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Masonic Pentagram not Satanic, just Pagan says California Freemason

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Tecachapi News - Calif.

Freemasonry not satanic

Letter to the Editor

Mon Nov 13, 2006

By: Geoffrey Braslow

I read the article in the Nov. 8 Tehachapi News regarding sheriff’s deputies investigating a site in Old Towne that had allegedly been used as a site for satanic ritual. The reporter then goes on to describe the pentagram as a symbol used by other cultures or religions such as Freemasonry. That touched a nerve.

First of all, Freemasonry is neither a religion nor a culture. Freemasons ask only that its members believe in a supreme being. Admittedly, the reporter did not say that Masons are evil, but he links them in the same article that reports on satanic ritual. In fact, Freemasonry in and of itself does not use the pentagram as one of its symbols. The inverted star, however, is used as the symbol of Order of Eastern Star, a group of charitable ladies who are sponsored by Masons. The photograph of the Masonic square and compass surrounded by the letter “G” is identified as having five points. But if the author looks carefully, he will see six and another point.

His reporting on the crime may be accurate, but had he done better research before writing this article, he would have known that the pentagram has been used as a representation of good things longer than it has symbolized Satanism. He is only sensationalizing. There are fifty pentagrams that adorn our own flag of the United States. The American Medal of Honor uses the pentagram. The pentagon is a pentagram. The pentagram is an ancient pagan symbol that represented nature and life and man’s connection with the gods and goddesses. Freemasonry supports charities and education. To use it as an example in an article was irresponsible.

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