jesus alive.

Sr. Anna H. Ali D.O.J.G.S.

In obedience to the Decree of Pope Urban VII, we declare that we do not attribute more than human faith to any extraordinary facts narrated in this book containing revelations to Sister Anna Ali, nor do we anticipate the definite Judgement of the Church, to which we intend to offer fullest submission.

+E. Milingo.

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
Special Delegate Pontifical Council
for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants
Vatican City


Note to the Reader (Third Edition)

Divine Appeals 1987 - 1988 - Summary of 1991

Devotion to the Adorable Jesus: Prayer Section



I want them to form a league of love in order to teach and publish My Love and Mercy and how urgent it is. I want and need reparation, to be told and grow among the faithful souls.

(Divine Appeal 85)


ISBN of Third Edition of "On the Eucharist - A Divine Appeal": 978 - 31695 - 4 - 8


First Print: 3000 copies
Second edition, 3000 Copies
Third Edition, 5000 Copies
Internet Edition, This page has been viewed times

Editor for Divine Appeal Internet Edition 3.1.0.S

This website is based on book edition three of On the Eucharist - A Divine Appeal. The Editor of the Third Edition is not the Editor of the 3.1.0.S Edition

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