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Mafia trial over Calvi

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Mafia trial over Calvi

Oct 16 2003

FOUR mobsters are to be tried for the murder of "God's banker" Roberto Calvi, who was hanged from Blackfriars Bridge.

They were charged in Rome yesterday after new probes into the death in London in June 1982.

Calvi is said to have been killed to stop him revealing how money was laundered at his bank.

It was also feared he would name key figures in Italian Masonic lodge P2 and he was suspected by the Mafia over lost cash.

Mafia men Pippo Calo, Ernesto Diotallevi and Flavio Carboni and Carboni's Austrian girlfriend Manuela Kleinsdig will stand trial in Italy.

An inquest in London found Calvi committed suicide but new evidence pointed to murder

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