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New Masonic Criminal Scandal Shocks U.K.: Perv Ring were members of same Lodge

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Evil sex beast may never be let out on the streets again

Apr 7 2006

By Roland Hughes, Daily Post

Freemason Fred Lawlor EVIL child abuser Fred Lawlor was locked up last night for at least 15 years.

And he was warned he may never be allowed back on the streets following his depraved sex crimes.

Lawlor, of Marine Road, Abergele, was jailed for a string of sex acts on a girl when she was 13 and 14.

He also advertised her services in a magazine and forced her to have sex with around 50 men over two years, including at least 18 in one day alone.

Three men who participated in sexual activities with the youngster were also jailed yesterday, for a total of almost 25 years.

Last night, it emerged one of the men - who recognised a fellow Masonic Lodge member as an abuser - has refused to name him to police officers.

Lawlor, 52, admitted four specimen counts of sexual activity with a child, seven of taking indecent photo-graphs and seven of causing a child to engage in sexual activity with another person.

He was sentenced to an indefinite term in prison, which will come up for review after 15 years.

Lawlor was warned by Judge Merfyn Hughes QC that, should he be deemed unfit to be released at that time, he may stay in prison.

The court heard Lawlor filmed many of the sex encounters, a number of which had taken place on Pensarn and Llanddulas beaches, and the activity continued even after a police investigation into his actions started.

Many of the men involved with the youngster, engaging in sex acts on the beach or in cars, were found through the adverts in Loot magazine or through the local "dogging" scene.

On one occasion, the girl was filmed too tired to continue, but ordered to carry on by Lawlor.

Sentencing Lawlor, Mr Hughes said the crimes were "among the most evil and unpleasant this court has ever come into contact with."

He added: "The full extent of the psychological damage you have inflicted on this young girl won't be known for many years.

"You have completely ruined any immediate chance she may have had of leading a full life. She must have believed sexual promiscuity was the norm.

"You carried on despite being investigated by police, and even had the affront to write to the chief con-stable claiming that officers were harassing you.

"Not only do you not have any empathy for the victim, but you lacked any insight into the seriousness or consequences of your behaviour."

Welcoming the sentence yesterday North Wales Police DI Wayne Jones said: "We can see from his previous convictions [when he stabbed someone seven times and tried electrocuting them] that he is a very controlling individual."

Lawlor's defence counsel, Richard Orme, said Lawlor displayed all the hallmarks of a paedophile.

He added: "Mr Lawlor accepts full responsibility for it, but it is also a case of him burying his head in the sand and failing to face up to what he has done."

Lawlor's married neighbour, Gary Owen, 55, was the only one to pay for sex with the girl. He had a previous conviction for sex offences against a girl of 12, for which he was jailed for six years.

Owen Edwards, defending, said his client knew what he did was "appalling."

Mr Hughes, sentencing Owen to six years in prison, said: "It is clear you have very little, if any, consideration of how your behaviour has harmed the victim."

Former Birmingham police officer Raymond Ketland, 66, of Nant y Coed, Glan Conwy, became involved with the girl after noticing sexual activity on Llanddulas beach.

He admitted two charges of sexual activity with a minor, taking indecent photographs of a child and facilitating a child sex offence, and was jailed for two and a half years.

Ketland had become involved partly through a fellow Mason.

Andrew Thomas, prosecuting, said: "He recognised one of them as a fellow member of his Masonic Lodge, who walked up to him and asked 'Do you want to have a bit of fun?' He pointed out a girl who was with them."

Mr Thomas later confirmed Ket-land had refused to divulge the identity of his fellow Mason to investigating officers.

Catholic Bishop Gerard Crane, called as a character witness by Ketland's defence, said his friend was "totally distraught" at what had happened.

He said: "He is distraught about the shame and suffering he has brought upon his wife and daughter.

"He is utterly concerned about the welfare of the young lady and we have prayed together for her future well-being and for forgiveness."

Gary McIlroy, 50, of Weatherby Way, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, became involved with the group while travelling North Wales as a pub and club entertainer.

He was jailed for 21 months after admitting sexual activity with the girl when she was 14.

'It's a disgusting crime'

AFTER the latest four child sex offenders were jailed, North Wales Police DI Wayne Jones welcomed the sentences handed out.

He said: "We are satisfied in that we have identified a large number of men involved in sexual activity with this girl.

"There can't be any more victims they can get to while they are locked up like this.

"The judge has been fair and we are particularly pleased with Fred Lawlor's sentence.

"We can see from his previous convictions when he stabbed someone seven times and tried electrocuting them that he is a very controlling individual.

The officer added: "He has used a girl from the age of 13 to have sex with a large number of men.

"He hasn't been satisfied with that - he had to take it to a public place in broad daylight.

"But he wasn't satisfied with that, and went even further by filming it.

"He has the classic signs of a paedophile. He refuses to comprehend his actions and has tried to worm his way out of it from day one by putting the blame on others, including the victim, when he instigated everything.

"Child abuse is a disgusting crime, picking on vulnerable people looking to an adult for support and guidance."

Judge Merfyn Hughes PC praised the police effort in ridding North Wales of the child sex offenders.

He said: "This would not have been possible without the observations carried out by police officers on the ground who visited the beaches.

"It became a much larger inquiry than anybody had initially, perhaps, expected.

"If it wasn't for that work, very many people who were sent to prison would not have been."

The net closes in

THREE suspected paedophiles were arrested by North Wales police after their pictures were splashed across the Daily Post front page.

The men were among six perverts whose photographs were published in yesterday's newspaper, and the three are now in custody.

Police believe they are close to finding the others, following a good public response to their appeal for information.

One of the abusers turned himself in at St Asaph police station yesterday morning and has now been placed under arrest. A second gave himself up at Wrexham police station. Another was arrested by officers at an undisclosed location.

Images of the men, part of a paedophile ring which abused a 13-year-old girl on a North

Wales beach, were also broadcast on the BBC's Crimewatch programme on Wednesday night. The images were taken as video stills from a sickening home movie shot by Frederick Lawlor, who was sentenced to an indefinite spell in jail at Caernarfon Crown Court yesterday.

Police last night confirmed three men were in custody. One has been charged with sexual activity with a child and is due to appear before Llandudno magistrates today.

Det Insp Wayne Jones said: "We are very satisfied with the way the appeal went and with the quick response there has been."

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